If This Blog made You Angry

If this blog made you angry, its obviously because I attacked a religion/doctrine you hold dear or exposed a false teacher you blindly followed. Religious discussions are one of the most sensitive issues in the world and many times, people bring their emotions and sentiments into it. However, you are entitled to your feelings.

Some readers feel I have to be silenced because of my viewpoints. A Muslim lady once messaged me saying, “You are not even ashamed of opening a blog just to tarnish someone’s image.” To which I replied: “Why should I be ashamed of starting a blog when even porn stars, occultists, atheists and Muslims have their blogs to disseminate their ideologies? It’s a freeworld.” Just because you don’t like what I write doesn’t eliminate my rights to do so. The sword of religious freedom always cut in both ways. If we are free to believe it, then we are also free to question or reject it.

With that being said, I need to clarify some things about my objectives:

1. This is not an entertainment blog which panders to people’s excitement. It’s a space where false doctrines, beliefs and unethical acts are criticized and questioned.

2. As a Christian dedicated to truth, I won’t play it for the crowd by calling white black or vice versa. Truth is not always pleasant to learn about. Sometimes, it leaves you shocked (and angry) that you have been lied to for so long. Psychologists call it cognitive dissonance. It’s a necessary phase in transition from deception to truth.

3. In responding to false religions of various stripes and theological errors, I’m not writing anything new. I’m simply saying the same thing that others (both past and present) have said. This is what is called Research. I endeavour to quote from valid sources, therefore, the idea that I “invented” a theory to smear your hero or group must therefore be discarded.

4. There are different genres of writing. Satire is one of them. To a high extent, it’s harmless and sometimes acceptable in refuting heresies. Most times when reasoning fails, humour works.
Elijah mocked Baal before his prophets (1Kings 18:27). Jesus Christ likened false religious leaders to whited sepulchres (Matt. 23) and Paul used acerbic words to slam heretics (Gal. 5:12). So I offer no apology for using satire or dry wit in ripping falsehood into shreds.

5. I won’t bow my knee to the “sensitivity” idol that many in the Church today have bowed to. It’s better for the heathen to be offended by the truth than to be kissed with a lie. I don’t write to please people or sects. Trying your best not to offend people with facts is a vice, not a virtue. We must reach a point at which God’s approval is more important to us than men’s adulations. Every real Christian must fear the frown of God more than the frown of man.

6. I attack false religions and heresies mainly because, like juvenile delinquents, they turn the road signs such that rather than lead people to the right road, they lead them to a washed-out bridge. My motive is not borne out of hate or inner hurts, but love for the deceived and my adherence to the truth of Scripture.

7. I’ve had people advise me to “respect other people’s religions.” I’ve been studying my Bible for over a decade now, but I’m yet to come across such a philosophy. God didn’t tell us to respect religions sending people into eternal judgement. Who says religions have to be respected? If they replace the truths of God with lies; if they are misleading people and turning them away from Jesus Christ – the only way to heaven – then they are serving the Devil’s purpose and we must challenge them.

The eternal fate of millions of souls is more important to me than the feelings of some disgruntled people. But if you vehemently disagree with my conclusions, relief is just a click away.

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