Trapped in Islamic Wonderland

A certain Muslim responded to my post Islam in Wonderland on Facebook and we had a back and forth exchange there. Unfortunately, he blocked me before I could reply to his last message.

Abdulmalik: I have read your thoughts about Islam in wonderland. I must say their is no myth and fairly tales in the koran, neither is there is any contradiction. What you refuse to to acknowledge is the deep meaning of what each of the verse represent.

Surah 6:14 “Say: shall i take as a guardian any other than Allah, the creator of the heavens and the earth and it is He who feed but is not fed. Say: verily, i am commanded to be the first of those who submit. And be not you of the idolators.” What it means is that, at that very moment in time he was the first to believe in the revelation and submit to Allah. Same thing apply to Q6vs163. It does not mean that he was the first mankind to submit to Allah…

Q7v: 143: “And when Moses came at our appointed time and his Lord spoke to him, he said: My Lord!! show me (thyself), so that i may look upon thee. He said: you cannot (bear to) see Me but look at the mountain, if it remain firm in its place, then will you see Me; but when his Lord manifested His glory to the mountain He made it crumble and Moses fell down in a swoon; then when he recovered, he said: Glory be to thee, i turn to thee, and i am the first of the believers.”

In this verse which you refuse to quote is what transpire between Moses (may peace be upon him) and God when he went to receive the criterion. He ask to see the Lord, but was told will not be able to see the Lord in this world, when God manifested his glory the mountain crumble, and Moses exclaimed that he was the first to believe.

Islam means that one submit ones self to the creator, with associating partners in any form to Allah. A muslim is then is someone who submit his/herself to Allah, with associating partner to Him. All those who you mention that claim to believe in one God, then compare their doctrine of one God to the following simple quote from quran. “Say: He, God is one. God is He on Whom all depend. He begets not, nor is He begotten. And none is like unto him” Q112 vs 1-4.

Then compare The believes of Abraham, Noah, Jacob, David, Solomon, Moses, Jesus (peace and blessing of God be upon them to those verse if it contradicts, and surely you will find no contradiction with these pious servants of God.

What then Mohammad (peace he upon him) did about qibla, when to fast, how to pray etc is to standardise the practices of Muslims and perfect the religion of God. What you succeeded in doing is to lie and deceive, that is why you do not quote fully from your source. I hope you upload my response on [your] blog.

Victor: I got your messages reading my mind (that I spend my time devising ways on how to “lie and deceive people”, that’s why I don’t quote fully from my sources. Thanks!) You must be the “champion scholar” bold enough to burst all my “lies”. So thanks once again.

My point in Sura 6:14 was that Muhammad admitted he was the first Muslim (“I am the first Moslem“). We have no problems with that. Every historian agrees with it, so I accept it. First means first in my language. Even if you say he was the first to “believe in the revelation and submit to Allah” I may not argue with you.

The Islamic worldview says everybody was busy worshipping idols, but one day an “angel” squeezed an Arab man in a cave, then suddenly he started continuing the religion of Abraham – a man who had died over 1,500 years before him, and that was a man who never even lived in Mecca! Such funny myths.

The problem started when Muhammad began to contradict himself by claiming Moses also said he is the “first of the believers/Muslim.” So which is it? Was Muhammad the first Muslim or not? How can there be two firsts? That was my point in the post, yet you toe-danced it away.

If you are familiar with your book, you would have known that some Egyptians became Muslims too (Sura 26:51), so which is it? Is Moses still “the first to believe?”

You said Islam means to submit oneself to the creator, and that all those people in the Bible believed in one God. I already refuted this lame definition.

Every religionist submits to a god. Sikhs submit to one God, are they Muslims? Jews submit to one God, are they Muslims? Satanists submit to one god, are they Muslims too?

That one believes in one God doesn’t make one a Muslim. It’s a shame you ignored this fact in my post. You are a poor advocate if you keep repeating a point that has already been refuted. Besides, you have not yet proven to me that the god of Islam is the Creator. That is blind belief. Prove this then we can discuss further.

You spoke about the “beliefs of Abraham, Noah, Jacob, David, Solomon, Moses and Jesus.” Where did you get their beliefs from? Where are their Islamic books? All their words in the Quran are plain forgeries from Muhammad’s lips. Islam didn’t exist before Muhammad. Anybody who says otherwise is swimming in a myth.

Only Muslims believe their religion predates Muhammad. Please wake up from this delusion. If you want the real facts about these men, consult the Bible. They are not in Islam. I could care less about a jumbled mass of confused post-Christian Arabic writings from a warlord.

You speak so much about logic, yet on this point, you abandon logic and cling to the redaction of a 7th century Arabian liar.

I have already defined what a Muslim is in the article: one who adheres to the five pillars of Islam. None of the people before Muhammad knew of, let alone followed the five pillars, so if you tell me that they are Muslims, you are just rehashing your myths (tales) and if you persist in that, I will simply ignore your points. Why should I embrace Islamic myths and not Greek or Aztec myths?

You said Muhammad came to “standardize and perfect” the religion of God. What a joke. That means for more than 4,000 years, this “religion of God” had no standard and had no one to perfect it. So the hands of Allah were tied until the 7th century when Messiah-Muhammad came along. If this fantasy suits you, that’s cool, but don’t please don’t call it the truth.

Abdulmalik: Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the first to submit to the oneness of God when the revelation was revealed to him. He was the first at that time to believe in it, that is why he was able to call others to it.

Likewise Moses, for he was the first to believe at that moment, before he travel to Egypt to warn Pharoah and his people… They did not claim to be the first mankind to submit…Yes, [Islam] means submission to the creator. That is why I gave a basic description of what oneness of God is Q112vs1-4.

I ask you to compare those who you called to believe in one God if their God is as it was stated in those verses. All those which you mentioned have an image of God, and God said in Q112vs4 that “there is none like Him”. When you said and angel squeezed him into a cave to give him a message. Where did God spoke to Moses? Did he squeeze him to that place?

Where did angel met Mary to give her glad tidings of a pious son? Did he squeeze into that place?…You said Abraham never stayed or live in mecca? You only confirmed that you are just bent on decieving people, who then built the this black stone you refer to?

Victor: I have said I will only continue this exchange if you are forthright in answering my questions. If you ignore my questions after this, I will terminate further correspondence with you because I prioritize my time.

I will allow the issue of the “first Muslim” contradiction to rest, since you can’t address it.

You talked about Muhammad’s submission to one God, yet you refuse to answer a simple question, which God did he submit to? Wasn’t Allah one of the many pagan gods of Mecca?

Where is the proof that the deity Muhammad submitted to is the Creator? Or are you telling me that Allah is equivalent to the chief deity of any pagan culture? If that’s true, then Allah is equivalent to Vishnu, Baal, Jupiter or Osiris. Anyone can submit to just one pagan god and then become a Muslim right?

That is why your argument fails. You are concluding what you are yet to prove. You have accepted through blind belief that Allah MUST be the creator and you are trying to force your assertions on us. Sorry, it won’t work.

Muhammad’s father was Abdul-Allah (servant of Allah), his uncle was ObeidAllah. They were Allah worshippers, yet they weren’t Muslims but pagans! Allah was simply a pagan deity straight out of Arabian paganism. Read this

Since Islam didn’t exist before Muhammad, whatever “image” he had about Allah (whether physical or mental) must have come from somewhere. You can’t tell me that a 40 year old pagan all of a sudden received a “new image revelation” about the same deity worshipped by his fathers. This is why I find your quote from Sura 112:4 “there is none like him” amusing. Your Allah appeared to Muhammad physically (53:1-10), Allah has a face (55:26-27), a hand (48:10), an eye (20:36-39), a shin (68:42), and he even forgets (2:37) etc. So how can you say “there is nothing like him?” Read this for more

It seems you haven’t read the Sirat Rasulullah where it was recorded:

“…Gabriel brought him the command of God. ‘He came to me’ said the Apostle of God, ‘while I was asleep, with a coverlet of brocade whereon was some writing, and said, ‘Read!’ I said what shall I read? He pressed me with it so tightly that I thought it was death, then he let me go and said, ‘Read!’ I said ‘What shall I read?’ He pressed me with it again so that I thought it was death … He pressed me with it the third time…” (Ibn Ishaq, translated by Alfred Guillaume, p. 106)

How many people in the Bible were squeezed and forced by an angel of God? None! Only demons act like that. Yet on the basis of your own ignorance, you question the veracity of the experience of your guru. Keep it up!

As for the issue of hajj, Abraham, Mecca, Adam or Noah, I don’t wish to talk about them again because I sense you are incapable of breaking free from your lalaland. Since all your claims are based on just one fairy tale book – the Quran, you have no historical backing.

I’ve told you you are free to rehash your myths as much as you like, but don’t present them to me since I wont buy them.

Abdul Malik: If you claim islam have spread all those things you mentioned, why do people of different background accept this your so called “lies”, “myth”, “forgeries” etc, its because they see through all media lies that it portray in islam … I have done that critical analysis my friend, about moon-god, warlord, polytheist, pagan, i have read all those, but they always get it wrong like you. Apply the logic then my friend to what you believe.

Victor: You asked why islam has spread among many people of different backgrounds if it’s false, I’ll tell you why:

1. Lies are spiritual. Satan is the “father of lies” and he is the brain behind all false religions. Once he breathes into a lie, it lives on and spreads far. That is why religions founded on myths are still alive and kicking. They serve the devil’s purposes in enslaving mankind and keeping them from the Gospel.

2. Islam is not learnt naturally, it has to be imposed by brainwashing. From young ages, Islam is drilled into people by hammering the same ideas into their heads over and over again, and censoring any criticism of Islam. This is why Islamic nations ban the Bible and Christian materials. A lie that is often repeated often becomes “true” to those who refuse to think out of that precinct.

3. Islam appeals to the fallen human nature. It gives a false outward impression of humility and loyalty, whereas it approves of the worst vices inherent in man. It approves of hate, war, adultery, use of charms, deception, looting, rape and even paedophilia. It also promises a carnal heaven and an afterlife debauchery that would more or less appeal to criminals.

I’m sorry, you are incapable of doing any critical analysis of Islamic beliefs. You are a “submitter.” You may criticize other belief systems, but when it comes to Islam, your reason becomes a limp noodle.

This is called a blind spot – it’s just like a fish that doesn’t know it’s in water. You still don’t know the nature and extent of deception into which you have fallen. Ignorance can be very deadly. I simply pray your “applied logic” helps you find truth in Jesus Christ.

The Prophet and his Demons


Muhammad’s evil ideology can be explained from a Biblical point of view: he was led by evil spirits.

Many Muslims find that statement offensive, but these facts cannot be brushed aside since even the Hadiths and biographies recorded certain unusual experiences Muhammad had.

Understanding the origins of Muhammad’s visions is important. It reveals the spirits behind Islam which control those who submit to it.

According to Islamic records, Muhammad received his call to be a prophet while he was meditating (another version: sleeping) in the cave of Hira which was about 40 miles away from Mecca.

A spirit was said to have appeared to him holding a brocade, saying “Read!” When Muhammad asked “what shall I recite?” the being squeezed him so tightly that he nearly died and asked him to read again. At the third time, the being said “Read in the name of thy Lord who created, who created man of blood coagulated” (The Life of Muhammad, translation of Sirat Rasulallah by Alfred Guillaume, 1955 p. 106).

After the spirit left, Muhammad ran home screaming to his wife, Khadija, “Cover me! cover me!!” and they covered him until his fear was over.

Before this experience, Muhammad had joined a mystic group called the Hanifs who used to meditate in the caves of Hira.

Occult meditation has been an integral part of all Eastern religions and it’s utilized to contact the spirit realm and spirits that masquerade as various deities. Since Muhammad was indulging in this, it’s not a surprise he was visited by a spirit being.

The words of this being is also questionable. Man was not made from coagulated or frozen blood, but from the dust (Gen. 2:27). An angel of God would definitely know this.

And why would God’s angel be terrorizing a man (said to be an illiterate) to read? Doesn’t that sound suspicious?

After this experience, Muhammad didn’t believe he saw an angel of God, given the horrifying experience he had. Khadija then took him to her cousin, Waraqa, a “Christian” priest said to be versed in the Scriptures. Waraqa told Muhammad that what he saw in the cave must have been angel Gabriel who also appeared to Moses (Sira p. 107).

Now, if Waraqa had truly known the Bible as it was claimed, he should have known that angel Gabriel didn’t appear to Moses but rather to Daniel, several centuries after.

Based on this error, Muhammad began to think he was also a prophet like Moses and nicknamed the spirit inspiring him as “Gabriel.”

Waraqa however said:

“Send for [Muhammad] so that I may question him and hear what he says and talk to him. For I am afraid it may be someone other than Gabriel, for certain devils imitate him and by so mislead and corrupt some men. This can result in a man become confused and even crazy whereas he had been of sound mind” (Ibn Kathir, The Life Of the Prophet, Al-Sira al-Nabawiyya, 1:297).

On Biblical grounds, Waraqa was spot on here. This “angel Gabriel” Muhammad was said to have encountered in the cave is very different from the angel Gabriel of the Bible. When he appeared to Daniel:

While he was speaking, I fell face down in a deep sleep. But he lifted me to my feet...” (Dan. 8:18)

When Gabriel suddenly came flying in at the time of the evening sacrifice … he explained: Daniel, I am here to help you understand the vision” (Dan. 9: 21-22).

Angel Gabriel was friendly and helpful, not violent or forceful towards Daniel.

Angel Gabriel also appeared to Zechariah proclaiming that he would give birth to John the baptist who would “make ready a people prepared for the Lord [Jesus]” (Lk. 1:1-20). And he appeared to Mary telling her Jesus would “be great and will be called the Son of God Most High” (Lk. 1:26-38).

On the other hand, the “Gabriel” of Muhammad denied both the Lordship and Sonship of Christ.

Now, why would God send an angel to say one thing to several people and then send him to one pagan man six centuries later to say the opposite? Evidently, Muhammad didn’t encounter an angel of God.

Perhaps to assure his readers that the Gabriel from the cave was confirmed by a Christian, a Quranic translator wrote in his introduction that “Khadija tried the spirit.” By what criteria did Khadija try this spirit?

A hadith says that one day while she was alone with Muhammad (who could see the spirit), she asked him to sit on her lap and he said the spirit was still standing there. Then she exposed her body and Muhammad said the spirit had disappeared. She then declared that the spirit must be an angel of God (Mishkat al-Masabih IV, 154).

According to this silly “test,” a good angel is one that avoids looking at a woman’s nudity! That would have been so absurd, if it wasn’t so laughable. I wonder how much Khadija knew about angels or demons.

From the little recorded about her, she was apparently a heretical Christian. Even by Islamic standards, her deduction is invalid because Muhammad said a woman’s witness is half that of that of a man (Sura 2:282).

As the new Arabian prophet “like Moses,” Muhammad began to boldly recite what the spirit was giving him, but he soon became very depressed and began to contemplate suicide:

“He said ‘I have been meditating throwing myself from a mountain crag, but while I was so meditating, he [Gabriel] appeared to me and said ‘O Muhammad I am Gabriel, and thou are the messenger of God” (Bukhari 9:87:111).

When you compare this to the many prophets in the Bible who encountered God’s angel, you won’t find a single place where anyone of them became depressed and suicidal as a result of that encounter. Remember, Waraqa said evil angels cause mental illness.

When Muhammad left Mecca, he claimed to have met with some spirits/jinn in the desert of Taif and convert some of them to Islam. (If they were good spirits why did they have to be “converted”?).

The statements of these demons are contained in an entire chapter (72) of the Quran. Muhammad told his Muslim followers:

“There is no one among you but a companion among the jinn has been assigned to him’ They said, ‘Even you, O Messenger of Allaah?’ He said ‘Even me, but Allaah has helped me with him and became a Muslim (or I am safe from him) so he only enjoins me to do that which is good” (Muslim, 2814).

These demon guides are called qareen in Islam. Notice that Muhammad himself didn’t deny having a demon guide, but lied that he has made him to become a “Muslim” and he assists him to do good. Actually, Muhammad was outright evil, proving that he was demonized.

On another occasion, Muhammad was sick for 2 or 3 nights. “Then a lady (the wife of Abu Lahab) came and said ‘O Muhammad! I think that your Satan has forsaken you, for I have not seen him with you for two or three nights!” (Bukhari 66:60:475).

Even the Meccan pagans knew he had a demon guide. No Godly prophet in the Bible had demon guides working for or assisting them. That is witchcraft.

The hadiths described how Muhammad used to act whenever he was said to be receiving messages from his “Gabriel.” Such manifestations were disturbing. Little wonder many of the Arabians (who were familiar with demonic activity) knew he was demon-possessed and rejected his claims (Q 81:22, 69:41).

(a) He said: “sometimes it [revelations] comes to me like the ringing of a bell and that is the most troublesome to me” (Mishkat IV, 360). Yet Muhammad himself said elsewhere: “The bell is the musical instrument of Satan” (Muslim, 24:5279).

(b) Aisha reported: “I saw him while the revelation descended on him on an intensely cold day then it left him while his brow steamed with sweat” (Mishkat IV, 360). Extreme perspiration is a common experience spiritists have during mediumship.

(c) He would fall “down unconscious on the ground with both his eyes [open] towards the sky” (Bukhari 6:448). This is how demons manifest (cf. Mk. 9:20).

(d) He would tremble as he laid on the ground like someone having a convulsion (Bukhari 1:4).

(e) He would hear and see things others couldn’t (Bukhari 4:458). These phenomena are called clairaudience and clairvoyance.

(f) He would sometimes snore like a camel. Or sound similar to bees (Bukhari 2:16:354). Demons growl or shriek through people.

(g) He said: “sometimes the angel assumes the form of a man for me and talks with me” (Mishkat IV, 360). This is called materialization.

Anyone familiar with the occult or demonology knows about these experiences which are demonic in nature.

There is not a single prophet of God in the Bible having such strange manifestations when receiving messages from God. Muhammad was deceived by a demon disguised as “an angel of light.”

The messages inspired by this spirit have prevented many Muslims from the truth in Christ and drive them to hate and kill those who follow Him.