The Trojan Church and Mind Control


Some of you may be familiar with the words “Trojan horse.” It was a strategy of infiltration devised by the ancient Greeks to defeat the Trojans.

Both the Greeks and Trojans were good fighters, and after series of wars, it began to look as if neither side could ever win the war. Then the Greeks thought of a trick. They started building a horse of wood. It became bigger and bigger.

The Trojans, watching from the top of their city wall, were puzzled. Why would the Greek soldiers spend their time building this giant wooden horse? One morning, the Trojans looked down from their wall and saw that the Greek Army had gone away. They saw no Greek soldier nor army tents. All they saw was the strange horse outside their gate.

The Trojans liked this beautiful wooden horse and they pulled it inside their walls. They thought the war was over, so they put their swords and spears away. They sang and danced around the horse and held a big party.

But when they all went to sleep, the tough Greek soldiers hiding in the wooden horse crept out and opened the gate of Troy to all the soldiers from their warships close by. Before the Trojans knew what was happening, the city of Troy was captured.

After reading several apologetic penned by Christians on the Fatoyinbo sexual assault case, it dawned on me that in the midst of these rationalizations, there has been a paradigm shift in our brand of Christianity. A shift from a Christ-centred Christianity to a man-centred, bastardized form of Christianity.

From what I observed, the efforts of the believers arguing that the rape allegations against the pastor are false were nonetheless geared toward defending a human personality. It wasn’t about a quest for truth, it was more about upholding a dogma.

They are more concerned with a man’s public image than the broken state of his victims. It doesn’t matter what he has done, he just has to emerge spotless and glowing, or their entire Christian faith crumbles like a pile of pixie dust!

Their train of thought seems to follow these assumptions:

1. Pastor Biodun = Jesus Christ
2. COZA = Kingdom of God
3. Pastor Biodun’s sermons = the gospel
4. Pastor Biodun’s defenders = the children of Light
5. Pastor Biodun’s accusers = part of the devil’s gang opposed to #1-4.

One thing I want us to know is that the Holy Spirit always glorifies Jesus (John 16:14). He doesn’t glorify a human personality or a church. And no where in the Bible is a local church equated to God’s kingdom.

The above patterns of thought are in line with the Trojan horse of cultic paradigms that have been smuggled into the church to brainwash people.

A current member of COZA told us how the Sunday service was nuanced after their pastor was exposed. Several beautiful ladies came forward to the altar to passionately “testify how our daddy is being used by God”, how he’s so nice, so humanitarian and anointed. It was all about one man. “Their public relations and damage control tactic is top notch,” he said.

This was the same thing Japheth Omojuwa observed the Sunday after Ese Walter’s exposé in 2013:

Why is this church overly loud today, is it because of God or because of man? The extraordinary praise and worship session – which I really danced to because of my weakness for praises – and the loud cheers and applauses had a note to them that never used to be there. This was no longer about God, it had become about “our pastor.”

I ordinarily would not tweet during a church service but I did on this day because I was so sure in my mind I was no longer in church. I realized I was in a theatre. Everything was a show and it was at best a world-class show. It was no longer about God, it was about ‘our church, our pastor’ …

Leaders of such groups know most people in their congregation will never walk away in disgust after they are exposed, not necessarily because they lack the strength or that personal integrity means nothing to them, but because the religious leaders embody the truth that works for them in some other ways.

In the case of COZA, there seems to be this palpable fear expressed by ex-members. A number of Biodun’s close associates have suddenly resigned, left the church, and abruptly refused to talk to anyone about what they saw or discovered.

A former lead drummer at the church headquarter insists that the pastor is involved in the occult. He would have remained in the church if Biodun was just a philanderer (he confirmed that he’s a rabid sex addict who even visits places he shouldn’t), but he had to flee for his life when he found out that he’s also in a cult.

If these findings are true, it only lends credence to the cultic power of mind control wielded over his victims and the entire members at large.

Many Christians are oblivious of mind chess games or the religio-philosophical system called “Hermetics” (from the name Hermes, the Greek god of the mind) utilized by authoritarian leaders.

They don’t understand how an ordinary cobbler can wield an incredible influence over the thinking of erudite professors and CEOs and make them drag on grounds or allow him literally use their bodies as doormats.

They can’t explain how a religious leader who is physically unattractive and repulsive can possibly rear a horde of female sex slaves who even fight amongst one another on whose turn it is to sleep with “God” in person and receive his “holy fluid.”

They don’t realize that some dangerous religious/cult leaders actually groom their followers and make them do their bidding by using a “trigger” – sight, word, smell or gesture, just as Ivan Pavlov used to control his dogs and make them salivate at the ringing of a bell.

They don’t understand the psychological dynamics of cult programming, like the one Jim Jones used and 900 people committed suicide with him. Before then, he had been sexually abusing some ladies and men among his followers and they still saw him as God’s spokesperson.

I once read a letter written by a married woman to an editor of a Christian magazine. She wrote something like, “My boss raped me, but I can’t see myself quitting my job. He has raped me twice again and I find myself encouraging, tolerating and even longing for it because my husband is cold towards me.”

This is the dynamism that ties many people to pseudo-Christian leaders. They know these men deny God in their actions; they dole out spurious predictions; they still sell their “blood of Jesus” in bottles and folks don’t mind getting trampled to death to buy their “holy water” and “miracle trinkets.” Yet, they can’t see any reason to walk away.

It’s not as if they are stupid, it’s because they are victims of mind control. Mind control is when certain thoughts or ideas are infused into the mind of a person (or a group of people) making them succumb to domination, manipulation and intimidation by an individual or organization.

It’s like being in a wakeful somnolence. Just like a mind high on psychedelic drugs, you are oblivious to reality and your perception of good and evil is blurred. Each time you open your mouth, you only rehash the scripts given to you by the person who mentally programmed you.

It’s the reason that Christians who ought to be outraged at the evils being perpetrated in the name of God rather pick up their weapons to fight those pointing out the truth to them. Jesus paid a terrible price on the cross to purchase our freedom, why allow men to enslave us?

“You were bought with a price; do not become slaves of men” (1Cor. 7:23). Paul said to the church in Corinth, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ” (1 Cor. 11:1). This is not blind following, but one that is conditioned on the Christian’s discernment that Paul was truly following Christ.

You are not under any obligation to defend or follow the example of a man who lives contrary to the tenets of the Bible and your Christian conscience because of miracles or prosperity or whatever. We have one mediator between God and man, Jesus Christ (1 Tim. 2:5). No clergyman died for your sin.

“Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith” is the admonition given to us (Heb. 12:2). No pastor, priest or prophet is the author and finisher of our faith, and we are not to fix our gaze on them. If your gaze is fixed on men, when they go astray you will also go astray.

Indeed, there are true men and women of God, “who labour in the word and doctrine” (1 Tim. 5:17) and we are to listen to them and respect them, but we must never give them a place in our lives that should be reserved only for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Breaking free from religious mind control entails that you receive the truth of God’s Word and decide if you want to walk away or remain in that bondage. You need to ask God to forgive you for putting a man on a pedestal meant for God and prayerfully break off every hold of mind controlling spirits, hypnotic and post-hypnotic triggers over your life.

Seek for a healthy Christian fellowship where there is accountability, genuine love for the flock, where believers are being properly discipled to grow into spiritual maturity and leaders are not acting as “lords over God’s heritage” (1 Pet. 2:5).

In my next post, I will be discussing the biblical ethical codes that undergird accountability in leadership.

The Watchtower Mind Tricks

In a bid to uphold their false doctrine about the afterlife, the Watchtower Society resorts to various tactics to validate its position.

1. Deliberate mistranslation

In their New World Translation, they swallowed a camel in a bid to sustain their annihilation belief.

Matthew 27:50. “Again Jesus cried out with a loud voice, and yielded up his breath (NWT).

Luke 23:46. “And Jesus called with a loud voice and said: Father, into your hands I entrust my spirit (NWT).

These are parallel passages describing the same event: the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In Matthew’s account, ‘the Society’ had no difficulty substituting the word “breath” for the Greek “spirit” (pneuma), whereas based on the context and grammar, there’s no justification for such a replacement.

Jesus yielded up His spirit, not His “breath.” JWs forced the word “breath” into the Matthew text in order to cement their doctrine; it’s a Jedi mind to condition the Witness’ mind.

When they arrived at the passage in Luke, the JW translators too realized that their messy cat would be easily let out of the bag if they rendered it: “Father, into your hands I entrust my breath,” so they used the correct rendering “spirit” instead.

But the very fact that Christ dismissed His spirit proves the survival of the human spirit beyond the grave, or as Solomon so wisely put it: “Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it” (Eccl. 12:7).

Let me give another example.

Philippians 1:21–23. “For in my case to live is Christ, and to die, gain. Now if it be to live on in the flesh, this is a fruitage of my work—and yet which thing to select I do not know. I am under pressure from these two things; but what I do desire is the releasing and the being with Christ, for this, to be sure, is far better” (NWT).

Notice how the word “departing” was replaced with “releasing.” In their appendix to the New World Translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures (pp. 780-781), they wrote:

“In no way is the apostle here saying that immediately at his death he would be changed into spirit and would be with Christ forever … It is to this return of Christ and the apostle’s releasing to be always with the Lord that Paul refers at Philippians 1:23 … It must refer to the events at the time of Christ’s return and second presence…”

First of all, no reputable lexical work defines the Greek word analousai as “releasing.” The passage grates against their cherished belief, so they twist the text to conform to it.

Second, what apostle Paul is saying in Philippians 1 centers on his possible death and subsequent presence with the Lord (2 Cor. 5:8), and also his concern toward the believers in Philippi. The coming of Christ is not the subject of discussion at all.

Paul never believed he would “sleep” in the grave till the resurrection because he clearly states he could either be with Christ after death or continue in the body to minister to the people. He described death as “gain.” There would be no gain in dying if men became non-existent after death. God is not the God of the dead or the non-existent (Mark 12:27).

Now, by denying that apostle Paul “would be changed into spirit and would be with Christ forever,” the Watchtower is also indirectly implying that he is not part of the 144,000 “anointed class.”

Why God would bypass Paul the apostle who “laboured more strenuously than all the rest” for the Gospel (1 Cor. 15:10) and was “poured out as a drink offering” as a martyr (Phil. 2:17), and consign him to the “great crowd” is a fatal contradiction that Jehovah’s Witnesses will have to explain.

2. Misquoting sources

In Reasoning from the Scriptures (pp. 169-170), a quote is offered from Encyclopedia Britannica (vol XXV, 236) to disprove the soul’s immortality. The part appearing in bold was intentionally omitted:

“In the NT, the Greek word psyche is often translated as “soul” but again should not be readily understood to have the meaning the word had for the Greek philosophers. It usually means “life” or “vitality,” or at times “the self.” While most Christians believe in a life after death, the Bible does not provide a clear description of how a person survives after death. Christian theologians have had to resort to the discourse of philosophers for an adequate means of describing survival of the individual after death, and philosophers have traditionally utilised the concept of the soul as the vehicle of immortality.”

3. Poisoning the well

They always link the Christian doctrine of the afterlife with paganism by misquoting their sources or utilizing the biased works of other annihilationists.

They also project a very negative image of pastors or Christian Bible teachers as ‘servants of Satan.’ This is a preemptive tactic deployed to seal the minds of JWs to whatever their opponents say.

The Bible’s teaching about the condition of the dead leaves many of Christendom’s clergymen in an awkward position. The very book on which they claim to base their teachings, the Bible conflicts with their doctrines. Yet, consciously or unconsciously, they feel impelled to reach into the Bible to seize on something to prove their point, thereby blinding themselves and others to the truth” (Is this Life All There Is? 1974, 98, 99).

They continue:

The ‘burning anger of Jehovah’ is against all who have misled their fellowmen by lying about God and his purposes. And he does not hold guiltless those who support such men by attending their religious services or being members of their organizations. The time left before the execution of divine judgement is short…you need to act quickly…to break all ties with the world empire of false religion.” (Ibid p. 187)

The scare-mongering and the appeal to isolation in these quotes are obvious. The amusing thing is that, on the one hand, JWs are told to quickly cut all ties with all churches, yet the JW who wrote this claims to know what church clergymen might say or do “consciously or unconsciously.” How did he know them?

Such a screeching rhetoric is aimed at preventing JWs from reading any reputable Christian work exposing the lies of the Watchtower Society. A renowned cult expert provides some interesting insights:

“First and foremost, the belief systems of the cults are characterized by closed-mindedness. They are not interested in a rational cognitive evaluation of facts. The organizational structure interprets the facts to the cultist, generally invoking the Bible and/or its respective founder as the ultimate source of its pronouncements … Secondly, cultic beliefs are characterized by genuine antagonism on a personal level since the cultist almost always identifies his dislike of the Christian message with the messenger who holds such opposing beliefs” (Walter Martin and Hank Hanegraaff, The Kingdom of the Cults, revised edition Bethany House, 1997, p. 33).

4. Comma shifting

Luke 23:43 “And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.”

Here, Jesus was promising the pernitent thief that he would be with Him in paradise that very day. This is another proof of the immortality of the inner man and an eternal destination. This would torpedo the JW annihilation doctrine, so they shifted the comma to after the word “today” in their New World Translation (NWT) bible to read as:

“Truly I tell you today, You will be with me in Paradise”

To defend this spurious translation, they argue that:

“Westcott and Hort text put a comma in the Greek text before the word today… in the original Greek, no comma is found” (Kingdom Interlinear Translation, 1969, 408).

The fact is, the punctuation in English is determined by the context of the passage. The NWT has no scholarly support for this mis-punctuation. This is why all Bible versions (with the exception of the NWT) renders the comma after “you” and not “today.”

Greek scholars are in agreement. Dr Randolph Yaeger in his work, The Renaissance New Testament translates Luke 23:43 as:

“Therefore He said to him, truly I am telling you, Today you shall be with me in paradise.”

Greek scholar, Kenneth Wuest renders it:

“And He said to him, Assuredly I to you am saying, Today you will be with me in paradise” (The New Testament- An Expanded Translation, Grand Rapids, MI, 1961, 203).

As stated elsewhere, these are the tactics employed when a religious organization is bereft of truth.

Dr. Ron Rhodes explains why the JWs had to tamper with this Bible text:

“It is helpful to observe how the phrase, ‘Truly, I say unto you’ is used elsewhere in Scripture. The phrase – which translates the Greek word amen soi lego – occurs 74 times in the Gospels and is always used as an introductory expression …

“In 73 out of 74 times the phrase occurs in the Gospels, the New World Translation places a break – such as a comma – immediately after the phrase, ‘Truly I tell you’. Luke 23:43 is the only occurrence of the phrase in which the New World Translation does not place a break after it. Why? … this would go against Watchtower theology” (Reasoning from The Scriptures with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Harvest House, 1993, 328).

The Cost of Leaving Islam

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Most converts to Islam announce their defections from the rooftops, but ex-Muslims, especially in Islam-dominated areas, can’t enjoy such a luxury. Leaving Islam attracts serious consequences ranging from alienation to imprisonment to death under Sharia law.

Perhaps this is why some Muslims are clamouring for Sharia law in several countries. It’s an effort to halt the daily exodus of people out of Islam.

Liberal Muslims try to drown this intolerable streak with slippery narratives like, “There is no compulsion in Islam,” but this line of defense can be easily disproved.

The Arabic word for apostate is murtad. A turning away from Islam into unbelief is termed ridda while an apostasy into another religion (such as Christianity) is kufr.

Here is what the Quran says about apostates:

“If they repent it will be better for them; and if they turn away, Allah will afflict them with a painful doom in the world and the Hereafter, and they have no protecting friend nor helper in the earth” (Sura 9:74).

“Therefore do remind, for you are only a reminder. You are not a watcher over them. But whosoever turns back and disbelieves, Allah will chastise him with the greatest chastisement” (Sura 88:21-24).

“How shall Allah guide a people who disbelieved after their believing and (after) they had borne witness that the Apostle was true and clear arguments [or signs] had come to them… their reward is that upon them is the curse of Allah and the angels and of men all together” (Sura 3:86-87).

These scare-mongering Quranic verses are psychological blows, but they raise a point: Muhammad made up his Allah as a fearsome monster. He used his god as a convenient scarecrow to hold his followers under the claws of Islam through fear.

Muhammad’s life was marked by curses and threats. He too knew he and his Allah had no power to make these statements happen. This was why he had to resort to killing his enemies by himself.

Islamic scholar, Abu’ala Maududi declares:

“To everyone acquainted with Islamic law it is no secret that according to Islam the punishment for a Muslim who turns to kufr (infidelity, blasphemy) is execution.”

My point exactly. You see, it’s not really Allah who is doing the “afflicting” or “chastisement” of apostates, it is his loyal worshipers doing his job for him. Or let’s say, Allah is using their hands to punish the apostates.

Other passages say:

“They long that ye should disbelieve even as they disbelieve, that ye may be upon a level (with them). So choose not friends from them till they forsake their homes in the way of Allah; if they turn back (to enmity) then take them and kill them wherever ye find them, and choose no friend or helper from among them” (Sura 4:89).

Islamic scholar, Abdallah Baidawi explains this:

“Whosoever turns back from his belief (irtada), openly or secretly, take him and kill him wheresoever ye find him, like any other infidel” (Mufradat-Ghand’ul Quran, p. 191).

Some Muslims claim that the Arabic word rendered “helpers” here is “auliyah” which also means “leaders” so the verse intends to say Muslims should not accept a corrupt leader.

Even if we accept such a twisted explanation of an otherwise clear text, the question remains: why should such a leader be killed at all? If Islam is the truth or it has a superior logic, there would be no need to kill those who oppose or leave it.

Sura 2:217 says “…But whosoever among you shall turn back from his religion, and die an infidel, their works shall be in vain in this world, and the next; they shall be companions of [hell] fire, they shall remain therein forever…”

A Quranic commentary explains this:

“In short, the fate of an apostate is worse than that of an original disbeliever. This is why Jizyah [penalty tax] can be accepted from an original disbeliever while a male apostate who does not return to Islam is killed. If the apostate is a woman, she is imprisoned for life” (Mufti Shafi Usman, Maanful Quran, 1:536).

Another passage says:

“But if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor rate, they are your brethren in Faith … And if they break their oaths after their agreement and (openly) revile your religion, then fight the leaders of unbelief- surely their oaths are nothing – so that they may desist.” (Sura 9:11)

Note: the Arabic word they rendered as “fight” is “quatelo” which means “kill.”

The passage was directed to the pagans and “people of the Book” and it was the last Sura Muhammad recited. Muslims were only to stop slaying them when they embraced Islam or paid jizya. Maududi explains:

“Here the ‘covenant breaking’ in no way can be considered to mean ‘breaking of political covenants.’ Rather, the context clearly determines its meaning to be ‘confessing Islam, and then renouncing it’… war should be waged against the leaders instigating apostasy” (Quranic Commentary, pp. 12-23).

The Quran does not explicitly state that apostates must be killed. One of the reasons was adduced by the Encyclopedia of Quran (ed. Jane McAuliffe, 119):

“At the early stages, the Prophet did not have the effective power to deal with the apostates and thus the Quran adopted a considerably lenient attitude. With the growing strength of the new religion that attitude changed into a confident and less compromising one.”

Another reason is that the Quran doesn’t address all the fundamental tenets of Islam. It fails to cover all the areas of Islamic beliefs.

For example, nowhere does the Quran explain the rites of Islamic prayer or pilgrimage. Muslims have to turn to the hadiths and the records of the first generations of Muslims to properly practice Islam. This militates against the claim that the Quran is a complete book.

In a hadith, Muhammad is quoted as saying:

“The blood of a Muslim who confesses that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that I am his Apostle cannot be shed except in three cases: In Qisas for murder, a married person who commits illegal sexual intercourse and the one who reverts from Islam (apostate) and leaves the Muslims” (Bukhari 9:83:17).

Mu’adh ibn Jabal narrated:

“A man who was a Jew embraced Islam and then retreated from Islam. When Mu’adh came, he said: I will not come down from my mount until he is killed. He was killed” (Abu Dawud 38:4341).

After Ali burnt some apostates to death, Ibn Abbas said:

“I would have killed them according to the statement of Allah’s Apostle, ‘Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him” (Bukhari 9:84:57).

What is quite striking is the how these narrations were recorded without any apology or remorse. It indicates the extent to which Islam destroys human compassion and reason.

In another place, Muhammad predicted that in the latter times, there would be some young Muslims with no faith who would leave Islam like an arrow leaves a quiver. This was his remedy:

“So wherever you find them, kill them, for who-ever kills them shall have reward on the Day of Resurrection” (Bukhari 9:84:64).

There you have it. Kill an ex-Muslim and get a reward in the hereafter! Tell me, how does Islam differ from destructive cults which call for the death of ex-members with a promise of a reward?

Jesus Christ said: “IF anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” (Matt. 16:24).

The “if” there implies the freedom to accept or reject His way. In John 6:66 “many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him.” He said to the others “You do not want to leave too, do you?” They replied “to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We believe and know that you are the Holy One of God” (vv. 67-69).

When you have the words of life and truth, you will not need to force people to listen to you.

Muhammad was the direct opposite of Christ. He neither had the word of truth nor life and the people knew he was a wicked man. The only thing he could use to bind people to his cult was the death penalty.

According to Tabari’s biography, after Muhammad’s death, many of the Arabs reverted from Islam and Abu Bakr ordered their deaths. It was recorded:

“But there was an old man among them, a Christian called al-Rumalus b. Mansur who said ‘By God the only error I have made since attaining reason was abandoning my religion, the religion of truth, for yours, the religion of wickedness. No by God, I will not leave my religion and I will not accept yours so long as I live.’ Ma’qi brought him forward and cut off his head” (Vol. 17:191).

So even back then – before the Islamic atrocities we read today – Christians were convinced Islam was a religion of wickedness and they chose to die rather than follow such a doomed vessel.

Islamic law stipulates that:

“When a person who has reached puberty and is sane voluntarily apostasies from Islam, he deserved to be killed … There is no indemnity [expiation] for killing an apostate” (Ahmad al-Misri, Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Law, p. 595).

Why the emphasis on killing the apostate? Another islamic scholar answers:

“Those Muslims who are weak in faith and others who are against Islam may think that the apostate has only left Islam because of what he has found out about its real nature.. So they learn from him all the doubt, lies and fabrications which are aimed at extinguishing the light of Islam and putting people off from it. In this case, executing the apostate is obligatory, in order to protect [Islam]…” (Islam Questions and Answers, Fatwa no. 12406)

In other words, Islam is so volatile that it can be easily extinguished by former Muslims. Therefore, killing apostates is meant to “protect” Muslims from learning the ugly truths about Islam.

This is a tacit admission that Islam cannot stand up to insightful inquiries and criticism.

Islam is just like Nazism, Communism or any other fascist movement that squelches opposition to its agenda.

This proves that Islam can never be from God, because one of the gifts God has given mankind is the gift of freedom. Every system that tries to remove this freedom of choice and conscience is a yoke of bondage.

The Question of  Kismet and Qadr

The whole idea of killing apostates actually does violence to the Islamic belief in fate (kismet) and predestination (qadr).

The Quran says:

“Those whom Allah wills to guide, He opens their breast to Islam; those whom He wills to leave straying,- He make their breast close and constricted … thus Allah lay abomination on those who refuse to believe” (Sura 6:125).

How can Allah lay abomination on non-believers if he made them non-believers? If Allah has predestined those who stay in or leave Islam, then, by ordering the death of ex-Muslims he is undoing his own work!

Is that reasonable? What would you think of a king who orders his servant out of the palace and then calls for his execution for leaving the palace? Wouldn’t you think he is a lunatic?

The Lord Jesus reveals to us the God who cares much about His creation. He illustrated Him as a shepherd who left 99 sheep to seek a sheep that went astray and rejoiced when it was found; a woman who seeks a lost silver piece out of 10 and rejoiced when it was found and a father who embraced his estranged son who returned to him.

He said there is likewise joy among the angels in heaven over one sinner that repents than the others who are still in the faith (Luke 15:2-32). What a far cry from the god of Islam!

When Peter denied Jesus and became a “murtad,” what did Jesus do? He extended the hand of forgiveness and reconciliation to him (John 21:17).

No death penalty, no imprisonment or threats of curses from angry angels. This is the glory of Biblical Christianity. Love, truth and freedom all walk together. The absence of these qualities in Islam marks it out as a diabolic cult that controls and deceives mankind.

A fatwa issued by the Mufti of Lebanon says that a Muslim who chooses to leave Islam “should be imprisoned for three days” to think about his decision and if he persists in his decision “then he or she must be put to death.”

This nefarious ideology blows the “Islam is a religion of peace” rhetoric into ashes. This is why when many Muslims are convinced of the truth of the Christian Faith, they still fear the implications of conversion.

But a truth-seeking Muslim must not be deterred by fear. Jesus has said anyone who must follow Him must be willing to lay down all that he has (Matt. 10:37).

Satan and his demons try to stop people from accepting the eternal life that Jesus offers with oppositions, imprisonments, tortures and fear of death. They do these to keep them in false and destructive religions such as Islam, which lead to eternal death.