Recollections of Born Twice: From Demonism to Christianity (III)

Chapter 8: The Fruitless Operations

With Kalu having his own agents, he began to have meetings with them in the spirit world, but he appeared to them in a “lower form” of a woman. Their level of power was still low, and to appear to them in his true identity would scare the living daylights out of them.

One night, while conducting a meeting, there was pandemonium as the whole place began to quake and the meeting was disbanded (whenever a Christian prays aggressively, it causes chaos in the spirit realm). He checked up on a monitoring screen and it showed a Christian man from Benin City, Nigeria praying fervently.

Kalu remembered having physically seen him before on two occasions at the New Benin market and he could also see four men (which he later realized were angels) with bright swords standing with him as he prayed.

He switched off the screen for a while to scheme on what to do, but when he turned it back on, the screen exploded into ashes and he fled from there.

The next day, the queen summoned him and informed him that she watched from somewhere and saw what happened the previous night. She encouraged him not to relent in his occult warfare and spiritually took him to the Christian man’s house but they couldn’t enter it as it was under a heavy lock and chains.

When he returned home and the queen had vanished, he crossed his legs (lotus posture) and chanted an incantation over a bowl of water and this Christian man’s reflection appeared in it. As Kalu picked up a knife to stab him, he saw two angels extricate his reflection from the water, so he slowly dropped the knife.

He afflicted his three children with diseases and they later died. He also “weighed” his wife and saw that she wasn’t strong in the Christian faith like her husband, so he afflicted her with a mysterious sickness that can neither be diagnosed nor cured except by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Christian man, being a store owner, began auctioning his goods so as to clear her medical bills, but Kalu said he sent fire to destroy his store and a few others.

Yet this man didn’t give up. He rented another shop from a man who happened to be one of his agents. Kalu ordered this landlord to eject him. Soon, a Christian brother helped him and he found another place. Kalu frustratingly dismissed him as obdurate and let him be.

Years later, as Kalu was visiting a market in Benin, he was shocked to see this Christian man in a store, bigger, better and filled with more goods than the one he had before. After overcoming his initial shock, he mustered some boldness and walked in. Pretending to be a customer, he struck up a conversation with the man and then, to his shock he learnt that God had healed his wife and replenished what he lost.

They began to bargain over a lady’s skirt while Kalu devised what to do. Suddenly, there was a whirlwind at the front of this store. Kalu viewed it with his spiritual eyes and realized it was the presence of a superior power, so he quickly pretended that some dust had been blown into his eyes.

The Christian man went to borrow a basin of water and handkerchief from someone else for him to clean his eyes. As Kalu knelt and dipped his face into the water, he suddenly saw a mysterious reflection in the water.

He saw a Man, walking slowly, fresh red blood was oozing from various parts of his body. He looked like someone badly wounded and was carrying a heavy cross.

As this Man walked on slowly, Kalu was fascinated with the blood as he had never seen any human blood that reddish and fresh and he reached out with his vampiristic urge to suck that blood but it was impossible. Suddenly, the Man stopped and looked straight at him saying, “Why don’t you want My own to carry this cross with me?”

Christians carry the cross with Jesus

His voice was so loud that Kalu physically covered up his ears and looked at the Christian man to see if he heard it too, but the man didn’t and was busy with something else. The words kept echoing in his mind and it seemed to shatter his powers for he felt too weak to carry his legs to walk out.

As he sat there, the Christian man asked him which church he attended, he quickly mentioned one. The man began to preach the gospel to him that Jesus Christ loves him (Kalu) than he does him but Kalu was too busy in his thoughts wondering how his powers failed him and pondering on the identity of that man he saw in the reflection.

When he got home, the words of the Man kept ringing in his ears. The more he tried to remember the image, the more his powers seem to be crumbling. But his hands were unnerved when he remembered the all-available queen. He invoked the queen but she didn’t appear.

Later, when she appeared, he began to narrate his experience to her, hoping she would solve the riddle. “Who was that Man that I saw in the water?” he asked the queen. She was surprised also, “Which man? What reflection?” She claimed she didn’t see any man but observed that Cashnaya looked hurt after washing his eyes in the basin.

So he proceeded to tell her what he saw, how he used his powers given him to try to drink that blood but couldn’t and he asked him “Why do you want to destroy My own?” The queen paused for a while and nodded. “That man you saw is known and called by everyone in our kingdom, The Righteous Man.”

She told him that this Righteous Man was beaten, mocked, and shamefully crucified naked in order to deliver mankind from their claws of bondage (sin). She told him that in fact, their powers which they use for evil purposes actually belong to God as they were once in God’s service but rejected Him.

She said they – mentioning names like Ariel, Leviathan, Paimon, Cassiel, Ashtaroth, Belial, Tzaphkiel, Ariton, Asmodeus, Michael, Gabriel and herself, fondly called the Queen and other innumerable host of fallen angels – were chased away from God’s presence earlier and scattered to every conceivable place in the universe (land, sea and air) to establish themselves.

Then God created man but Satan, the president, executed a plan devised by these archdemons which caused Adam to sin, yet, in spite of this, God still loved man and promised that a Deliverer would come. They didn’t expect that this Saviour of mankind would come as early as He did, but when He did come, they did all they could and finally possessed the people He came to save and have Him crucified.

That was their own initial means of defeating him, but Satan reminded them that the Saviour had said He would resurrect, so on that Saturday night, they mobilized themselves fully armed to avert His resurrection.

But, as the queen said, when it was about 11:55pm, many angels came from heaven with songs of praise and bitterly said it won’t be well with that particular angel that descended and forced them all to bow with their heads held down to the ground, unable to do anything. By the time they lifted up their heads, the Righteous Man had risen and left the tomb.

She told him that this Righteous Man is the manifestation of God to the whole world; they struck his heel but He would crush their heads, and that His blood which Cashnaya saw in the reflection is still used by those who believe in Him to crush their heads. In fact, those who believe in Him and are as righteous as He is, are also as powerful as He is.

He asked her again if the Righteous Man would appoint some people in their own kingdom to rule in His kingdom. She replied that they all are too filthy in God’s sight to be in his kingdom. That in fact, anyone that doesn’t join those Christians is damned, as it is written in their book.

Cashnaya then asked her, “If this Righteous Man is so powerful, why can’t we just reconcile with him?” The queen answered that it’s too late for them, that a date had been set for them all to face the axe and will be stripped of their powers and their kingdoms will be totally destroyed and he as their seed, Cashnaya, will also face the axe.

She then told him what he later knew was a lie that since he had been given the earthly initiation, he has the power to stop the people in the ring from accessing the power that they seek. He wanted to ask more questions but she said she was tired of his questions but would answer them later. She kissed him and then disappeared.

After her departure, Kalu became more hardened than before. He reasoned that since he’s eventually going to be destroyed by God, he must make sure he deceives, kills and destroys as many lives as possible before he is made to face the axe at last.

That night, he used his powers to spiritually cover the major highways connecting two neighbouring states. This resulted in an accident which was reported in 1985 claiming about 80 lives.

Three survivors of the bloody accident were Christians; they were unconscious at the site, and Kalu decided to proceed to murder them physically. He traced the hospital they were taken to and chanted an incantation to impersonate one of the nurses (a matron) working there who was currently on a leave.

He chanted another incantation and a blue Peugeot 504 car like hers appeared and he drove into the hospital (ESUTH). He opened her office with his own key and search for the record of the patients admitted. He was able to fish out of the survivors and he mixed together three different types of drugs and called another nurse to give it to the patient.

He watched from the office with his spiritual eyes to see that the target was sleeping but before the nurse came to his ward, woke up quickly like he was having a bad dream and when the nurse came with the injection, he vehemently refused to take it since he was now okay. Eventually, the nurse left without giving him the injection.

With that, Kalu left and returned home. The queen appeared to him later, looking happy. She announced to him that right now, there is joy in all the kingdoms of darkness, that even Satan sent his greetings.

The queen also informed him that they are currently searching for a spiritual temple for him and in due course, the place would be consecrated and he would rise in his rank.

Chapter 9: Acquisition of Power

During this time, Kalu had a friend, Jude who happened to be his best friend. They visited each other’s homes, played football together, went out together and both families were friends also. One day, both Kalu and Jude went out to swim at a river and it lasted for hours.

When Kalu was done, he looked around and didn’t find Jude. He assumed Jude had left the river and rushed home before him. That evening when Jude’s parents came to their house to ask about the whereabouts of his friend, he told them where they had gone to swim that day and thought he had been home.

A search team began to frantically look for Jude and they inquired at a diviner who revealed that he had drowned. His body was recovered days after. Kalu knew what had really happened and for three days he mourned his friend’s death, unable to eat.

During this period, the queen didn’t appear to him. Later, on the fourth day when she did appear when no one else was home, Kalu was beside himself in tears, asking why the queen killed his friend.

The queen showed no emotion. She told him that by the virtue of the protocols of the kingdom, he wasn’t supposed to be released back to the earth after his initial capture, and now that he was allowed to return, an exchange of a human life had to be provided to appease the powers that be.

This victim had to be someone he loved and who loved him back, therefore, they had no choice but to sacrifice Jude. The queen then chided him for showing grief after all his training and exposure in their system. She warned him sternly not to expose this to anyone or he would also be killed.

The author reiterated that this insidious plan by the kingdom of darkness succeeded because neither Jude nor his family were Christians thus leaving them open to occult powers.

After some weeks, he forgot about Jude and became more thirsty for occult wisdom and power. He visited the queen and they played a bit (a reference to sex).

The queen then informed him that a site has been found for his spiritual temple and it’s going to be located within Ishimokoto lake in Abiriba, Abia State. This lake is regarded as a mystery lake because it dries up during the rainy season and flows during the dry season. When the temple was opened, a ceremony was performed during which blood sacrifices were made.

Ishimokoto lake, Abiriba.

He began to study the pamphlet he was given during his earthly initiation in India and decided to use one of the eggs he was given by the boa in the satanic tank.

As instructed in the pamphlet, he locked his door securely, took the first egg and smashed it on the ground of his room after chanting the necessary incantation. At that moment, his spirit was fragmented into two places at the same time. The first was to his temple while the second was leading to another dimension in the spirit world. He decided to explore the second option.

When he appeared in the kingdom, he was welcomed by the chief of the demi-gods who told him he would be his guide during his tour and regardless of what he sees or feels, he is not allowed to ask questions.

The first place he was taken to (in a hi-tech car that was designed like a pressing iron) was a large complex of high-rise buildings. The streets were beautiful and the structures looked futuristic.

The gates to the buildings opened by its own mechanism and they walked inside. The first place he was taken to was a large laboratory where some men were as busy as ants, sealing some dried materials into containers, without noticing any visitor. He forgot he wasn’t supposed to ask any questions and asked the chief who they were, he angrily answered that they are scientists.

Next, Kalu was taken to a factory where baby foods were being manufactured on an assembly line. He could see the name and brand of the product on the cans but was curious what was in it.

As he struggled to open the lid, the can fell to the floor, spilling the powder. He tasted it and realized it was ground human flesh — the bodies of disobedient agents packaged into baby foods (to infuse babies with water spirits as he later learnt).

He visited another place when they were hungry and the chief demi-god requested a demi-god who had animal features to prepare them a meal. He opened a big flask on the table and a fat female child (about two years old) was pulled out of it. Kalu’s heart fainted when he saw her and heard her cry. He asked how she got to the food flask, the demi-god told him to ask his mother (the queen) how it came to be.

The demi-god chanted an incantation and the baby became very weak, unable to cry anymore, as he plunged a knife into her body and began to dissect her in a tray with rainbow designs. After the meal was served, he was taken to another place.

Later on, the queen told him that they sometimes place fanciful objects at specific locations on earth and children who pick them up vanish and appear in their realm in whatever vessel they are kept by the spirits. So that was how that baby got into the food flask.

He was also taken to a large museum holding the golden statues of all the outstanding people in the kingdom of darkness. When he was about to be shown that of Satan, the chief asked him if he had met Satan the president before.

Kalu explained how it happened as the chief listened intently, then he was shown the handsome image of Satan. The chief promised to bestow on him the power to be able to stand before the presence of Satan as he wasn’t yet qualified to see him in his full power unassisted.

He was highly elated to see his own statue as well, but they couldn’t view all of it as the chief told him the statues were innumerable and could take months to view them all if one did nothing else.

When his tour came to an end, the chief demi-god told him he would give him the power he needed. He fixed his mouth into Kalu’s mouth (as if kissing) and spat into his mouth certain things he didn’t know and ordered him to swallow them. He felt superior within him as he complied. He asked for more, but the chief told him that’s all he had himself.

The chief also gave him the power to withstand Satan’s presence in his right leg. He brought a long dark thin rod, and inserted it up his heel. He felt no pain at all. Then he applied a copious amount of magickal oil over the site. That small hole remained in his foot (but it began to close up after his deliverance).

He returned to his room and resumed his duties in power in his underground temple.