Occult Music: What Really Lies Beneath?

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I am aware of the hysteria and extremism that have been disseminated about the links between popular music icons and the Illuminati cult. I hesitate to meddle in that area for reasons stated here.

I am not against secular music, and this article is not a witch hunt, but an appeal to discernment.

I define an occult music as music specifically designed to spiritually “benefit” folks in the occult. Most of them are aimed at enhancing occult meditation or rites.

The problem is that much of these music are beginning to gain a wide appeal among Christians, usually due to ignorance. In God’s kingdom as well as in Satan’s, music is important.

In fact, modern witches are taught that music (and dance) is one of the “8-fold paths” for them to grow and mature in their operations.

In some of these occult websites, you will find an array of musicals that are highly recommended for their folks. Such music are either composed or sung by witches and are often charged with demonic “vibrations.”

Occultists work with various entities which they “channel” to produce different abilities – singing, writing, drawing etc. Such arts are demonically inspired and when a Christian feasts on such, he is crossing a spiritual boundary.

A music can be slightly or highly occultic, but generally, they can be easily identified by their lyrics. In the case of folks like Enya, (I loved her music until I began to research about her) who is a Wiccan, the occult nature of their music are somewhat disguised.

For example, in Enya’s  “Caribbean Blue,” she invoked several spirit entities. At the start: “Eurus … Afer …Ventus … So the world goes round…” And at its end, she chanted again: “Eurus … Afer Ventus … Boreas … Zephyrus … Africus.”

Most listeners wouldn’t notice these words because they were masked with soothing percussion.

If you do a little bit of research on the terms: Boreas, Zephyrus, Eurus etc, you will find out that they are names of a class of Greek gods/demons (called Anemoi) associated with the four cardinal points.

Witches invoke these cardinal spirits to bless their “sacred space” during rituals. As a Christian, the spiritual implication of listening to a music invoking demons is dangerous. (Note: I’ve also analysed Enya’s other lyrics here and here).

Generally, music videos convey a message, whether good or bad. But occult music videos typically feature ancient deities, myths, nocturnal/legendary creatures, anarchy, blasphemies against God or Jesus, sexually debased acts, themes revolving around death or torture (and sometimes, visits to the spirit realm), subliminal messages, and occult emblems.

Stefani Germanotta (“Lady Gaga”) has earned a fame in promoting blatantly occult music videos among both witches and non-witches. In her “G.U.Y,” video released last year, she portrayed the ancient myth of Venus being hit with Cupid’s arrow and honoured the dark goddess of witchcraft in various ways.

The Biblical principle of judging a tree by its fruit also applies here. By examining the lifestyle, deeds and statements of these musicians you can know who is in control of their lives (Matthew 7:18).

You need to ask: how do these artistes act on stage?

Are their dressings, dances or hairstyles weird?

Do they bear a sort of resemblance to pagan deities?

What does their stage or album name stands for?

What influences do their music have on people?

Do they admit to having “personalities” within them aiding their abilities?

Do they hint at receiving “inspiration” from an unnamed spiritual source for what they do on/off stage?

The late Michael Jackson was once asked why there are strong sexual overtones in his concerts, he replied:

When I hit the stage it’s all of a sudden a magic from somewhere that comes and the spirit just hits you, and you lose control of yourself. It happens subliminally. It’s the music that compels me to do it. You don’t think about it, it just happens. I’m a slave to the rhythm” (The Evening Star, Feb. 11,1993, p. A10).

We know the Holy Spirit does not act “like a magic from somewhere” or make people lose control. It’s demon spirits that do these.

It has been pointed out that Michael’s persona resembled worshippers of the goddess Cybele called Corybantes.

These men dressed like women; weaved their hair, painted their faces white; were castrated and were keepers of children. They were known to make wild cries or high pitched shrills while they performed their dances and whenever their deity possessed them, they would dance in an ecstatic frenzy – just like MJ used to do.

In a radio interview, Enya was asked what her album The Memory of Trees was all about, she said:

It’s actually from … Irish mythology … it’s derived from the Druids [witches], and they hold the trees as very sacred, so they were very important. So–I thought the title was very strong, but it can conjure up other sort of thoughts for a lot of people…who don’t know the connection with Irish mythology, that they will interpret, you know, their own thoughts with it.”

Apparently, Enya was trying to be more discrete about her occult messages at that time but the picture on this CD showed her dressed in a black robe, resting on a throne surmounted by a full moon.

In witchcraft, this is representative of the motherhood form of their dark goddess.

Someone named Drillskillz wrote on a Nigerian public forum:

Enya’s songs opens up my mind and places me in new realms of existence. My imagination gets quickened and the visions [are] so clear. It’s then I can see into things; into minds and into the earth we live in … I will still keep listening to her songs though they stand the chance of opening you up to forces unknown…

This is how New Age/occult music spiritually influence those who have been initiated. These kinds of people often get violent if you attack their music idols.

The other day, one Christian man from Australia was so angry because I posted an article on Facebook exposing the occult themes revolving around a music artiste who happened to be his hero.

Why a Christian would be blindly defending a sex perverted occultist is beyond me. Such mulish mentality is a reflection of the celebrity worship and lack of discernment that have infected many in the church today.

In the late 90s, a Satanist named Marilyn Manson, released a CD titled Antichrist Superstar which was the top-selling in its first week of release. According to World Report (November, 16, 1996):

“With his stage name taken from suicidal sex symbol Marilyn Monroe and serial killer Charles Manson, this ordained Satanist priest and his head-banging band openly defy every moral principle. Wearing T-Shirts that read ‘Kill God, Kill Your Mom and Dad. Kill Yourself,’ the band celebrates hate, racism, sexual depravity, violence and blasphemy … as they mock God and rant against Jesus. Marilyn [Manson] said: “I’m on my way down … I’d like to take you with me.”

Of course, the “down” he was referring to is Hell fire.

Ozzy Osbourne, a notable rock star, has said in an interview, that it’s impossible for people to go to rock concerts and sing their songs and then say they want to go into their rooms to read the Bible.

Why is this? Because he’s aware that their music lines are meant to spiritually enslave and pollute their fans.

Just as gospel music can be used by the Holy Spirit to open people’s eyes, “turn them from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God” (Acts 26:20), evil musicals do just the opposite. They spiritually blind people, lead them into darkness and push them further under satanic influence.

These musicals compete with one’s knowledge of God’s Word and spiritual growth and should be avoided.