On Islam and its Book of Violence


Premium Times, one of the leading Nigerian media outlets, published a report yesterday titled, Boko Haram, Ten Years On: How hundreds of girls bear brunt of insurgency.

A Muslim named Akeem, in his reaction to the report, trotted out a liberal cop out to Islamic violence which is nothing short of intellectual dishonesty and moral cowardice. This comment caught my attention and I responded to it.

Another Muslim, Tajudeen, replied to me, and eventually resorted to attempting to bullying me into a free-for-all debate by boneheadedly “challenging” me to read the Quran.

Of course, over the years, I have developed certain criteria that guide me in who I engage and how I engage them on social media, and the limit to which I invest my time and energy in such pursuits.

I’ve been debating with Muslims online for 8 years now and I can almost predict each encounter. I don’t respond to everyone on every issue. I pick my battles with wisdom.

However, for the purpose of educating our Muslim friends out there, I’ve decided to publish this exchange here.

Let everyone who wishes to know the truth about Islam read the links provided and come to their own conclusions about who between us is presenting the truth or muddying (and denying) the facts.

Akeem’s words will appear in red, Taju’s in blue and mine in black.

The more reason why you need to use your own common senses given freely to you by God to know when you’re being led astray and when you’re on the right path.

Again, the problem with those being misled is that ‘they can’t read, understand nor interpret the Book being quoted for them’, but listen to the ‘words from the evil ones’.

Or could it be that the book itself turns good people into evil ones?

Couldn’t it be that this book is a veritable textbook of hate that robs those who soak it in of their humanity and common sense?

Your argument would have made sense if only Nigeria were plagued with such “misleadings,” but even a 10 year old knows that Islamic insurgency is found everywhere the religion holds sway.

When people from diverse cultures, geographical locations, religious exposures, social strata and political system all subscribe to the same violent ideology, then they are drinking from a common ideological fountain: a religious book of violence.

Have you read the ‘Book’? Can you expressly affirm that those who perpetrate violence are doing so based on the injunctions of the ‘book’?

Yes Tajudeen, I’ve read the Quran for more than a decade now. And I’ve read a number of hadiths. My first exposure to the Quran was in 2002. Frankly, it’s not a book of love, peace or justice.

So it would be very strange if I by now, I still didn’t know what its injunctions are, or whether Muslim jihadists have a credible support from Islam’s texts or not.

Perhaps you need to catch up on your history lessons to rediscover how yet another popular ‘book’ was used to enslave, violate, plunder and totally destroy other races by those claiming to be custodians of the messages of that specific book.

Don’t even try to deviate this issue to the Bible or Vedas or Adi Granth. The Bible or any other religious book beside the Quran is NOT the book being discussed here.

This is the well-worn path of the Muslim once they are backed up into a corner – deflecting to the Bible. They can’t defend their book without attacking another because they feel uncomfortable discussing their own book without running off in tangents. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the Muslim diversionary handbook.

Those who fight jihad read, quote and obey the Quran, not the Bible. They also follow Muhammad’s examples in the hadiths. They don’t follow the Bible or emulate Jesus Christ. Nice try, but I won’t fall for it.

The fact is, humans will always find justification for whatever they do, be it good or evil. And their ‘infallible’ argument will come from whichever ‘book’ they subscribe to.

Not in the case of Muslims who take their ideology from the Quran. That’s why you can prattle that “misinterpreted” line from here to Ceylon, it won’t fly because you have a religious figure – Muhammad – whose actions constitute your ethos and ethics.

He is your perfect example (uswa hasana) and you are expected to be violent as he was violent, fight as he fought his enemies, treat your wives as he treated his women, take people as slaves as he enslaved people, and by the “perfect legacy” he laid down for you to gain Allah’s approval, all his other heinous sins, practices and misguided worldview have become legally enshrined in your religious dogma.

That’s far off the bat from a person who seizes on certain Bible verses to approve of war, slavery or rape. These are opposed to the teaching and spirit of Christ. The Muslim who emulates Muhammad is the true Muslim and a Christian who doesn’t live as Christ lived is not of Christ. It’s as simple as that.

But before you go tripping with baseless conjectures and flaunting ignorance, Google the said ‘book.’ The English or Yoruba translations should be accessible to you.

In the Muslim mind, there’s no way you would read their Quran and not bow to Allah in adoration. To them, anyone who disagrees with Islam and its book must be labouring under baseless conjectures and ignorance. This is emotional bullying; like the high school jock calling a girl a lesbian for not accepting to dance with him.

It doesn’t occur to them – or they want to avoid accepting the possibility – that one can reject a religious system precisely because one has studied it through and through, but finds it spiritually objectionable, morally deficient, historically flawed and logically full of holes.

I promise, you will be amazed and astounded with what you find.

There’s nothing amazing and astounding in that book. It’s even an insult to the human intellect.

What do I want to find astounded with verses about rocks falling down in fear, Allah’s golden cow, sun sinking in the stream, meterors being thrown at jinn, an ant and Hoopoe bird talking to Solomon, semen being formed in the vertebra, the moon being splitted, a Jesus who escaped the cross and other outlandish claims that can only be found in a poorly written fiction for children?

I assure you that those who perpetrate violence/terror in the name of Islam, are not muslims.

That “they are not muslims” card has been overused. It’s time you guys cut it into pieces and threw it away.


Its a lie, you have not read the Qur’an. Neither have you studied the hadiths. If you have, you would quote expressly where hate and violence is sanctioned just to spite every muslim.

You will buttress your points with verses and bash me in the face with facts, rather than tender these same worn out, threadbare arguments.

I don’t have to respond to you in accordance with your expectations. I don’t have to bash anyone in the face with facts, after all, your initial claim was that I was ignorant of your religion and you presumably know better.

It’s empty barrels that make the loudest of noise. Knowledgeable people are not always in an impulsive fit to bully people into accepting what they say.  That was your expectation, but I’m above that.

It was Sigmund Freud who first proposed what psychologists call “projection.” It’s an ego defense mechanism that propels a person to attribute their own negative (and positive) traits to others. For instance, when a person is a self-serving narcissist, he also sees others as narcissists. It’s a windscreen syndrome.

When a person lacks the internal capacity for telling the truth, even in the simplest of matters, he will be quick to label others as liars. He will find it difficult to take people’s words for it because truth is the farthest thing from his own mind.

When a man is intellectually insecure, emotionally immature and lacking in self-confidence, he will have an overwhelming urge to “overcompensate” by always wanting to throw his weight around or preening to impress the public with the shallow stuff he owns or knows.

Taju, I’m sorry I don’t fit into that box you are familiar with. I’m not interested in impressing you or anyone, I am more interested in presenting the truth. However, you are welcome to read my two-part article, Islam: the Religion of War (one and two) where I quote copiously from your authoritative texts.

In any case, you can still bash yourself in the face with facts by picking up your Quran and reading it and noting the violence taught in it.

Too many people, like you, have been thoroughly brainwashed by the vociferous and fully loaded ‘islamaphobia industry’. Their knowledge of Islam is at best third hand. Certainly not a direct intellectual enquiry.

Really? Well, such banal, pablum drooling scribblings are getting real old. I’ve had it up to my chin. That’s another distraction: poisoning the well. First you say I’m completely ignorant of Islam, next you accuse me of having a third hand knowledge of it.

Somehow, you pit yourself as some omniscient guy who implictly knows the nature and extent of what I have read.

The truth is, you can’t deal with the fact that I reject Islam because it’s false and destructive, so you try to make up all sorts of wild scenarios in your head about me to cement your malformed worldview. The whole world doesn’t revolve around you and your religion.

Speaking of “islamophobia,” you are deploying a worthless term like “homophobia,” used by liberals for smearing others. We are not “phobic” of Islam, we reject it, period. And you are very much welcome to interrogate our reasons for rejecting it rather than hiding behind stupid slogans.

But you see, your hatred of Islam is your personal choice. But it does not change its meaning and essence, which millions have discovered through the centuries.

But you see, your hatred of Christianity is your personal choice. But it does not change its meaning and essence, which millions have discovered through the centuries. And in this case, for at least five centuries before Muhammad arose in Arabia.

When people pout the word jihad without even knowing its meaning, I laugh. You don’t know what Jihad means, but I can tell you for free, it is aeons away from fighting or killing.

Yeah sure. Because you say so. Why don’t you “buttress your points with verses and bash me in the face (not literally, of course) with facts, rather than tendering these worn out, threadbare arguments” mouthed by lying Islamic apologists?

And too bad for those who think otherwise. Because they are ignorant. You don’t even know jack about the prophet of Islam.

You haven’t demonstrated anything of the sort, you have only given me an autobiographical window into the state your soul. Your barks are far out of proportion to your bites. Since you have failed to persuade those reading this, you have to resort to blustery and bombastic words.

You are free to refute any of these articles

The Sex Life of the Prophet

Islam and Sex Slavery

The Tongue of the the Prophet

The Cruelty of the Prophet

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The Miracles of the Prophet

The Prophet and his Demons

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A Tiptoe through the Hadiths

Allah, Satan and the Hadiths

The Cult of the Slave Masters

Islam: the Demise of Love

Please read books written by both enemies and friends of Islam, then you will be illuminated.

Did you just say I should read books authored by enemies of Islam? I thought you earlier said that I have “been thoroughly brainwashed by the vociferous and fully loaded ‘islamaphobia industry'” who lack “intellectual enquiry” and whose knowledge of Islam is third hand?

Politics has found its way into religion across board. The terrorist are not Muslims. To you that is a cliche, to us it a living fact.

Alright, bring those living facts along and refute these

The Two Faces of Islam

The Seed of Jihad

It doesn’t really matter what you think. Islam has stood the test of time. It will still be here when we are all gone.

You should be more concerned about Islam’s fraudulent “plan of salvation” and where it is taking you when you leave this earth.

This is the problem, you guys have been indoctrinated into seeing yourself so intertwined with Islam that you take it as a personal offence when it is questioned. But faith is supposed to be personal. You should be more concerned about how your investigation of Islam will affect you as a person, rather than how it will affect the public image of Islam which you have been conditioned to uphold.

I challenge you yet again to read the Qur’an

Your challenge has been met years ago. Here is an example.

Salamu Alaikum brother Victor. Peace and blessings of God be with you.

And also with you.

Why Islam grows in the West

The Western world consists of the cultures and peoples of a large part of Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Latin America.

The West is founded upon Judeo-Christianity and it has passed through different political, religious and social phases – from imperialism to the Reformation to the Enlightenment to colonialism.

The growth of Islam in the West – though often exaggerated by Muslim “dawagandists” – over the years deserves some attention.

The philosophy, democracy, art, science, law, architecture, republicanism and warfare of Western civilization emerged mainly from ancient Greece and Rome and are opposed to those of Islam – which is basically a deification of 7th century Arabian politics, culture, beliefs, warfare and social structure.

Islam opposes democracy, interdicts science, forbids arts, disparages philosophy, loathes equality and adheres to draconian laws. Thus, Islam is in an identity crisis; many Muslims are struggling to live out its Medieval dictates in the 21st century.

In a poll conducted by BBC, out of 2,000 Britons surveyed, 43% believe Islam is a negative force in the UK and 31% believe Islam promotes acts of violence.

In spite of how incongruous Islamic ideology is with Western values, there are still reports of many Westerners (some claiming to be formerly Christians) converting to Islam. For example:

Joseph Estes – “I was born into a very strong Christian family in the Midwest… We earned millions of dollars during those years, but could not find the peace of mind that can only come through knowing the truth and finding the real plan of salvation … if you asked anyone these questions, they would probably tell you that you have to believe without asking or that it is a ‘mystery’ and you shouldn’t ask … After all, the original languages of the Bible have all been dead languages for centuries and the documents themselves have been lost in their originals for hundreds and thousands of years.”

The display of baleful ignorance and dishonesty in this testimonial is so thick that one can cut it with a knife.

He was born into a ‘very strong Christian’ family but doesn’t have a faintest idea of the plan of salvation laid out in Scripture? It doesn’t follow. Someone is making things up.

Muhammad Ali – “I was a Negro. I ate pork. I had no confidence. I thought white people were superior. I was a Christian Baptist named Cassius Clay

His conversion was more of a racial protest and identity than by any convincing or definite plan of salvation seen in Islam.

Monica – “It’s hard for me to express the difference I felt between these two religions … I also feel that with Islam I’m sort of more guided, either by the Quran or the hadiths. Whereas, when I was Catholic, it was kind of like I had to figure out what to do in certain situations. People might think that Islam is strict, but I think that’s the way it’s meant to be. I mean, I feel in this way God tells us very clearly what he expects.”

Her conversion was subjective: “I feel … I felt.” She was looking for an authority to give her moral boundaries; to tell her in minute details what to do and not do and she found a right religion that “feels” just like it.

Factors contributing to the growth of Islam in the West are:

(a) Higher birth rate

The Pew Research Centre says the Muslim population in Europe was about 30 million in 1990, 44 million in 2010 and is expected to increase to 58 million by 2030.

A BBC report notes that data for the rates of growth of Islam in Europe reveal that the growing number of Muslims is due primarily to immigration and higher birth rates.

A 2011 Pew Research shows that Muslim women today have an average of 2.2 children compared to an estimated average of 1.5 children for non-Muslim women in Europe.

While Islam is a pro-natal religion, it was estimated that between 2010-2014, annual abortion rates in Northern America, Western and Northern Europe were 17, 16 and 18 per 1000 women respectively.

If current trends continue, by 2050, the number of Muslims will nearly equal the number of Christians around the world and will even exceed the Jewish population in the U.S.

(b) Deception

Islamic teachings breed dishonesty; they endorse Muslims telling lies to non-Muslims as long as it advances the cause of Islam. This is why many Muslims are deceived and being deceiving.

When they migrate to the West, they try to mask Islam’s beastly face with humanity; mollify its crude god with spirituality; re-make Muhammad into a philosopher and endow his ghastly teachings with flavours of tolerance and peace.

They project a picture of Islam different from the ones seen in regions where they are a majority. They would say:

Those jihadists are misinterpreting Islam” – which is absolutely false. The commands of the Qur’an do not change based on time and location.

When Muslims read the Qur’an, they go to the Hadiths to get its contexts and follow its dictates. That’s exactly what the jihadists do.

The stipulated death penalties in their books for example, are not subject to change because Muslims believe the Qur’an is the eternal, unchanging words of Allah. So the idea of a “progressive” Islam is an innovation tailored to fit into Western ideals.

Those terrorists are just a few bad eggs” – hardly. According to a 2010 poll, in Pakistan with a population of 172 million and 96% Muslims, 76% of them agree that apostates of Islam should be killed. That’s 126 million “bad eggs.”

In Indonesia, with a population of 200 million and 85% Muslims, about 43.5% of them are ready to fight for Islam and 40% believe violence should be meted out on critics of Islam.

We are talking 87 million “bad eggs.” Doesn’t look like a few to me.

Islam teaches freedom of religion” – well, no. In an Islamic state, non-Muslims are allowed to practice their religion if they want to, but they are not given the rights and privileges Muslims enjoy. They are to pay Jizya tax and in the Sharia code, a Muslim that kills a non-Muslim cannot be given a death penalty.

Aside that, apostasy from Islam invariably attracts death penalty. So indirectly, there’s compulsion in Islam.

Others will say “Sharia is compatible with democracy,” or “It will deal better with corruption in our land,” or “It doesn’t affect non-Muslims.” These are all lies made up to promote Islam.

(C) Multiculturalism

This worldview regards all cultures as equal and worthy of respect. Many Muslims who immigrate to the West hide their religion behind “culture” which they demand must also be respected like other Eastern cultures.

But once they extend their tentacles, they take advantage of political correctness to stifle any criticism of Islam while gradually introducing their own rules they want to abide by. This is how the Sharia fox slips through the hen’s house.

The Muslim Arbitration Tribunal in Britain is a good example of this. A leading British judge, Sir James Munby, said that Christianity no longer influences the courts and these must be multicultural, in other words, more Islamic.

Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, and Chief Justice Lord Phillips also suggested that the English law should incorporate elements of Sharia law.

British universities are also advancing Islamic law. In Queen Mary University of London, for instance, women have had to use a separate entrance and were forced to sit in a room without being allowed to ask questions – just like in Riyadh.

The same trend also pervades France where mosques are going up in record numbers while Christian churches are being bulldozed.

According to World Net Daily, “Many Muslim immigrants express a sentiment of entitlement, believing they – one day – will replace the natives and the land in which they are strangers will come under the authority of Islamic law.”

There’s no logical reason why a religious ‘culture’ that beheads apostates; that reduces women to walking-talking genitals; that stones single mothers; nails offenders to a tree and amputates the hands of petty thieves should be deemed equal to a culture that believes in freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, civility and equality.

Political correctness and multiculturalism may be the greatest undoing of the West. Interestingly, it’s often politically correct to attack Judeo-Christianity but politically incorrect to attack Islam.

Political correctness is based on ignorance and suppression of truth. It mandates that people kiss others with a lie rather than hurt them with truth.

Liberalism will not appease Muslims, it will only seal the doom of the Western world.

(d) Moral turpitude in the West

Western climes, in rejecting their Christian heritage also threw out sound moral values in exchange for humanism and moral relativism: “If it feels good do it,” or “If doesn’t hurt anyone, who cares?”

The excesses of libertinage opened the door to legalization of porn, glorification of homosexuality, endorsement of zoophilia, bisexuality, wife swapping, nudity and licentiousness.

These sins are gradually weakening Western civilization, making it vulnerable to an absolutist system.

When extreme individual freedom replaces morality and ethics, it will reversibly favour an extremely restrictive ideology which is what Islam embodies. It’s like a chemical equilibrium reaction.

When a mass of people are exposed to materialism, extreme freedom and moral profligacy over a period of time, they soon reach a point at which they start seeking something to fill the void in their souls – something to give them a moral compass or anchor.

This is what draws many people to puritan-like cults even if their laws are severe and oppressive. They are seeking an authoritarian boundary; a sort of safety from the moral rotgut around them.

This is the inner call of every soul. There is a hole in our souls that porn, sex, money, drugs and carousing cannot fill.

The Bible says that God has set eternity in our hearts (Eccl. 3:11). Only God can fill the cravings in our souls; only He can give man inner fulfillment.

Cults like Islam offer deadly counterfeits of such an experience. They promise their converts a “better pathway” but once they are in, they are led to a wilderness.

They preach about a refreshing water hole, but what they have is a boa’s hole. Their vaunted morality is like a plastic mask; it can be worn and taken off at will.

Spiritual deception is real. A person can be intelligent, enlightened, have several degrees under his belt, raised in a Christian home, pass through forms and formats of a Christian denomination and yet end up deceived to the point of kissing a black stone to gain forgiveness of sins or rubbing his face with sand so as to become ‘pure’ in the sight of Allah.

The answer lies in the Gospel which is the power of God to save those that believe (Rom. 1:16).

Once the message of the Gospel is let down, false religions gain an upper hand. An empty, “cultural Christianity”, stripped of its power and laced with seeker sensitive mush cannot stand before 14-century old lies engineered by the devil.

Christians grounded in the Word and filled with the Holy Spirit must be willing to boldly refute the lies of Islam using every strategy for souls to be set free.

A Glimpse into the Muslim Mind

One of Islam’s fatal flaws is its tu quoque (“you too”) logical fallacy. Islam is such a volatile religion that has no positive evidence for itself, neither can it stand by itself – it has to build itself by attacking Christianity (and other religions).

The following exchange with a Muslim named Haruna which took place in my box on April 12, 2016, brings this out perfectly well. His words will appear in green.

I could understand your pent-up feelings. preconception of islam. The ignorant sidetalks of some disgruntled elements calumnies on islam and the gonzo-media fabrications which has transfused innocent ignorance and hatred on muslims and islam.

But you should know errors cannot be truth even in the wilderness of falsehood, that’s why you could see apparently that islam is growing despite the global negative conspiracies. (Pls do your research).

I would not blame Christianity for the sins of pseudo-Christians and pastor-preneur who commodify the gospel of God as the most lucrative as you have wrongly stereotyped islam and muslims.

Generalisations are preconception are the errors of your perceptions, in spite of your obvious educational orientation. I assumed education to be the nourishment of intellectual clear-headedness. Learn and seek knowledge.

My information about Islam is based on its original sources – Quran, Hadiths and Sira. If you dismiss them as ignorant “calumnies” on Islam, that’s fine. There’s a lot of ignorance about Islam (on both sides) and it’s my intention to demolish them, but until you demonstrate my errors, don’t be in a haste to call Islam the “truth.”

There are many errors that appear to be truth – especially when they have been repeated for so long. This is the psychology of brainwashing.

There are no “global negative conspiracies” taking the wind out of the sail of the Islamic ship. What is actually happening is that we now live in an age when information cannot be suppressed like the past.

Everyone – even in Islamic regions – now has access to detailed information about Islam and its books and can easily draw their own conclusions (Thank God for the Internet!).

Furthermore, Muslim jihadists are stepping up their acts, thus confirming what many people are already discovering within the pages of the Muslim’s “holy” books – that Islam is a religion of violence.

You guys will perhaps need at least another century of disinformation to sell the myth of Islamic “peace” to people again.

Islam is also having a hard time these days due to the mass exodus of Muslims out of Islam. They are now attacking and exposing the cult they were once trapped in. Again, we have to thank the Internet for making their voices heard all over the world.

The growth of the Muslim population is basically due to migration and high birth rate, rather than mass conversion.

I have done my research, here it is for you to digest on – that is, if you want to be “confused with the facts”.

You said: “I would not blame Christianity for the sins of pseudo-christians

Thanks for your objectivity. But who decides who is a true or false Christian or Muslim? It’s the object of devotion and authority.

Since Christianity is based on Jesus Christ and what He taught in the Bible, a person who doesn’t live by them is a false Christian (even if he claims to be a pastor).

In the same vein, since Islam is based on the Quran and Hadiths, a Muslim who doesn’t live by them or emulates Muhammad is a false Muslim. So the issue boils down to what Jesus taught in contrast with what Muhammad taught.

You generalise which category you feel I must belong and then bring in the preconception that I must be wrong in some way for attacking Islam.

This has nothing to do with my educational background. This is not even about knowledge, but understanding. A person can have great knowledge but little understanding.

One doesn’t need to be a professor of religion (or an old man) to see the falsehood of Islam. I started to see the falsehoods of Islam from my teenage years. Even an unschooled boy of 12 who understands the truth can easily demolish the weak pillars of Islam.

What is sira, qur’an, hadith? dont push me on defending edge but here are clues to loose your ignorance little bit. The “siiratu nabiyy”, the categories of hadith, various aspect of application, the quran with its various paraphernalia would have bail you out from the bondage of gross folly.

It seems you are in the mire, in that “syllable of errors” Christianity and its many versions of interpolative mutilation (the bibles, old and new versions). I had thought you could have read the quran with bonehead misconception void of hermenuetic context, causes of revelations, historical incidence, scientific proves.

I thought you could enlist the various chains of hadiths and the historical incidence of quranic revelation.

You don’t need to defend your books. Your ignorance about them already speaks much volumes. Remove those original sources and your Islam becomes bid’a – an innovation.

In these 3 sources lie the ethics and ethos of Islam. Without them, your Islam is non-existent. You don’t seem to know much about your religion which you desperately seek to defend.

As for the categories of hadiths, I have addressed that here. We can at least school you a bit on your religion.

Your drivel about Bible translations has also been addressed in another debate I had with another Muslim. I obviously don’t need to repeat myself here.

read the quran… void of hermenuetic context, causes of revelations, historical incidence, scientific proves

This is where you shortchanged yourself. There is no way, one would understand the hermeneutic context of the whole Quran without consulting the hadiths and sira. Without them, many Quranic verses are utterly bland and clueless.

With the exception of the plagiarised parts, each verse of the Quran was recited by Muhammad in response to certain situations and events. Those events and situations are not recorded in the Quran. For example, a place says:

“He frowned and turned away because the blind man came unto him. What could inform thee but that he might grow (in grace). Or take heed and so the reminder might avail him?” (Sura 80:1-5)

Now, tell me – without the hadiths or sira – who frowned? Why did this person frown and why did he frown at a blind man? Who was the blind man?

This is just an example of how vague the Quran is without the hadiths.

Your appeal to the “scientific proofs” in the Quran is a big joke. You are wading into pretty deep waters that will sink you and your assertions pronto. That is where the Quran shot itself dead. Read this.

I read all your struggles in trying to prove the weak positions of the various versions of the bibles using English Version as springboard to prevaricate on that fabricated s***** [book] called “bible”.

Even worse is how you inverted various islamic narratives to hoodwinked your fellow gullibles in astration.

Islam has a uniform curriculum as springboard not as Christianity rooted in haphazade pattern. Islam has hadith, quran, sira, as earlier stated to guide their religious rite and worship while various Christians denomination have become lost in the murky water of its “error of syllables.”

Just last two months I heard one of my childhood friends is now a gay and a die-hard Anglican convert because of Anglican endorsement of homosexualism, I quickly notify him that even the pope of Catholic has approve gay in his former church, a satanic rubbish in an acclaimed religious domain.

Al Quran 2;18 says “they are deaf, dumb and blind, so they shall not follow the right path.” I will advice you to reflect and meditate on your choice of religion because its painful to see how you’ve murked in delusion.

I read through all your rants looking for a single piece of solitary counter-argument to all the issues addressed in the exchange, I found none.

One would either have to read that exchange with a closed eye or a veiled mind (or both) not to have been cured of misinformation and hoodwink. But as it’s often the case, you have no stones in your slingshot, just cotton balls.

It’s amusing to see you backtrack. Initially, you threw out all your original materials, then again, you affirm them as guidance to your rites and worship.

Evidently, Allah couldn’t compose a single book that would sufficiently be an authority in Islam. Muslim mortals had to compose all sorts of better writings 250 years after the Quran and join them to Allah’s composition to build the Islamic civilization.

And in the same way you initially said you “would not blame Christianity for the sins of pseudo-Christians and pastor-preneurs,” you suddenly throw that away to refer me to some vague, insignificant and nameless figures as authority of what Christians believe or practice. You couldn’t even convince yourself.

As for all your potshots at Christianity, I will call your bluff, for the simple fact that Christianity and the Bible have been around, saving souls and changing lives for at least 6 long centuries before Islam, Allah or the Quran emerged from the sewers of Arabian paganism.

The burden of proof is on Islam, not on Christianity. You think you can “prove” Islam or the Quran by default by attacking Christianity and the Bible? Anyone who thinks he can prove B by attacking C is already on a lost cause.

The other option left for you is to dive into the oh-so-cool fictional world of Muslim-Adam, Muslim-Abraham and Muslim-Jesus constructed for you by your lying prophet. In fact, our theme of discussion is on Islam and its books, not Christianity.

And as for your other remarks about your rumoured gay Anglican pal, this exchange should help you.

You don’t question Muhammad’s fictitious delusions and outlandish claims of travelling to the 7th heaven on a winged camel to meet some dead prophets or the claims of splitting the moon, visiting the land of the jinn or the many absurd claims prevalent in the Quran (e.g talking ants, sun sinking in the stream, meterors thrown at jinn etc.).

You don’t demand proofs when he claimed to be the greatest prophet of God or the “mercy of Allah sent to the worlds” yet was full of sexual depravity (rape, whoredom, pederasty, paedophilia etc.).

You never ask yourself why a prophet of God would lie, loot caravans, enslave others, and act as a medium of demons. All these tales in the Quran and hadiths are accepted blindly without question.

But you turn around to question the simple belief in Jesus Christ as the only Way, Truth and Life (John 14:6). You reject the reality of His death and resurrection for the salvation of man (1Cor. 15:1-3).

You attack the Bible which is endorsed by your own Quran as divinely inspired. You scrutinise anyone questioning the many discrepancies and falsehoods prevalent in Islam. Why the double standards?

Of course, we have many proofs that Muhammad and his Islam are false. We don’t hide them. Here is one 

But the problem is that we humans are naturally prejudiced beings. It’s easier for folks to see the flaws in other religions than to see the ones in theirs.

This is why it’s easy for Muslims to view their Quran through a rose-tinted glass and other books through a dark-field critical microscope.

Many Muslims have been mentally suppressed and incapacitated to explain away, minimise or dismiss every blunder in their religion, their books and its founder but are eager to point out perceived flaws in others, especially Christianity. That’s what I see you doing.

Q2;18 they are deaf, dumb and blind, so they shall not follow the right path

Yes, those were the answers Muhammad had whenever the wise people of his time asked him for proofs that he had the truth – cheap ad hominems! His Muslim followers are just like him.

When one even reflects on this, it’s clear that Muslims are the blind and deaf ones.

You refuse to see the crimes and evil teachings of Muhammad in the hadiths and Quran. You refuse to see the many historical, scientific and logical blunders in the Quran.

You refuse to consider that Allah is nothing but a false god manufactured by a manipulative man to fool the ignorant people of his time.

You simply refuse to question your religion, hear the other side or evaluate the fact that Islam is a false religion. This is deafness and blindness of the worst kind.

Scroll through this exchange so far. Not a single argument I raised has been addressed, let alone refuted. This is the greatest rhetorical trick in the book: ignoring the points raised by your opponents as if they don’t exist. It is like the typical Orwellian double-think.

You have to convince yourself that those contrary arguments are not there. That’s a mulish mentality.

All your prevaricative links are grossly misinterpretation of your own argument. it exposes how u’ve gone far in misconstruing the concepts and tenets of Islam totality.

You easily make blunders on all the hadiths, islamic narratives, qur’anic verses. but it’s safe for people like me. I’ve not picked an iota of cogent fact, your myopicism has fed you in bad light. Posterity is the best settler of argument.

I see you throwing around vague cliches because you have no answers. Show me just one example of my “blunders”.

You said: “I’ve not picked an iota of cogent fact

How would you, since your arrogance and ignorance wouldn’t let you see the forest for the trees.

It’s easier for you to hold to Muhammad’s concocted fiction than to live on fact.

The case is already settled. Islam is a false religion. Allah is a false god. Muhammad is a false prophet and the Quran is a false revelation.