About Me

Welcome, my name is Victor.

This blog contains my findings, dialogues, expositions, worldviews, personal experiences and thoughts on various topics. Since 2001 when I began researching on belief systems and learning from others, my eyes have been opened to how deceptive beliefs, cults, and occult philosophies enslave people’s mind. And I am still learning in these areas.

In 2011, when I began engaging adherents of other religions on social media, I observed the rate at which the Christian Faith was being attacked and misrepresented and deceptive teachings and concepts were becoming prevalent. I realised that many Christians (especially fellow Africans):

1. are ignorant about cults and their method of gaining converts.

2. have a passive, gullible disposition or lack of discernment in assessing what they hear and read, even purported Christian materials.

3. are unschooled on how to defend the Christian Faith or refute false teachings with history, logic and Scripture.

This blog is my way of tackling these problems. It’s an avenue of giving answers to critics of the Bible and Christianity; educating the Church; challenging people to think outside the box and understanding basic Christian doctrines and ethics.

I am not a theologian or a pastor. I am a Christian young man who believes in impacting lives and seeing souls freed from the captivity of Satan. I consider myself a teacher, researcher and thinker. I believe knowledge is like water, you can either bottle it up and be restricted or let it out and be refreshed.

“Education is not the filling of a vessel, but the kindling of a flame” – Socrates.

I share my blog articles, other helpful write-ups and my views on several burning issues on my Facebook page.

E-mail: cfdefender20@yahoo.com


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