The Vicars of Christ?

The pope is the central figure of Catholicism. This is reflected in the unbiblical and blasphemous titles he’s addressed as: Most Holy Lord, Chief of the Church in the World, High Priest and Vicars of Christ.

Pope Leo XIII said: “We hold upon this earth the place of God Almighty” (Great Encyclical Letters of Leo, XIII, 304).

Pope Nicholas said: “I am all in all and above all so that God, Himself and I, The Vicar of God, have but one consistory, and I am able to do almost all that God can do … What therefore, can you make of me but God?” (Decretals of the Lord Pope Gregory, Liber 1, 7:3:99).

Christopher Marcellus at the 5th Lateran council, said to the pope “Thou art the shepherd, thou art the physician, thou art the rector, thou art the husbandman; finally thou art another god on earth” (Session IV, Mansci. Sc. Vol. 32, col 761).

If words have meaning, these adulation and praise indicate that the popes are held as gods, or demigods at least. A Catholic friend once told me, “Do you realise that when the pope stands before the High Altar during Mass, he is God?” I replied, “He could be God to you, but to us he’s a mere mortal who will die and be replaced.”

What makes the pope any different from Jim Jones, Myung Moon and other cult leaders? If you have ever seen the wild enthusiasm of the thousands of Catholics who gather when the pope makes a personal appearance or the fawning euphoria of those of them fortunate to touch him, they always convey a notion: “We have touched God in human clothes. What an achievement!”

The word “vicar” is derived from the Latin word “vicarius” which in Greek means “anti” or “another.” So, the Vicar of Christ title can either stand for “another Christ” like the Holy Spirit, or the Antichrist. The Antichrist spirit manifests by opposing and exalting itself above God and sitting as God over people (2 Thess. 2:3, 4).

The history of many of the popes also reveal who they represent. Their biographies in the Catholic Encyclopedia read almost like a soap opera, full of intrigues, assassinations, sex and plots. But here I will restrict myself to some of the sexually immoral ones.

(1) Pope Sergius III (904-911)

He obtained his papal office by murder. The annals of the Catholic Church tells openly about his open affair with his mistress, Marozia, the daughter of Theodora (the wife of a Roman senator). She bore him several illegitimate children. Baronius described him as a monster. For 7 years, this pope sat on the chair of St. Peter, with his concubine filling the place with their bastard sons. Historian Edward Gibbons wrote:

“The influence of two prostitutes, Marozia and Theodora, was founded on their wealth and beauty, their political and amorous intrigues. The most strenuous of their lovers were rewarded with the Roman mitre … The bastard son, the grandson, and the great grandson of Marozia – a rare genealogy – were seated in the Chair of St. Peter” (The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, London, 1830, chapter xlix).

After Sergius III’s death, Theodora maneuvered her new priest lover from Ravena as his successor: Pope Anastasius III. That prostitutes would determined who would be pope could hardly be termed “apostolic succession.

(2) Pope John XII (955-63)

He was Marozia’s grandson who became a pope at the age of 18. He was so obsessed with illicit sex that he had many regular mistresses.

The Catholic Encyclopedia (8:427) describes him as “a coarse, immoral man, whose life was such that the Lateran was spoken of as a brothel and the moral corruption in Rome became the subject of general odium … On 6 November, a synod of 50 bishops was convened in St Peter’s; John was accused of sacrilege, simony, perjury, murder, adultery and incest … [including toasting Satan at St. Peter’s altar].”

Bishop Liudprand of Cremona, a papal chronicler at that time wrote: “No honest lady dared to show herself in public; for pope John had no respect either for single girls, married women, or widows – they were sure to be defiled by him, even on the tombs of the holy apostles Peter and Paul.”

He recorded that pope John was so in love with a mistress that he made her a governor of several cities! (Liber Pontificals 2:246). John XII was finally killed by a husband who caught him in bed with his wife.

(3) Boniface VIII (1294-1303)

This pope was so immoral that he had a mother and daughter as lovers. It was during his reign that Italian poet, Dante, visited Rome. He described the Vatican as “a sewer of corruption” and assigned Boniface (and Popes Nicholas III and Clement V) to “the lower parts of hell.”

Boniface openly declared that “to lie carnally with women or with boys is no more a sin than rubbing one’s hands together” (Catholic Encyclopedia, 2: 670). He also called Jesus a “hypocrite” and professed to be an atheist.

“Scarcely any possible crime was omitted – infidelity, heresy, simony, gross and unnatural immorality, idolatry, magic, loss of the Holy land, death of [Pope] Celestine” were charges brought against him. In fact, “even modern Catholic writers class him among the wicked Popes, as an ambitious, haughty and unrelenting man, deceitful also and treacherous, his whole pontificate was one record of evil” (Ibid, 668).

(4) Pope John XXIII (1410-1415)

This man got the papal chair by poisoning a previous pope Alexander V (1409-1410) to death. He was described as a “former pirate, mass-murderer, mass-fornicator with a partiality for nuns, adulterer on a scale unknown outside fables, simoniac par excellence, blackmailer, pimp, master of dirty tricks” (Peter de Rosa, Vicars of Christ, Crown Publishers, 1988, 93-94).

He opened the Council of Constance which eventually condemned him to prison. About 54 charges laid against him had to be reduced into 5.

He “was accused by thirty-seven witnesses (mostly bishops and priests) of fornication, adultery, incest, sodomy, simony, theft, and murder! It was proved by a legion of witnesses that he had seduced and violated three hundred nuns. His own secretary, Niem said that had at Boulogne kept a harem, where not less than two hundred girls had been victims of his lubricity” (Will Durant, Story of Civilization: The Reformation, Simon and Schuster, 1952, p. 10)

A Vatican record says: “His lordship, Pope John, committed perversity with the wife of his brother, incest with holy nuns, intercourse with virgins, adultery with the married, and all sorts of sex crimes … wholly given to sleep and other carnal desires, totally adverse to the life and teaching of Christ … he was publicly called the Devil’s Incarnate” (Sancororum Concillorium, 27:663).

To increase his wealth, Pope John taxed about everything—including prostitution, gambling, and usury. He has been called “the most depraved criminal who ever sat on the Papal throne.”

(5) Pope Alexander VI (1492-1503)

Borgia Rodrigo (real name) bought the papal chair by bribing off his rival, Cardinal Sforza with villas, abbeys, towns and four mule-loads of silver. (So much for apostolic succession!). Alexander VI who committed his first murder at age 12, after becoming a pope cried out: “I am Pope, Pontiff, Vicar of Christ!”

He had ten known illegitimate children by his numerous mistresses. At the age of 58, he took a 15 year old mistress named Giulia Farnese. A Florentine scholar has this to say:

“His manner of living was dissolute. He knew neither shame nor sincerity, neither faith nor religion. Moreover, he was possessed by an insatiable greed, an overwhelming ambition and a burning passion for the advancement of his many children who, in order to carry out his iniquitous decrees, did not scruple to employ the most heinous means” (Francesco Guicciardini, Storia I, 20 cited in E. R. Chamberlin, The Bad Popes, 1969, 173).

(6) Paul III (1534-1549)

He was the brother of Borgia’s 15 year old mistress and convened the Council of Trent to counter the Reformation. As a Cardinal, he fathered 3 sons and a daughter. On the day of his coronation, he celebrated the baptism of his two great grandchildren and appointed his nephews as Cardinals. He sought advise with occult astrologers and sponsored festivals with singers, dancers and jesters (Life, July 5, 1963)

Inside St. Peter’s basilica his burial monument is adorned with reclining female figures. One of these figures (called Justice) was naked for 300 years until Pius XII had clothes painted on her. This figure was modelled after Paul III’s sister, Giulia. Thus, even in art, papal immorality is immortalized.

To call these deeply immoral men “vicars of Christ” or “his Holiness” is a mockery of Christ. The fruit of these men’s lives are terribly rotten. Rome today has tried hard to sweep the evils of its modern popes under the carpet with sweet homilies on sexual purity, but the reality is that, these same evils are still carried on today underground.

The Bible says “Can an Ethiopian change the colour of his skin and can a leopard take away its spots?” (Jer. 13:23). The answer is no. The fall of man and the depravity of the human heart betray the titles of the popes as God’s representatives on earth as a lie cemented by destructive pride. No, these guys are not Christ’s vicars, they are vicars of self and Satan.

The Heavenly Playboy Mansion


“What motivates these suicide bombers and jihadists to carry out these acts?” a friend once asked me. In my witty style, I answered, “They want to make it to Allah’s paradise of sex and wine.”

Her eyes widened like saucers “What! Are you kidding me?” She was shocked again when her Muslim neighbour proudly confirmed what I said, that according to the Quran, a sex heaven awaits all Muslim warriors.

One way to understand a god is to examine his heaven. To know who the Allah of Islam is, first take a look at his heaven. The Quran clearly states that those who fight for islam are entitled to paradise:

Those who have left their homes…and have fought and were slain – Verily, I will blot out their iniquities and admit them into Gardens with rivers flowing beneath…” (Sura 3:195)

Did you think ye would enter heaven without God testing those of you who fought hard [in his cause]…?” (Sura 3:142)

Al-Quran describes its heaven as a place with “rivers of milk and rivers of wine…and rivers of honey” (47:15), “fruit and meat” (57:22), “gushing water” (3:15) “clustered plantain” (56:29) “enclosed gardens and grapevines” (78:32) and “fowl meat” (56:21).

Now, all these goodies may sound so nice and delightful to some bunch of sun-scorched 7th century Arab desert men, but to a modern man they are banal.

These were simply all the stuff Muhammad’s desert home in Medina lacked. There is nothing exciting about them today.

In this paradise are also “bashful virgins whom neither man nor jinn will have touched before … virgins as fair as corals and rubies” (Sura 55:54-58).

These are “houris” – voluptuous, alluring, “wide-eyed” nymphs (apparently adopted from Persian mythology). They are heavenly nymphs, specially created by Allah for Muslim warriors. They are the “maidens with swelling breasts of like age” (Sura 78:33).

Thus (shall it be) and We [Allah] shall wed them with houris pure, beautiful ones” (Sura 44:54).

We created the houris; and We made them ever virgins dear to their spouses, of equal age with them…” (Sura 56:35-38).

Ibn Kathir’s commentary on the Quran says: “They meant by this that the breasts of these girls will be fully rounded and not sagging because they will be virgins, equal in age.”

This exposes the human origin of the Quran. Muhammad and his Allah couldn’t see into the 21st century with its strip clubs, adult vacation parties, wild stag dos, porn and free sex that all cater to man’s base instincts.

Allah and his prophet couldn’t see beyond their time. The promise of a heavenly brothel of wide-eyed girls no longer sells in this era. Even Hugh Hefner had this sort of “paradise” right here on earth.

In the Islamic paradise, there will also be boy slaves “as fair as virgin pearls” (Sura 34:24); boys “graced with eternal youth who to their beholders will seem like sprinkle pearls” (Sura 76:19), perhaps, in case the men are bored with women. Note: pederasty was common among 7th century Arabs.

A hadith says the lowest a Muslim will get over there is 72 virgins and 80,000 servants (Mishkat al-Masbih, 1204). This is what Muslim jihadists want to die to have.

There is really no stated reward for Muslim women. The men get 72 virgins, while the women get nothing! Zilch! Nada!

Female suicide bombers are going to be in for a rude shock over there. Who knows, maybe Allah intends to make them lesbians there or they will have to share their old husbands with 72 houris – that is if he even has their time. So much for women’s rights in Islam.

The concept of the Islamic heaven obviously emanated from the mind of a sex pervert. According to Sura 33:50, Allah gave Muhammad alone the right to marry as many women as he wanted (this included his slaves, cousins and any Muslim woman who offers herself to him). What other type of heaven would be convenient for such a man?

Muhammad obviously never experienced the presence of God where there is “fullness of joy” (Psalm 16:11). The only joys he knew were the pleasure of sex, wine and food.

Therefore, Islam is not about getting to Heaven to worship an unknowable Allah, instead, Allah wants to sit back on his throne and watch Muslim men having sex orgies and getting drunk while nodding to the rhythm of their moans. That’s his own joy. What a false deity and a false heaven!

For Christians, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him” (1Cor. 2:9).

The real heaven is beyond what Muhammad or any man could imagine or describe. The joy there “is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” (Rom. 14:17).

Jesus Christ plainly stated that “At the resurrection people will neither marry, nor be given in marriage…” (Mt. 22:30). Definitely, He wasn’t speaking of the playboy mansion paradise Muhammad imagined for his followers.

It’s sad to think that suicide bombers and jihadists are going to be in for a very shocking disappointment after death. I pray God opens their eyes before it is too late.

The Ugly Truths about Porn

Shelley Lubben, an ex-porn star (now a Christian) blew the lies of the porn industry out of the water with her book, The Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn. She wrote:

“[Porn stars] get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to lie because this is their occupation. Porn stars are paid professional liars who know how to ‘act’ and they do it well”.

The world of porn is based on lies and deception. These lies have ways of adapting to the liberal Western culture (which birthed it) as well as conservative African culture. This is why some Nollywood porn stars double talk:

Judith Okpara (“Afrocandy”): “I …want to solemnly clear the air here and now that I do not act porn movies, never acted in any porn movie and I am not a porn star…”

Collins Owochei:I did not shoot or act in a soft porn movie … I have no interest in nudity.”

Mimi Quaker: It’s only make-believe. You are not having sex but making it look like you are having sex.”

Cossy Orjiako: I can act in a porn movie, but I can never go nude myself.”

Maheeda: “I don’t have a problem doing that but I think it is because of my job and I know most Christians won’t understand it … I just believe His grace is enough for me. He loves me more than my ‘nakedness’. If you see God as a Father because He sees you as a daughter, I would not because of your nakedness want to ruin you or kill you. That is how I see God. He understands me. He hates me but He loves me at the same time. Jesus is the best thing that happened to my life.”

Notice that these are the same things most drug addicts will say in public: “Oh no, I’m not a junkie, I’m clean!”

“I was never a drug addict! My body may be going awry, but my soul hates weed! Praise Jesus.”

“It’s just make-believe. I’m just making you people think I was smoking that crack.”

Jennifer Lynn Case, an ex-porn star, reflects:

“One thing I remember was trying to separate the real me from the porn star me. I became two people and turned it on and off when needed. My other personality ‘Veronica’ was just a fake front to protect the real me and get the job done,” she said.

“When I did porn, I wanted it to be over as quickly as possible and it was all about the money for me. I thought I did what I had to do to survive at the moment. My fantasies usually consisted of living a normal life, I fantasized about what life would be like if I wasn’t stuck in that nightmare. When you watch porn, you are watching a lie that is made to destroy you,” she admitted.

This applies both to the porn makers and their consumers. And this is why the first step to freedom from porn is to stop living in denial.

Porn is destructive because it needs a dark place or a “fortress” within the mind in order to survive. So to uproot it, you need to stop shielding it.

After delving into porn, a young man observed:

“I had never had severe social anxiety, but I noticed that I found it hard to look people in the eye, I became very lazy and unmotivated in my teenage years going to bed late, waking up late.”

He began to lack self-confidence in approaching many women because porn was easier, “and the fact that the guys in those scenes are huge and I’m an average Joe,” he said.

This spiral descent is fairly common. There are several effects that looking at porn can have on people.

Gary Wilson in his article Brain on Porn, demonstrated with several cases that porn addicts commonly show symptoms like tiredness, social anxiety, depression, isolation, insecurity, erectile dysfunction, poor academic performance, relationship/marital issues and a lack of interest in anything other than porn.

Porn materials stimulate a hormone in the brain called Dopamine which desensitizes a user such that a porn that seems “hot” to him today will seem “boring” tomorrow.

This is why most porn addicts seek different types of new porn materials in order to maintain the thrill.

“I was exposed to porn at the age of 12 by spelling a URL wrong,” wrote a Christian man, “I quickly closed it because I wasn’t interested.”

But one day while browsing, he logged on to a porn site. “A whole new area with tons of porn images and videos and live streams started coming up” he adds, “then it started to where I was searching Google images and I started watching live cams and stuffs like that. It grew from watching just nude girls to actually sex porn videos.”

This illustrates how sin – particularly porn – quickly grows and when it has properly grown, it brings death. And one of the first things it kills is one’s relationship with God (James 1:15).

“I was having thoughts of self-injury because of the pain and anger and shame from my addiction to masturbation and pornography” wrote Alex, “the Devil has constantly been telling me that I’m fake and not worth God’s time because of this.”

Virtually every Christian struggling with this habit also struggle with guilt and even depression. Most people resort to porn to “escape” from an emotional pain, such as rejection, or boredom.

Therefore, a good starting point to freedom is to find out why you keep falling into it.

No matter how long one has struggled with it, the truth is, porn can be overcome in Christ just like every other sin. It has to repented of however, and this implies eschewing all porn materials/websites.

To maintain your freedom, you will also have to actively resist porn; this involves discipline – and it takes time. The duration will vary depending on individuals.

In some cases, a Christian struggling with porn may need the help of a mature Christian to counsel and pray with him regularly.

Personally, there are some magazines, movies or TV programs that I consider very dangerous for a person who is just recovering from such.

“If you are viewing porn or addicted to porn, you are trying to fill a void inside of you that only God can fill,” says Jennifer, mentioned earlier.

“Whenever you look at porn, you are making the void bigger and you will destroy your life. It’s evil; it’s a drug and it is poison and a lie,” she stated.