The Trojan Church and Mind Control


Some of you may be familiar with the words “Trojan horse.” It was a strategy of infiltration devised by the ancient Greeks to defeat the Trojans.

Both the Greeks and Trojans were good fighters, and after series of wars, it began to look as if neither side could ever win the war. Then the Greeks thought of a trick. They started building a horse of wood. It became bigger and bigger.

The Trojans, watching from the top of their city wall, were puzzled. Why would the Greek soldiers spend their time building this giant wooden horse? One morning, the Trojans looked down from their wall and saw that the Greek Army had gone away. They saw no Greek soldier nor army tents. All they saw was the strange horse outside their gate.

The Trojans liked this beautiful wooden horse and they pulled it inside their walls. They thought the war was over, so they put their swords and spears away. They sang and danced around the horse and held a big party.

But when they all went to sleep, the tough Greek soldiers hiding in the wooden horse crept out and opened the gate of Troy to all the soldiers from their warships close by. Before the Trojans knew what was happening, the city of Troy was captured.

After reading several apologetic penned by Christians on the Fatoyinbo sexual assault case, it dawned on me that in the midst of these rationalizations, there has been a paradigm shift in our brand of Christianity. A shift from a Christ-centred Christianity to a man-centred, bastardized form of Christianity.

From what I observed, the efforts of the believers arguing that the rape allegations against the pastor are false were nonetheless geared toward defending a human personality. It wasn’t about a quest for truth, it was more about upholding a dogma.

They are more concerned with a man’s public image than the broken state of his victims. It doesn’t matter what he has done, he just has to emerge spotless and glowing, or their entire Christian faith crumbles like a pile of pixie dust!

Their train of thought seems to follow these assumptions:

1. Pastor Biodun = Jesus Christ
2. COZA = Kingdom of God
3. Pastor Biodun’s sermons = the gospel
4. Pastor Biodun’s defenders = the children of Light
5. Pastor Biodun’s accusers = part of the devil’s gang opposed to #1-4.

One thing I want us to know is that the Holy Spirit always glorifies Jesus (John 16:14). He doesn’t glorify a human personality or a church. And no where in the Bible is a local church equated to God’s kingdom.

The above patterns of thought are in line with the Trojan horse of cultic paradigms that have been smuggled into the church to brainwash people.

A current member of COZA told us how the Sunday service was nuanced after their pastor was exposed. Several beautiful ladies came forward to the altar to passionately “testify how our daddy is being used by God”, how he’s so nice, so humanitarian and anointed. It was all about one man. “Their public relations and damage control tactic is top notch,” he said.

This was the same thing Japheth Omojuwa observed the Sunday after Ese Walter’s exposé in 2013:

Why is this church overly loud today, is it because of God or because of man? The extraordinary praise and worship session – which I really danced to because of my weakness for praises – and the loud cheers and applauses had a note to them that never used to be there. This was no longer about God, it had become about “our pastor.”

I ordinarily would not tweet during a church service but I did on this day because I was so sure in my mind I was no longer in church. I realized I was in a theatre. Everything was a show and it was at best a world-class show. It was no longer about God, it was about ‘our church, our pastor’ …

Leaders of such groups know most people in their congregation will never walk away in disgust after they are exposed, not necessarily because they lack the strength or that personal integrity means nothing to them, but because the religious leaders embody the truth that works for them in some other ways.

In the case of COZA, there seems to be this palpable fear expressed by ex-members. A number of Biodun’s close associates have suddenly resigned, left the church, and abruptly refused to talk to anyone about what they saw or discovered.

A former lead drummer at the church headquarter insists that the pastor is involved in the occult. He would have remained in the church if Biodun was just a philanderer (he confirmed that he’s a rabid sex addict who even visits places he shouldn’t), but he had to flee for his life when he found out that he’s also in a cult.

If these findings are true, it only lends credence to the cultic power of mind control wielded over his victims and the entire members at large.

Many Christians are oblivious of mind chess games or the religio-philosophical system called “Hermetics” (from the name Hermes, the Greek god of the mind) utilized by authoritarian leaders.

They don’t understand how an ordinary cobbler can wield an incredible influence over the thinking of erudite professors and CEOs and make them drag on grounds or allow him literally use their bodies as doormats.

They can’t explain how a religious leader who is physically unattractive and repulsive can possibly rear a horde of female sex slaves who even fight amongst one another on whose turn it is to sleep with “God” in person and receive his “holy fluid.”

They don’t realize that some dangerous religious/cult leaders actually groom their followers and make them do their bidding by using a “trigger” – sight, word, smell or gesture, just as Ivan Pavlov used to control his dogs and make them salivate at the ringing of a bell.

They don’t understand the psychological dynamics of cult programming, like the one Jim Jones used and 900 people committed suicide with him. Before then, he had been sexually abusing some ladies and men among his followers and they still saw him as God’s spokesperson.

I once read a letter written by a married woman to an editor of a Christian magazine. She wrote something like, “My boss raped me, but I can’t see myself quitting my job. He has raped me twice again and I find myself encouraging, tolerating and even longing for it because my husband is cold towards me.”

This is the dynamism that ties many people to pseudo-Christian leaders. They know these men deny God in their actions; they dole out spurious predictions; they still sell their “blood of Jesus” in bottles and folks don’t mind getting trampled to death to buy their “holy water” and “miracle trinkets.” Yet, they can’t see any reason to walk away.

It’s not as if they are stupid, it’s because they are victims of mind control. Mind control is when certain thoughts or ideas are infused into the mind of a person (or a group of people) making them succumb to domination, manipulation and intimidation by an individual or organization.

It’s like being in a wakeful somnolence. Just like a mind high on psychedelic drugs, you are oblivious to reality and your perception of good and evil is blurred. Each time you open your mouth, you only rehash the scripts given to you by the person who mentally programmed you.

It’s the reason that Christians who ought to be outraged at the evils being perpetrated in the name of God rather pick up their weapons to fight those pointing out the truth to them. Jesus paid a terrible price on the cross to purchase our freedom, why allow men to enslave us?

“You were bought with a price; do not become slaves of men” (1Cor. 7:23). Paul said to the church in Corinth, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ” (1 Cor. 11:1). This is not blind following, but one that is conditioned on the Christian’s discernment that Paul was truly following Christ.

You are not under any obligation to defend or follow the example of a man who lives contrary to the tenets of the Bible and your Christian conscience because of miracles or prosperity or whatever. We have one mediator between God and man, Jesus Christ (1 Tim. 2:5). No clergyman died for your sin.

“Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith” is the admonition given to us (Heb. 12:2). No pastor, priest or prophet is the author and finisher of our faith, and we are not to fix our gaze on them. If your gaze is fixed on men, when they go astray you will also go astray.

Indeed, there are true men and women of God, “who labour in the word and doctrine” (1 Tim. 5:17) and we are to listen to them and respect them, but we must never give them a place in our lives that should be reserved only for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Breaking free from religious mind control entails that you receive the truth of God’s Word and decide if you want to walk away or remain in that bondage. You need to ask God to forgive you for putting a man on a pedestal meant for God and prayerfully break off every hold of mind controlling spirits, hypnotic and post-hypnotic triggers over your life.

Seek for a healthy Christian fellowship where there is accountability, genuine love for the flock, where believers are being properly discipled to grow into spiritual maturity and leaders are not acting as “lords over God’s heritage” (1 Pet. 2:5).

In my next post, I will be discussing the biblical ethical codes that undergird accountability in leadership.

The Ties that Bind

The Bible indicates that two or more persons can be spiritually joined together by ties or bonds. They are called “soul ties” – spiritual ties or supernatural linkages that bind people together. There are different types of spiritual bonds which I classify into:

1. Positive soul ties

(a) Godly ties

These are ties with which God binds His people together in love, compassion and peace. “I led them with cords of human kindness, with ties of love. To them I was like one who lifts a little child to the cheek, and I bent down to feed” (Hosea 11:4).

This is a bond fostered by the Holy Spirit and it’s geared towards a godly or benign intent. This is the kind of tie we see between David and Jonathan: “As soon as he had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan” (1 Sam. 18:1 ESV)

There’s no evidence that David and Jonathan had sex for their souls to be so joined. It’s atrocious to find some modern gay advocates gnawing their unwashed fingers through the Bible to point at David and Jonathan as biblical gay icons because of the statement: “Your love for me was wonderful, more wonderful than that of women” (2 Sam. 1:26).

Really, it takes someone with a perverse spirit to see this scenario in such a grossly distorted and perverted fashion (That’s a topic for another day).

In the New Testament, Christians are commanded “to preserve the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace” (Eph. 4:3). This bond is sustained by the Holy Spirit in every believer. This is something we all need – a fellowship of Believers who love and care for one another regardless of status, race or tribe.

(b) Marital bond

This is a covenant link that is formed when a man and woman come together sexually to become one flesh. Jesus said: “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh” (Matt. 19:5).

God created sex as a powerful force to sustain the marriage bond and participate in the creation of life. The devil too understands this, thus, one of the first things he did was to pervert both the physical and spiritual aspects of sexuality.

Though the secular world has trivialized sex; thrown chastity to the winds; distorted marriage and reduced humanity into ‘animals’, the coming together of two people in the act of sex is not merely a physical act.

A spiritual link is formed between two people through sexual acts and when this is abused outside the confines of a godly marriage, it results in one common problem in many marital relationships today: incomplete ‘leaving’ and incomplete ‘cleaving.’ Both spouses are unable to truly bond with each other as they should, because they still have unbroken ties to other persons (or themselves) before or after they got married. This leads us to:

2. Negative soul ties

(a) Illicit sexual bonds

1 Corinthians 6:15 says “Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ himself? Shall I then take the members of Christ and unite them with a prostitute? Never!” This passage also applies to sexuality and it comes in different forms:

  • A negative type of soul link is formed through premarital and extramarital sexual affairs and the more sex partners a person has, the more soul links (and demons) he acquires. So, when a “swinging single” eventually gets married, these spiritual factors may cause some problems.

A victim may find himself/herself emotionally entangled to his/her ex-lovers even if they are married to someone else. Some would have fragmented minds. Others could experience strong, tormenting sexual urges that make them seek their old sex partners when they were unbelievers. Some would find themselves constantly dreaming of them.

I heard of a man who before marriage had been with many women. His wife said after they got married, every night for several weeks, she would have vivid visions of different women coming over to share their bed until she began to learn how to address it through spiritual warfare.

The usual front line of satanic attack is sexual seduction. This is because the enemy understands the power of sexual soul ties. He knows that once you become one flesh with his own agents, it will be fairly easy to bring you down because the luggage of unclean spirits inhabiting them is transferred to you and they start to mess with your mind. These soul ties enable demons to move from one person to another and they can be traced in the spirit realm.

In Numbers 25, after Balaam’s effort to curse Israel failed, the next strategy was to send the women of Moab into the camp of God’s people. When the children of Israel began having sex with them, the next step was to join them in Baal worship. Talk about soul ties. This is why when you see a fervent Christian who dabbles into promiscuity, it’s only a matter of time before he’s backslidden.

  •  Sexual ties are also formed through rape or child molestation. In Genesis 34:2-3, after Shechem the Hivite raped Dinah, “his soul was drawn” to her even though she was an unwilling victim.

Many victims of sexual assault or molestation are held in bondage to their past even if they later became Christians. I have come to realise that sexual molestation doesn’t always stop at one experience. Even when a victim keeps that experience hidden, s/he still ends up being molested by other people s/he meets later in life, if not addressed.

These folks don’t have to know the victim’s childhood history because there seems to be a “link” established in the victims’ soul through their first sexual abuse which invariably attracts the demons in other perverts to them.

It’s not an accident that ladies that were abused as children are curiously drawn to men who physically, verbally and sexually abuse them and they tenaciously cling to them. Psychologists call this Stockholm syndrome. When a person is unwilling to break out of controlling, abusive and destructive relationships, he is bound by negative soul ties.

  •  This also comes into play with those who have engaged in homosexuality and lesbianism. This is why they often return to their sexual sins and former partners even if they claim to be married to a “straight” spouse.

(b) Selfish or Inverted soul ties

These ties are forged by a person with his own flesh. The victim’s soul is spiritually “locked” up within himself and is unable to normally connect with others.

He/she may be an admirable, charismatic or socially exposed fellow, but because of this soul tie, his/her intimacy would be like a running tap blocked with a cork – unable to form intimacy with anyone. This can be a result of a traumatic experience. A guy wrote to a Vanguard columnist, describing his abuse:

We had to leave the school premises to his house, and immediately he finished doing the thing to me, he told me to do what he did to me, to him. I had no choice but to have sex in return. Afterwards, he gave me money. I felt ashamed of myself and could not look him in the eyes. I was angry that my parents had caused everything that happened, because if they had been able to pay the examination fees, I would not have found myself in that situation.

“…After that day, another problem started for me. It seemed as if everything died in me that very day… now I don’t have any friend at all. The same applies to female friends as well. I have lost all emotions and interest where friends and relationships are concerned.”

Unless this guy gets help, he will find intimacy very difficult. The intense shame and anger fixated into his mind by that abuse have made his soul inverted.

This can also happen in the case of masturbation, an act which undercuts one of the purposes of human sexuality: to relieve loneliness. Thus, sexual fulfillment and intimacy in marriage may pose an uphill task for many involved, because they have created a covenant link to always please their sinful flesh first.

Unless they renounce such selfish ties, those addicted to it also observe they find the act more satisfying than sex with their own spouses. It results in “incomplete cleaving.”

(c) Direct demonic linkages

In this case, a demon steps in when (a) or (b) becomes a besetting sin, and attaches itself to the victim through the cords of their sins. The class of demons known for this are called “spirit husbands” or “spirit wives” – because they bind themselves to their victims, sexually wear them out and war against marriages.

These demons can impersonate anyone, especially former or present lovers known to their victims. Some are resident in their hosts while others come from outside, but they bind themselves to their victims and feed off of them.

People involved in the occult commonly have sex with demons. It’s believed that a female demon (succubus) draws seed from men and changes to a male partner (incubus) to molest a human female.

Another type is when a person has a link with a familiar spirit or demon spirit guide. I read a man’s testimony years ago. His sister died about 3 years prior, but in his dreams, he kept seeing her playing and discussing with him and at times, he’d see a sort of rope joining them together.

During a church service, his pastor invited all who have such experiences to come forward for prayer. He responded, and they were prayed for. He said after that day, the only time he saw her again in his dream, she was standing at a distance and waved him goodbye and he did the same and the dream stopped abruptly.

Was that really his dead sister? No, it was a familiar spirit.

(d) Ungodly, non-sexual ties

These are negative ties that emerge from relationships in which strong bonds are formed. These could be parent-child relationships, sibling relationships, mentor-student relationships or friendships which could degenerate into emotionally and spiritually destructive relationships.

When you are in a relationship with someone who stands between you and all that God wants you to be, or uses your mutual bond of affection to control or manipulate you, you are getting into ungodly soul ties. This can happen so subtly even in the name of a parent-child relationship which borders on manipulation.

The sad reality is that many people have passed through life either dominating or being dominated by others. They are being pushed here and there even though they have a mind of their own and know what to do. Many of them can’t make any meaningful decision unless they first consult that person to whom their soul is tied.

(e) Occult ties

These are ties wielded by an occult individual, group or organization to exert demonic control over their victims. These links are forged by rites, sexual and/or non-sexual acts, but generally function as dark bridges through which demons can pass from one person to the other.

From the Bible, we can see that almost every instance of reference made to pagan worship is associated with sexual sins. In Western witchcraft and satanic covens, ‘The Great Rite’ or ritual sex is often performed during which male and female members engage in sex orgies.

This is often done to raise a ‘cone of power’ – an etheric energy generated in occult magick circles. Sexual rites are also performed during higher level initiations to pass the mantle of evil spirits to the intending.

There is also Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) during which dozens of sexual contacts are forced on a victim (usually a child) in a ritual setting. It’s done to break the victim’s mind – through drugs, torture and sexual brutality – so as to allow powerful demons enter them and become their power totem or guardian, which others can use to work the occult through the child.

Through demonic links, the satanists control the victim, making him/her their puppet. Even if the victim doesn’t get involved in the occult later in life, s/he is still a mind-controlled slave for satanic elites and other covens.

Generally, there’s an occult bond that binds every witch and wizard together making it very easy to know and work with one another even when they change their geographical location.

People involved in Masonry and Mormonism can also have spiritual ties binding them to these groups through temple rites, baptism, Lodge oaths, initiation rites etc. which may need to be broken.

Finally, these can be dealt with by:

Repenting of the sin through which negative soul ties were formed. Renouncing vows, oaths, pacts or covenants and rash commitments you’ve made or that was made on your behalf and prayerfully cancel their effects upon your life.

It’s also necessary that you walk in forgiveness. This particularly applies to those who have been sexually abused or emotionally drained by dominating relationships. You can’t break yourself free from people whom you still hold in unforgiveness.

Verbally renounce and break every negative soul tie in the name of Jesus. Note: It’s not necessary to remember all the names of former partners to do this, once you make a broad statement (e.g “I break and renounce soul ties forged with every person with whom I had sex with”), it’s taken care of.

Living in Truth and Reality

“All the world’s a stage. And all the men and women merely players,” says Shakespeare. Our perception of the world we live in is very important because to a large extent, it determines our values and how we live our lives. Many people live their daily lives like actors and actresses; some like robots, some like dolls. This troupe overlays the social, political, academic and religious spheres.

I remember in 1999, a Nigerian politician, Salisu Buhari, was made to resign when he was indicted for giving a false age and using a fake certificate purportedly from the University of Toronto. Though he was given a lenient sentence, the words “University of Toronto” quickly became a slang term among Nigerian comedians, satirists and cartoonists for charlatanry.

Time and again, we hear of folks whose lives are as fake as elastic glass, duping people for a living – from the street beggar pretending to be blind in one eye to the snake oil politician selling the magic of “change” to the populace.

Most of what Christian apologists combat are falsehoods crystallized at various levels and eras. It takes a spiritual battle to fight deception. That is why part of our spiritual armour is the belt of truth without which one courts disgrace and shame. “The righteous hate falsehood but the wicked bring shame and disgrace” (Prov. 3:15).

Falsehood means living a lie that one has believed by oneself or presenting lies to others. Falsehood is when a person is following a fake script and this comes in different forms:

1. Identity crisis

This is a mentality that makes people find it difficult to accept themselves as they are but instead assume a different role. When a person is so fearful of public opinion that he or she speaks, act or comports himself or herself in a way that will earn their applause, he/she has an identity crisis. It makes people alter their physical looks to fit into their idea of a “perfect icon.” It can stem from experiences of rejection and unhealthy upbringing. It’s a “mask” many people wear to hide their inner insecurities.

I saw a reality show years ago in which a young lady was recommended for help by her friends. Her problem was her inability to leave her house for any reason without wearing a makeup. To make it worse, it takes her at least 3 hours for her to complete it. When the creator of the show took her to a public place without wearing a makeup, she almost couldn’t walk. She is a prisoner of her own delusion.

We don’t have to become someone else to be fulfilled in life. We can just be who God has made us to be. The Psalmist says “I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well” (Ps. 139:14). Until we know and live in this truth, we will keep measuring our lives with others’ yardsticks and trying to clone them. There are people we fondly admire who seem to have it all together in public, but if we get to know the problems haunting them behind closed doors, we will run without looking back.

2. Living above your experiences

This is an outgrowth of identity crises. It is when an individual projects a fake image about himself and desperately tries to live up to that image. Such a person usually has an inflated ego tied to this image, so he lives a lie to protect it.

Sometimes when I’m discussing with people, I listen to know those who seem to be living a lie – they are always telling “sweet stories”. They never tell you about their flaws or mistakes, and even when they do, they do so only to present themselves as super martyrs. Falsehood makes people conjure revelations and fabricate or exaggerate spiritual experiences to impress others.

This is why I question “Word of Faith” doctrines because they make Christians live above their experiences. Someone is wearing his eye glasses, going for regular medical check up, eats healthy and lives in a clean environment but he is telling you that all sicknesses are from Satan and they should be cured only by prayer and positive confession; that you must never take some medicine or go to a hospital when you are sick because that’s “lack of faith.” That’s spiritual exploitation.

Many Christians live above their experiences in order to “belong.” Some try to appear hyper-spiritual and hide their real selves because they are afraid of being ostracized in their Christian circle. But we can’t all be on the same spiritual wavelength. We should think of ourselves “in accordance with the measure of faith God has given” us (Rom. 13:2). God works on originals, not on photocopies.

3. Deadly devotion to ideologies

These are schools of thought or worldviews that condition people to think only within a given precinct or preconceived notions. Many who claim to be freethinkers or rationalists are neither free in thinking nor rational in judgement. They see the world and spiritual realities through their badly smoked lenses and are just as bigoted and dogmatic as religious fanatics.

An example of such a worldview is Empiricism: it states that whatever cannot be experimentally proved should be rejected as a myth. Thus, empiricists will always demand for scientific evidence for every claim. But one doesn’t have to see an experimental evidence of a thing before its existence is accepted.

Science has its limitations, and there is much humility and rationality when we admit that there are things we can’t explain, prove or disprove. Rejecting something because its evidence contradict your notion of reality and truth is living a lie.

Another is Marxism which presupposes that material need is the motivation behind all human emotion and activity. Thus, if people have more money and have all their physical needs met, there would be happiness, mankind wouldn’t need to war, engage in terrorism or even pray to God to provide their needs. But this worldview is false because people do many things without pecuniary motives.

People seek God to find spiritual fulfillment; people fight wars to defend their national pride and some murder because they have evil beliefs. In fact, majority of Islamic terrorists are from wealthy families. These man-made philosophies are set up “against the knowledge of God” (2 Cor. 10:5) and those who live by them end up with a god they created by their minds.

4. Living in fantasy

This is when a person makes up an unrealistic world for himself and expects events – past, present and future – to conform to those ideas. We all have sweet dreams of how things ought to be, but we have to come back to reality. Fairy tales are for children. They need it to explore their sense of imagination and sometimes, to find a good sleep. But adults need to live by reality and face the world as it is.

Apostle Paul said “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me” (1 Cor. 13:11).

When an adult doesn’t outgrow his childish thoughts, he becomes an adult-infant. This is why many end up marrying the wrong person (or not finding anyone to marry at all), because they didn’t outgrow their childhood fantasies of a knight in shinning armour or a fairy tale princess. Why do you think people become drug addicts or seek out occult meditation? They are trying to escape from reality! They live a lie by avoiding the truth and in that state, they are vulnerable to deception.

This aberration can also manifest as lack of scholarly integrity. I have seen some respected Christian authors plagiarize people’s works or put fiction on paper and publish it as facts without a pang of their conscience.

Below is a quote from a book written by a popular Nigerian preacher in his book, Deliverance by Fire in the year 2000:

“In a Bible school a man said he would give $1000 to anyone who would answer a particular question correctly. The question is, where is the location of the devil, where can we find him? Some people said in the bottomless pit some said, in the second heaven, others said it is difficult to find him because he [is] walking about, etc. The smallest boy in that meeting said, ‘He is in darkness.’ He got it. Wherever there is spiritual darkness, there the devil will be.”

Compare this with the original source:

“Many Christians debate whether the devil is on the earth or in hell; can he dwell in Christians or only in the world? The fact is, the devil is in darkness. Wherever there is spiritual darkness, there the devil will be” (Francis Frangipane, The Three Battlegrounds, 1994, 15)

He concocted a fiction based on three sentences of a foreign author! I’ve seen this same tactic repeated in this pastor’s books. That’s because he wants the world in his own form.

5. Mind control

This is when a person’s mind is being controlled to believe lies about himself or herself (e.g “Nobody likes me,” “I am too bad to live right”; “That command to ‘be holy’ doesn’t apply to me cos I’m special” etc.) or some religious claims (e.g “We alone have the truth”; “Anyone who leaves the circle, leaves God” etc.). Many people trapped in false religions and aberrant movements approach the Bible the same way a butcher approaches a hog, and as you are refuting one argument, they are bringing up another. And after hours of answering their objections, they are back to repeating the initial argument.

There is a demonic “scrambler” that the enemy has placed between their minds and what you are saying. It’s like a dark filter covering their minds; what you are saying to them is being filtered through their belief system.

Satan blinds the minds of unbelievers to prevent them from seeing the light of the Gospel (2 Cor. 4:4). All you need do is bind the enemy influencing them in Jesus’ name and pray that the Holy Spirit shines forth His light into their minds.

Living our lives in truth and reality may not make you “exciting.” It will exclude you from some groups and it won’t win you many friends, but the joy and peace you will have are priceless. As a Christian, your confidence shouldn’t come from your background, education, physical look or who you know, but from who you are in Christ Jesus.