Recollections of Born Twice: From Demonism to Christianity (II)

Kalu was registered in a boarding school. Initially, the plan was that the queen would be sending over his daily meal to him.

So, he would be eating with his school mates, dipping his hands into his plate and eating what looks like “normal food” with the rest, but his own meal would be human flesh. He also permitted other students to eat from his plate on occasion.

The plan later changed when the queen said he would have to come to their realm for his food. So he became a truant, often absent from class.

His parents relocated to Nigeria from Cameroon at this time, but he wasn’t functioning normally in school as he would most times not be present in class but find himself playing and chasing around with the queen in her palace.

In his senior classes, the queen told him to start giving out their products to his hostel mates, that anyone who uses these products will become initiated except if they were the kind of “people in the ring.” Kalu didn’t understand this cliché, so when he asked the queen who the “people in the ring” are, she said they were the people seeking an opposite power, and she taught him how to identify them.

Kalu intentionally placed his soaps and toothpastes in bathrooms and displayed other personal care products freely so they would be readily used by his hostel mates. The first student he initiated using a hair cream was a student named Haruna, a northerner. He also initiated others as well.

When he was through with schooling, he began to live with one of his elder brothers in the Republic of Benin who was into supply of goods and had a warehouse. The queen instructed him to rent a room outside to house his own unlimited supplies from the spirit world. He steadily began to mix these goods with the ones his brother was selling.

After a period of time, the queen suddenly ordered him to leave that country as soon as possible and relocate to Nigeria where they want him to set up his work. He dumped his brother’s warehouse key, stole some of his possessions and returned to Nigeria. His excuse to his parents was that his brother was maltreating him.

Now living in Benin City, Nigeria, the queen instructed him to rent a two room flat in an outskirt of town and ordered him to go buy an earthen pot from the fifth seller at a particular market of her choice. When he did, she told him she’d be right back and vanished into thin air

When she appeared again, she brought four 3×4 sizes of mirrors and at her command, the mirrors left her hands and became transfixed to the wall of the room.

Then she chanted an incantation and after a while, a strong white light began to shine through the mirrors and four men appeared in them. The earthen pot was magickally filled with blood and passed through the mirrors to these four men who served as witnesses to the ceremony.

The queen told him that no one else is to enter this room as it was now his “working” room. This was where he would be housing the materials unlimitedly supplied from the spirit world. The queen also gave him something looking like peppermint to chew, telling him it would give him the power to change into anyone he wished in the discharge of his duties.

From there, he began to go to named schools in the city, posing as a hawker to sell snacks to students. All the people he initiated, he knew their physical identities through the mirrors in his room. These were his agents. He would also change into a sophisticated lady to supply goods wholesale to retail sellers. His agents numbered into hundreds.

Chapter 6: My Initial Encounter with the Power of God

His first encounter with the power of Jesus Christ was a time he was strolling through Benin City and he saw series of posters of an upcoming crusade organized by (now late) Archbishop Benson Idahosa.

Bishop Idahosa

As he looked at the words “Christ” on the poster, the magickal rings on him began to burn his toes and fingers, so he refrained and awaited the date of the event.

While the open air crusade was going on and the minister was preaching, Kalu was watching from a certain place and he chanted an incantation and it began to rain. The rain disorganized the crusade ground and many people began to scamper, looking for a shade.

Kalu watched as Idahosa closed his eyes and dished out a command and the rain stopped abruptly, and people began returning to the field. After an hour, the crowd actually doubled. This was a strange occurrence to Kalu as he had never experienced anyone counter his powers before. So he gave up.

When he met with the queen, he narrated his experience. The queen told him that the reason he was defeated was because the man Idahosa and about one-fourth of the people at that crusade ground were among “the people in the ring” and he couldn’t overcome them. But she revealed she knows how he could boost his powers. She promised to take him to India for an earthly initiation and with that, he’d easily deal with these people in the ring.

Chapter 7: My Earthly Initiation

The queen gave Cashnaya an appointment to meet at a rendezvous and from there, the queen physically came to meet him and took him in a taxi to an area he wasn’t well familiar with. They both walked about nine poles into a thick forest and the queen stopped at a tree.

She asked him what the name of the tree was and he frantically looked around it, trying to find any of his leaves to help identify it, but found none, in fact, the surrounding was neat – as if someone was assigned to sweep it thrice a day. The queen told him it’s called “tossy tree.”

She chanted an incantation and a side of the tree opened like a door and they both entered in. After about twenty-five minutes, it opened again and they stepped out. He realized they were in another location entirely. It was when he saw some signposts in the streets that he realized that they were in Bombay (now Mumbai) in India.

The queen told him that the tossy tree is used to physically travel to any geographical location in the world. Soon, a car stopped by and they both entered it. The queen introduced the driver to Kalu as one of their agents.

They were taken to a ceremony that was held in a large conference centre in the city and in attendance were various occultists from different parts of the world. Kalu was handed their register and he saw his name already written on it, bolder than the rest.

There was a lecture going on and their kind of meal was served. While Kalu was eating, a man walked in and tapped him on the shoulder but he seemed to have forgotten something so he motioned to him to come with him. On getting to where he was, the queen was there already and he told him it’s time for the baptism. He was given a pamphlet to read and follow. As Kalu was about to ask the queen a question, she disappeared.

He realized he was in this alone. There was a huge tank there in the open and out if it seemed to emerge a steam of dark energy. The pamphlet warned the candidate that no matter what they see, hear or experience during the initiation, they must not express any fear, otherwise, they might not come out alive.

The Banganga – an ancient Hindu tank located beside a temple complex in Mumbai.

There was an incantation written on it to proceed with the ritual and when he recited it, he was levitated and suspended into the tank. He said the lid on the tank had the words “Baptism/Initiation Tank” written in both English and Hindi.

In the tank, the place was filled with strange, fearful creatures. As he fell, he was lashed around like a tennis ball from one bird creature to another. They each had the face of a man, woman, dog, cat and owl, all looking evil.

He landed at the feet of a big creature whose full stature was obstructed by the size of his belly. Its body looked like that of a grizzly bear. It removed his eyeballs with a screw driver and put back in their place, eyeballs which could see more clearer and farther than normal human eyes

Then he was thrown on to a boa constrictor which coiled around him and held him in its grip. It spat out three big eggs with strings which hung around his neck and he was flung to another evil creature and on until he reached the end. In all these, he felt neither pain nor fear and he was brought out of the tank.

At that moment a skeleton hand handed him a pamphlet on his successful completion of the satanic baptism and the rules that guide it.

Kalu said he felt physically stronger, bolder and magickally charged after the ceremony. The queen then appeared and they returned home to Nigeria via the same route they came to India.

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