Recollections of Born Twice: From Demonism to Christianity (IV)

Chapter 10: The Underground Temple

With the temple he acquired, new responsibilities were given to Cashnaya. Part of this included inviting seekers of power from the religious, political, social and others from various walks of life to visit his temple.

He was also given a pamphlet on laws guiding power usage. One of them is that a member of the kingdom of darkness is not to use his powers against another member, unless one is erring.

One day, one of Kalu’s agents reported a religious gathering near his temple to him. He viewed the gathering through the occult screen in his temple and found it to be a church with all its members naked except for one man who had a bright ring around his head.

When a supernatural “ring” is seen around the head of an individual (signifying the presence of the Holy Spirit) it means he’s born again. Some people’s rings are dim while others are bright.

From his findings, the man with a “bright ring” wasn’t a member of that church, he only began attending because he couldn’t find his own denomination as he recently relocated. Cashnaya decided to finish him off.

He monitored the gathering on a Sunday and as the church service ended, he astral projected there. As the worshippers were coming out to the main road, including this Christian man, the Roman Catholic patrols were trying to controll the traffic of car users.

Kalu noticed a man with a car coming from an opposite end as this Christian was about crossing the road, so he quickly took over the body of the driver and controlled his leg, shifting it from the brake to the accelerator making the car go on full speed. He also made the car doors open so that even if the bonnet missed him, the car doors ajar won’t.

The car crushed many people and Kalu rejoiced in his temple. Later when he watched a playback of the entire scenario on his screen, he realized that the Christian man was actually spared. Not a single thing touched him. In fact, he learnt that he later helped them clear the corpses. Kalu’s joy quickly melted into disappointment, but he let it slide to focus on other duties.

Kalu then took the second egg from India and walked into a forest as instructed and chanted an incantation and smashed the egg on a floor.

Immediately, there was a quake which splitted the ground open and he was taken down in it. He descended and appeared before a powerful demon who asked him who he was and what he was doing in his kingdom in an unfriendly tone.

He introduced himself as a son of the Queen of the Coast, on a mission to gain more wisdom and power and also told him of his predicament. The demon said there was really nothing spectacular to explore in his kingdom but unlike during his first tour, he was free to ask questions which he would answer.

He saw some earthly birds flying around and he asked the demon what were they doing there. The demon told him that these birds were the ones responsible for helping them to plant supernatural trees (such as Tossy tree) on earth.

He also saw a deserted football field with many men and women chained to it. From the looks on their faces, they haven’t eaten for months. He asked about this from the demon and he told him that these were people whose souls were given to them in exchange by earthly donors who wanted to alter their lives through material wealth, good health or power. He said no matter how famished they look, they won’t die.

He explained to Kalu that pacts are made with the kingdom to give human lives in exchange for power. He mentioned the name of a certain prophet in Amaogudu, whose name Kalu had forgotten, who made a covenant with him that he would regularly supply two human heads for his power to manifest in his church.

The transaction went smoothly for years until the past few years when his debt accrued. After warnings, this demon and his army stormed into his church in fury, demanding their dues – causing a serious erosion to occur on the road leading to his religious structure. To the physical realm, the erosion was presumed to be caused by a massive flood, leading to much public complaint.

The man managed to appease the demon, but he admitted he will still end his life when he’s tired of his game. Kalu inquired how the erosion they supernaturally caused would be repaired, the demon said they have their own recognized construction company that will take up the task.

The demon also showed him on a large screen, pictures of many wealthy people, scientists, philosophers and elites. The demon told him that some of these people were dead while the others were still alive but all of them have been in partnership with the realms of darkness.

Some of these people, Kalu said he knew and were still alive as of the time of his writing. The demon said if any of these people should violate any of the laws guiding the kingdom of darkness, they will be subjected to the unchangeable penalty of death.

After spending three days with demon he realized that what he said about their own construction company repairing the damaged road was indeed true.

Chapter 11: My Last Battles as a Satanist

The queen arranged for Cashnaya to embark on a tour to all the fourteen kingdoms of darkness in order to incorporate all the wisdom and power needed in his operations. This journey took an entire month and after the visits, he was equipped with more power and knowledge.

The notice reached him that a massive crusade was to be held in Abiriba, his own base, tagged The Greater Abiriba for Christ 1989. This was to be his assignment.

Kalu first went out in his spirit body to one of his agents, a market woman. He appeared to her in the shop and instructed her to mobilize other agents to be present at the crusade venue.

He then drew up an agenda for a meeting with Satan and the queen of the coast on this matter. When Satan appeared at the meeting with the queen, he asked what his agenda was about and Kalu read it out without hesitation, “How to thwart the Greater Abiriba for Christ crusade.”

As he mentioned the word “Christ” they all could hear peals of thunder, a roar of fire and an invisible power forced the three of them to bow their heads to the ground for about 30 minutes. When they got up from the ground, Satan warned Cashnaya furiously to never use that name again in his presence ever again.

Satan began to boast that he had captured the town of Abiriba for as long as her existence. Cashnaya asked him which weapons he utilized and Satan said they were: pride, hatred, love of money and cultural activities. Hence, that upcoming crusade was an affront that must be resisted.

Abiriba, Abia State.

He ordered Cashnaya to mobilize all the agents under him into action and frustrate the crusade. After boasting some more, Satan eventually disappeared.

When he was gone, the queen walked up to him with a warm hug and that was precisely what was on his mind. The queen always seems to know whenever he feels like having sex.

While they were both gleefully having sex about 4:30 am (she would transform into a girl of about his age whenever they had intercourse), they were suddenly hushed into panicking as the whole place began to quake.

They disengaged and the queen changed back into her real form. At her command, their screen showed where the rumblings were coming from: a Christian man was preaching the gospel around Ameke Square (apparently, whenever the gospel of Jesus Christ is being proclaimed in the physical world, it causes ripples in the realm of darkness).

The queen chanted an incantation and a bottle appeared in her hand. She rubbed its gummy/sticky contents on Kalu’s face and commanded him to go after that preacher and stare at him face-face with that concoction and the demons would melt the preacher into natural water.

Ameke Square, Abiriba.

Kalu woke up physically, and left the house immediately. His family knew he had a habit of visiting the restroom every morning so they didn’t think it was unusual for him to go out at that time. After walking hurriedly, he located the preacher from a distance, but as he was about catching up with him, suddenly, two angels appeared and were walking towards him.

It soon got to a point that the angels were close to him and wouldn’t allow him go any further. He chanted an incantation against them, it didn’t work. He had been given a “special” ring when he visited Satan’s kingdom; the ring is called “the good, the bad, the destroyer.”

Satan told him that the demons attached to the ring would make a bad situation become “good”; turn a good thing into bad and would also destroy a bad thing/person. He used this ring against the angels as he had been instructed, but it didn’t faze them.

He couldn’t even stand in their presence as their countenance was like the sun in its zenith, so he began to stagger like a drunk. The two angels captured him and took him to a place in the woods where they had him tied down to a tree by bright white cords they produced from their bodies. They then left their two swords by each of his ear and left the place. The sword began to sing in a most melodious voice he had ever heard and later began to preach the gospel to him.

Though he found the message somewhat tormenting (each time the name of Jesus was mentioned, he would feel burns on his body) one line from the messages stuck with him: “I will make you fishers of men if you will follow Me.” Later, the angels returned, picked up their swords without saying a word to him and untied him.

By then, the day had dawned, he chanted an incantation to disappear but it didn’t work. He repeated it, still didn’t work. He then recalled when he visited Satan’s kingdom, he taught him that whenever he got defeated, he should walk two poles away from the site and repeat the incantation. He did that and he was taken to his room, and being fatigued, he slept off on the bed while his spirit travelled to his temple.

When Kalu’s mother returned from the market and found him lying on the bed, she got the shock of her life. She wanted to know how he entered into the room.

Kalu managed to mumble some excuse about the padlock not being properly locked, but his mother knew that was impossible. This padlock was brought by his brother from Cotonou and wouldn’t lock unless the key was removed from it.

He couldn’t seem to convince his mother of his fib, and that raised her suspicion. She confided in one of her friends who suggested they visit a witchdoctor. Even though Kalu’s mother wasn’t a Christian, she didn’t like anything involving consulting a fetish priest. But her friend urged her to go find out the spiritual identity of her son.

They visited a rather popular dibia whose name Kalu declined from revealing. He gave them a stick with which they were to touch the body of the person whose spiritual identity they wanted to know. This his mother did that night at about 2am. He was watching this with his spiritual eyes.

When they took the stick back to the dibia, he asked for the name of the person they were inquiring about and the moment his name was mentioned, there was pandemonium in the shrine. All his deities began to wail loudly in his ears and when they stopped, the heads of their images began to break to the ground. His powers began to crumble.

The dibia began to act insane, yanked off the wrapper from each of the woman (luckily they wore two) demanded for their money and sent them away bewildered.

After this incident, Kalu invoked Satan to his temple and consulted him with incantations. He was pleased. He charged him to fight like a soldier and deploy all the powers at his disposal in his assignment.

Recollections of Born Twice: From Demonism to Christianity (III)

Chapter 8: The Fruitless Operations

With Kalu having his own agents, he began to have meetings with them in the spirit world, but he appeared to them in a “lower form” of a woman. Their level of power was still low, and to appear to them in his true identity would scare the living daylights out of them.

One night, while conducting a meeting, there was pandemonium as the whole place began to quake and the meeting was disbanded (whenever a Christian prays aggressively, it causes chaos in the spirit realm). He checked up on a monitoring screen and it showed a Christian man from Benin City, Nigeria praying fervently.

Kalu remembered having seen him before in two occasions at the New Benin market and he could also see four men (which he later realized were angels) with bright swords standing with him as he prayed.

He switched off the screen for a while to scheme on what to do, but when he turned it back on, the screen exploded into ashes and he fled from there.

The next day, the queen summoned him and told him she was watching from somewhere and saw what happened last night and encouraged him not to give up in his occult warfare. She spiritually took him to the Christian man’s house but they couldn’t enter it as it was under a heavy lock and chains.

When he returned home, he crossed his legs (lotus posture) and chanted an incantation over a bowl of water and this Christian man’s reflection appeared in it. As Kalu picked up a knife to stab him, he saw two angels extricate his reflection from the water. So he slowly dropped the knife.

He afflicted his three children with diseases and they later died. He also “weighed” his wife and saw that she wasn’t strong in the Christian faith like her husband, so he afflicted her with a mysterious sickness that can neither be diagnosed nor cured except by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Christian man, being a store owner, began auctioning his goods so as to clear her medical bills, but Kalu said he sent fire to destroy his store and a few others.

Yet this man didn’t give up. He rented another shop from a man who happened to be one of his agents. Kalu ordered this landlord to eject him. Soon, a Christian brother helped him and he found another place. Kalu frustratingly dismissed him as obdurate and let him be.

Years later, as Kalu was visiting a market in Benin, he was shocked to see this Christian man in a store, bigger, better and filled with more goods than the one he had before. After overcoming his initial shock, he mustered some boldness and walked in. Pretending to be a customer, he struck up a conversation with the man and then, to his shock he learnt that God had healed his wife and replenished what he lost.

They began to bargain over a lady’s skirt while Kalu devised what to do. Suddenly, there was a whirlwind at the front of this store. Kalu viewed it with his spiritual eyes and realized it was the presence of a superior power, so he quickly pretended that some dust had been blown into his eyes.

The Christian man went to borrow a basin of water and handkerchief from someone else for him to clean his eyes. As Kalu knelt and dipped his face into the water, he suddenly saw a mysterious reflection in the water.

He saw a Man, walking slowly, fresh red blood was oozing from various parts of his body. He looked like someone badly wounded and was carrying a heavy cross.

As this Man walked on slowly, Kalu was fascinated with the blood as he had never seen any human blood that reddish and fresh and he reached out with his vampiristic urge to suck that blood but it was impossible. Suddenly, the Man stopped and looked straight at him saying, “Why don’t you want My own to carry this cross with me?”

Christians carry the cross with Jesus

His voice was so loud that Kalu physically covered up his ears and looked at the Christian man to see if he heard it too, but the man didn’t and was busy with something else. The words kept echoing in his mind and it seemed to shatter his powers for he felt too weak to carry his legs to walk out.

As he sat there, the Christian man asked him which church he attended, he quickly mentioned one. The man began to preach the gospel to him that Jesus Christ loves him (Kalu) than he does him but Kalu was too busy in his thoughts wondering how his powers failed him and pondering on the identity of that man he saw in the reflection.

When he got home, the words of the Man kept ringing in his ears. The more he tried to remember the image, the more his powers seem to be crumbling. But his hands were unnerved when he remembered the all-available queen. He invoked the queen but she didn’t appear.

Later, when she appeared, he began to narrate his experience to her, hoping she would solve the riddle. “Who was that Man that I saw in the water?” he asked the queen. She was surprised also, “Which man? What reflection?” She claimed she didn’t see any man but observed that Cashnaya looked hurt after washing his eyes in the basin.

So he proceeded to tell her what he saw, how he used his powers given him to try to drink that blood but couldn’t and he asked him “Why do you want to destroy My own?” The queen paused for a while and nodded. “That man you saw is known and called by everyone in our kingdom, The Righteous Man.”

She told him that this Righteous Man was beaten, mocked, and shamefully crucified naked in order to deliver mankind from their claws of bondage (sin). She told him that in fact, their powers which they use for evil purposes actually belong to God as they were once in God’s service but rejected Him.

She said they – mentioning names like Ariel, Leviathan, Paimon, Cassiel, Ashtaroth, Belial, Tzaphkiel, Ariton, Asmodeus, Michael, Gabriel and herself, fondly called the Queen and other innumerable host of fallen angels – were chased away from God’s presence earlier and scattered to every conceivable place in the universe (land, sea and air) to establish themselves.

Then God created man but Satan, the president, executed a plan devised by these archdemons which caused Adam to sin, yet, in spite of this, God still loved man and promised that a Deliverer would come. They didn’t expect that this Saviour of mankind would come as early as He did, but when He did come, they did all they could and finally possessed the people He came to save and have Him crucified.

That was their own initial means of defeating him, but Satan reminded them that the Saviour had said He would resurrect, so on that Saturday night, they mobilized themselves fully armed to avert His resurrection.

But, as the queen said, when it was about 11:55pm, many angels came from heaven with songs of praise and bitterly said it won’t be well with that particular angel that descended and forced them all to bow with their heads held down to the ground, unable to do anything. By the time they lifted up their heads, the Righteous Man had risen and left the tomb.

She told him that this Righteous Man is the manifestation of God to the whole world; they struck his heel but He would crush their heads, and that His blood which Cashnaya saw in the reflection is still used by those who believe in Him to crush their heads. In fact, those who believe in Him and are as righteous as He is, are also as powerful as He is.

He asked her again if the Righteous Man would appoint some people in their own kingdom to rule in His kingdom. She replied that they all are too filthy in God’s sight to be in his kingdom. That in fact, anyone that doesn’t join those Christians is damned, as it is written in their book.

Cashnaya then asked her, “If this Righteous Man is so powerful, why can’t we just reconcile with him?” The queen answered that it’s too late for them, that a date had been set for them all to face the axe and will be stripped of their powers and their kingdoms will be totally destroyed and he as their seed, Cashnaya, will also face the axe.

She then told him what he later knew was a lie that since he had been given the earthly initiation, he has the power to stop the people in the ring from accessing the power that they seek. He wanted to ask more questions but she said she was tired of his questions but would answer them later. She kissed him and then disappeared.

After her departure, Kalu became more hardened than before. He reasoned that since he’s eventually going to be destroyed by God, he must make sure he deceives, kills and destroys as many lives as possible before he is made to face the axe at last.

That night, he used his powers to spiritually cover the major highways connecting two neighbouring states. This resulted in an accident which was reported in 1985 claiming about 80 lives.

Three survivors of the bloody accident were Christians; they were unconscious at the site, and Kalu decided to proceed to murder them physically. He traced the hospital they were taken to and chanted an incantation to impersonate one of the nurses (a matron) working there who was currently on a leave.

He chanted another incantation and a blue Peugeot 504 car like hers appeared and he drove into the hospital (ESUTH). He opened her office with his own key and search for the record of the patients admitted. He was able to fish out of the survivors and he mixed together three different types of drugs and called another nurse to give it to the patient.

He watched from the office with his spiritual eyes to see that the target was sleeping but before the nurse came to his ward, woke up quickly like he was having a bad dream and when the nurse came with the injection, he vehemently refused to take it since he was now okay. Eventually, the nurse left without giving him the injection.

With that, Kalu left and returned home. The queen appeared to him later, looking happy. She announced to him that right now, there is joy in all the kingdoms of darkness, that even Satan sent his greetings.

The queen also informed him that they are currently searching for a spiritual temple for him and in due course, the place would be consecrated and he would rise in his rank.

Chapter 9: Acquisition of Power

During this time, Kalu had a friend, Jude who happened to be his best friend. They visited each other’s homes, played football together, went out together and both families were friends also. One day, both Kalu and Jude went out to swim at a river and it lasted for hours.

When Kalu was done, he looked around and didn’t find Jude. He assumed Jude had left the river and rushed home before him. That evening when Jude’s parents came to their house to ask about the whereabouts of his friend, he told them where they had gone to swim that day and thought he had been home.

A search team began to frantically look for Jude and they inquired at a diviner who revealed that he had drowned. His body was recovered days after. Kalu knew what had really happened and for three days he mourned his friend’s death, unable to eat.

During this period, the queen didn’t appear to him. Later, on the fourth day when she did appear when no one else was home, Kalu was beside himself in tears, asking why the queen killed his friend.

The queen showed no emotion. She told him that by the virtue of the protocols of the kingdom, he wasn’t supposed to be released back to the earth after his initial capture, and now that he was allowed to return, an exchange of a human life had to be provided to appease the powers that be.

This victim had to be someone he loved and who loved him back, therefore, they had no choice but to sacrifice Jude. The queen then chided him for showing grief after all his training and exposure in their system. She warned him sternly not to expose this to anyone or he would also be killed.

The author reiterated that this insidious plan by the kingdom of darkness succeeded because neither Jude nor his family were Christians thus leaving them open to occult powers.

After some weeks, he forgot about Jude and became more thirsty for occult wisdom and power. He visited the queen and they played a bit (a reference to sex).

The queen then informed him that a site has been found for his spiritual temple and it’s going to be located within Ishimokoto lake in Abiriba, Abia State. This lake is regarded as a mystery lake because it dries up during the rainy season and flows during the dry season. When the temple was opened, a ceremony was performed during which blood sacrifices were made.

Ishimokoto lake, Abiriba.

He began to study the pamphlet he was given during his earthly initiation in India and decided to use one of the eggs he was given by the boa in the satanic tank.

As instructed in the pamphlet, he locked his door securely, took the first egg and smashed it on the ground of his room after chanting the necessary incantation. At that moment, his spirit was fragmented into two places at the same time. The first was to his temple while the second was leading to another dimension in the spirit world. He decided to explore the second option.

When he appeared in the kingdom, he was welcomed by the chief of the demi-gods who told him he would be his guide during his tour and regardless of what he sees or feels, he is not allowed to ask questions.

The first place he was taken to (in a hi-tech car that was designed like a pressing iron) was a large complex of high-rise buildings. The streets were beautiful and the structures looked futuristic.

The gates to the buildings opened by its own mechanism and they walked inside. The first place he was taken to was a large laboratory where some men were as busy as ants, sealing some dried materials into containers, without noticing any visitor. He forgot he wasn’t supposed to ask any questions and asked the chief who they were, he angrily answered that they are scientists.

Next, Kalu was taken to a factory where baby foods were being manufactured on an assembly line. He could see the name and brand of the product on the cans but was curious what was in it.

As he struggled to open the lid, the can fell to the floor, spilling the powder. He tasted it and realized it was ground human flesh — the bodies of disobedient agents packaged into baby foods (to infuse babies with water spirits as he later learnt).

He visited another place when they were hungry and the chief demi-god requested a demi-god who had animal features to prepare them a meal. He opened a big flask on the table and a fat female child (about two years old) was pulled out of it. Kalu’s heart fainted when he saw her and heard her cry. He asked how she got to the food flask, the demi-god told him to ask his mother (the queen) how it came to be.

The demi-god chanted an incantation and the baby became very weak, unable to cry anymore, as he plunged a knife into her body and began to dissect her in a tray with rainbow designs. After the meal was served, he was taken to another place.

Later on, the queen told him that they sometimes place fanciful objects at specific locations on earth and children who pick them up vanish and appear in their realm in whatever vessel they are kept by the spirits. So that was how that baby got into the food flask.

He was also taken to a large museum holding the golden statues of all the outstanding people in the kingdom of darkness. When he was about to be shown that of Satan, the chief asked him if he had met Satan the president before.

Kalu explained how it happened as the chief listened intently, then he was shown the handsome image of Satan. The chief promised to bestow on him the power to be able to stand before the presence of Satan as he wasn’t yet qualified to see him in his full power unassisted.

He was highly elated to see his own statue as well, but they couldn’t view all of it as the chief told him the statues were innumerable and could take months to view them all if one did nothing else.

When his tour came to an end, the chief demi-god told him he would give him the power he needed. He fixed his mouth into Kalu’s mouth (as if kissing) and spat into his mouth certain things he didn’t know and ordered him to swallow them. He felt superior within him as he complied. He asked for more, but the chief told him that’s all he had himself.

The chief also gave him the power to withstand Satan’s presence in his right leg. He brought a long dark thin rod, and inserted it up his heel. He felt no pain at all. Then he applied a copious amount of magickal oil over the site. That small hole remained in his foot (but it began to close up after his deliverance).

He returned to his room and resumed his duties in power in his underground temple.

Recollections of Born Twice: From Demonism to Christianity (II)

Kalu was registered in a boarding school. Initially, the plan was that the queen would be sending over his daily meal to him.

So, he would be eating with his school mates, dipping his hands into his plate and eating what looks like “normal food” with the rest, but his own meal would be human flesh. He also permitted other students to eat from his plate on occasion.

The plan later changed when the queen said he would have to come to their realm for his food. So he became a truant, often absent from class.

His parents relocated to Nigeria from Cameroon at this time, but he wasn’t functioning normally in school as he would most times not be present in class but find himself playing and chasing around with the queen in her palace.

In his senior classes, the queen told him to start giving out their products to his hostel mates, that anyone who uses these products will become initiated except if they were the kind of “people in the ring.” Kalu didn’t understand this cliché, so when he asked the queen who the “people in the ring” are, she said they were the people seeking an opposite power, and she taught him how to identify them.

Kalu intentionally placed his soaps and toothpastes in bathrooms and displayed other personal care products freely so they would be readily used by his hostel mates. The first student he initiated using a hair cream was a student named Haruna, a northerner. He also initiated others as well.

When he was through with schooling, he began to live with one of his elder brothers in the Republic of Benin who was into supply of goods and had a warehouse. The queen instructed him to rent a room outside to house his own unlimited supplies from the spirit world. He steadily began to mix these goods with the ones his brother was selling.

After a period of time, the queen suddenly ordered him to leave that country as soon as possible and relocate to Nigeria where they want him to set up his work. He dumped his brother’s warehouse key, stole some of his possessions and returned to Nigeria. His excuse to his parents was that his brother was maltreating him.

Now living in Benin City, Nigeria, the queen instructed him to rent a two room flat in an outskirt of town and ordered him to go buy an earthen pot from the fifth seller at a particular market of her choice. When he did, she told him she’d be right back and vanished into thin air

When she appeared again, she brought four 3×4 sizes of mirrors and at her command, the mirrors left her hands and became transfixed to the wall of the room.

Then she chanted an incantation and after a while, a strong white light began to shine through the mirrors and four men appeared in them. The earthen pot was magickally filled with blood and passed through the mirrors to these four men who served as witnesses to the ceremony.

The queen told him that no one else is to enter this room as it was now his “working” room. This was where he would be housing the materials unlimitedly supplied from the spirit world. The queen also gave him something looking like peppermint to chew, telling him it would give him the power to change into anyone he wished in the discharge of his duties.

From there, he began to go to named schools in the city, posing as a hawker to sell snacks to students. All the people he initiated, he knew their physical identities through the mirrors in his room. These were his agents. He would also change into a sophisticated lady to supply goods wholesale to retail sellers. His agents numbered into hundreds.

Chapter 6: My Initial Encounter with the Power of God

His first encounter with the power of Jesus Christ was a time he was strolling through Benin City and he saw series of posters of an upcoming crusade organized by (now late) Archbishop Benson Idahosa.

Bishop Idahosa

As he looked at the words “Christ” on the poster, the magickal rings on him began to burn his toes and fingers, so he refrained and awaited the date of the event.

While the open air crusade was going on and the minister was preaching, Kalu was watching from a certain place and he chanted an incantation and it began to rain. The rain disorganized the crusade ground and many people began to scamper, looking for a shade.

Kalu watched as Idahosa closed his eyes and dished out a command and the rain stopped abruptly, and people began returning to the field. After an hour, the crowd actually doubled. This was a strange occurrence to Kalu as he had never experienced anyone counter his powers before. So he gave up.

When he met with the queen, he narrated his experience. The queen told him that the reason he was defeated was because the man Idahosa and about one-fourth of the people at that crusade ground were among “the people in the ring” and he couldn’t overcome them. But she revealed she knows how he could boost his powers. She promised to take him to India for an earthly initiation and with that, he’d easily deal with these people in the ring.

Chapter 7: My Earthly Initiation

The queen gave Cashnaya an appointment to meet at a rendezvous and from there, the queen physically came to meet him and took him in a taxi to an area he wasn’t well familiar with. They both walked about nine poles into a thick forest and the queen stopped at a tree.

She asked him what the name of the tree was and he frantically looked around it, trying to find any of his leaves to help identify it, but found none, in fact, the surrounding was neat – as if someone was assigned to sweep it thrice a day. The queen told him it’s called “tossy tree.”

She chanted an incantation and a side of the tree opened like a door and they both entered in. After about twenty-five minutes, it opened again and they stepped out. He realized they were in another location entirely. It was when he saw some signposts in the streets that he realized that they were in Bombay (now Mumbai) in India.

The queen told him that the tossy tree is used to physically travel to any geographical location in the world. Soon, a car stopped by and they both entered it. The queen introduced the driver to Kalu as one of their agents.

They were taken to a ceremony that was held in a large conference centre in the city and in attendance were various occultists from different parts of the world. Kalu was handed their register and he saw his name already written on it, bolder than the rest.

There was a lecture going on and their kind of meal was served. While Kalu was eating, a man walked in and tapped him on the shoulder but he seemed to have forgotten something so he motioned to him to come with him. On getting to where he was, the queen was there already and he told him it’s time for the baptism. He was given a pamphlet to read and follow. As Kalu was about to ask the queen a question, she disappeared.

He realized he was in this alone. There was a huge tank there in the open and out if it seemed to emerge a steam of dark energy. The pamphlet warned the candidate that no matter what they see, hear or experience during the initiation, they must not express any fear, otherwise, they might not come out alive.

The Banganga – an ancient Hindu tank located beside a temple complex in Mumbai.

There was an incantation written on it to proceed with the ritual and when he recited it, he was levitated and suspended into the tank. He said the lid on the tank had the words “Baptism/Initiation Tank” written in both English and Hindi.

In the tank, the place was filled with strange, fearful creatures. As he fell, he was lashed around like a tennis ball from one bird creature to another. They each had the face of a man, woman, dog, cat and owl, all looking evil.

He landed at the feet of a big creature whose full stature was obstructed by the size of his belly. Its body looked like that of a grizzly bear. It removed his eyeballs with a screw driver and put back in their place, eyeballs which could see more clearer and farther than normal human eyes

Then he was thrown on to a boa constrictor which coiled around him and held him in its grip. It spat out three big eggs with strings which hung around his neck and he was flung to another evil creature and on until he reached the end. In all these, he felt neither pain nor fear and he was brought out of the tank.

At that moment a skeleton hand handed him a pamphlet on his successful completion of the satanic baptism and the rules that guide it.

Kalu said he felt physically stronger, bolder and magickally charged after the ceremony. The queen then appeared and they returned home to Nigeria via the same route they came to India.