You are What You Eat

Some 7 years ago, I read a work that stated that what we eat determines what our body will be like in the next one year.

Nutritionists tell us that our bodies contain similar nutrients to the food we eat. In other words, the kinds of food we consume will affect our nutrient levels and over all, our health. This also applies to what we feed our minds and spirits with.

The kind of words, images, worldviews and writings we feast on in our day-to-day lives, will – to a large extent – influence our thinking, speech, conduct and overall ideology.

Many of us are aware that what we let in through our eye and ear gates can invade our souls. If they are beneficial, they gradually build you up and if they are not, they slowly erode your morals.

Show me a person who is genuinely sound spiritually and I will show you someone who has been feeding on good spiritual food.

There’s no magic about this. There’s no short-cut to it.

If a person is feeding his eyes with porn materials for instance, as the obscene images settle in his mind, his perception of people gradually begins to change.

Now, some people may not notice this change, but some do. Such a person begins to frequently use vulgar words; his eyes begin to “x-ray” people’s body parts and his thoughts would easily wander in sexual fantasies. He becomes overtly concerned with sexual themes and even dreams about them.

Someone once said, “The books in your library will tell me how far you will go.” Well, in a way, he’s right. But I don’t quite agree considering the influence that social media and other agents of learning wield on individuals.

A person can have a shelf full of good Christian books and still seek out spiritual junk food and even poisonous fruit elsewhere.

On the other hand, a person can have some not-too-sound books in his shelf but have good back up through sound Christian teachers and e-books for example.

Many Christians will not grow into spiritual maturity until they deal with what they spiritually and mentally feed on. It’s a simple principle that I’ve learnt and seen play out over and over again.

You cannot eat like a chicken and fly like an eagle. It’s not possible. Chickens sift through the soil to eat worms, grits and insects, but eagles eat fresh meat; they don’t feed on carcasses.

Eagles and chickens don’t occupy the same ecological niche and don’t have the same social or breeding habits. That’s why you can’t use the excuse of “But so-and-so does it, why can’t I?” Well, the answer is simple: because you are a child of God and you aim to fly high in life. You can’t be raised on a diet of worms and grow into a lion.

Many Believers wonder why they are spiritually weak; why doubt and confusion have taken over their souls; why they cannot live out the Christian life as they should; why they are experiencing demonic oppression; why they have not grown to any significant level.

You may not need to wonder too far – check what you are mentally and spiritually feeding on.

That rotten music or movie that “completes” your day; that website that “re-configures” your brain; that rabid heathen whose occult lectures you loll out your tongue at, or that friend whose gossipy chats move you in the emotional reverse gear. That book that makes you question the Word of God and saps your spiritual vitality.

Once you take out the trash your soul feasts on and change your mental and spiritual diet, your spiritual health will also change.

The Bible says we should guard our hearts diligently because out of it flows the springs of life (Prov. 4:23). What is in the spring of your heart will show in the buckets of your speech and action.

Have you ever come across a patient who keeps taking the same drug that is harming his/her body and yet keeps going to the doctor for help? It’s insanity. Such people need to be taken off their delusional treadmill.

Yes, stop the therapy today! Because you keep indulging the very attitudes, the same thoughts, the same spiritual junk food that brought you to therapy in the first place. This is what is called facing the truth.

I have observed that one of the secrets of intelligent people is: they listen and learn from other intelligent people. As you read the works of great thinkers, your mind is also stimulated to think.

Our minds are like photographic films, they collect images and can become a motion picture.

It has to start with you as an individual. What are your personal principles? What are your ethical and moral standards? What are the things that are dear to you? Do you value your relationship with God above the pleasures of this world?

As a Christian who is committed to the Lord, there are some pages you shouldn’t follow on social media. There are some applications that you shouldn’t register on. There are some music videos that are off-limit.

You don’t need an angel to descend from heaven to tell you these. You simply know this because the Spirit of God lives in you and the more you put out the filth and darkness from your life, the more freedom He has to work in you.

Take the step. Eat healthy.

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