Destructive Pacts and their Outworking

As God was sending His people into the lands of the Canaanites steeped in pagan worship, He warned them:

“Do not make a covenant with them or their gods” (Ex. 23:32). He was warning them against entering into covenants with evil spirits.

Some of these Israelites eventually “joined” themselves with pagan gods such as Baal (Num. 25:3, Ps. 106:28; Hos. 4:17).

This “joining” implies a covenant. A covenant is a binding agreement between two or more people or parties to get things done with penalty by contact or sacrifice. It’s also called a contract or pact.

Those in the occult commonly make pacts with elemental spirits. These are evil spirits associated with the four elements – air, water, earth and fire.

Each class of spirits has identifiable rituals, symbols and operations. These “fantastic four” are also deployed in cinematic characters and story lines.

In the Moana movie for example, the 4 elements – including the fifth (spirit force) – all worked together. The green “heart of goddess Te Fiti” is actually a Bezoar stone (or Mustika pearl) used by real life witches and New Agers to communicate with elemental spirits.

Similarly, Enya’s songs – obviously tailored for New Age listeners – make references to these elemental forces. Part of the lyrics of O Miraculum says in English:

To set sail, a wonderful thing
Wayfarers see the sky, the oceans and the earth
The sea, the sea under the evening star

Again, in her Latin song, Tempus Vernum, she sang:

Behold, the north, the south
Behold, the west and the east
Behold, the ocean, the sea …
Behold the earth, the star, the winter and the summer…
Behold the ray of the sun and the shadow, the fire, the water, the sky, the moon, the earth, the star

In the occult, these 4 elemental spirits are linked to the four cardinal points: water (West), fire (East), air (North) and earth (South).

In many Wiccan traditions, the four seasons of the Western hemisphere and four other sun-oriented dates are called “sabbaths.” During these 8 sabbaths, their Horned god is ritually invoked into a male witch. [1]

In La Sonadora, Enya’s lyrics, translated into English read:

I; the autumn
I; the evening star
I have been an echo
I shall be a wave
I shall be the moon
I have been everything
I am myself.

The two elements mentioned here are air (echo) and water (wave). The “evening star” is a title of the pagan great Goddess Ishtar, Astarte or Venus.

These goddess forms are associated with the moon and are often invoked by witches on nights of the full moon (esbats) through a Wiccan ritual called “Drawing down the moon.” [2]

Fittingly, the CD of this music album, The Memory of Trees, has the picture of a full moon surmounted over Enya. In Orinoco Flow, she invokes the elements, this time focusing on the water element:

Let me sail, let me sail, let me crash upon your shore.
Let me reach, let me beach far beyond the Yellow Sea …
Sailway, …
From Bissau
[west] to Palau [east] in the shade of Avalon.
From Fiji
[south] to Tiree [north] and the isles of Ebony.

From Peru [west] to Cebu [east] hear the power of Babylon

From Bali [east] to Cali [west] far beneath the coral sea…
From the deep sea of clouds
To the island of the moon
Carry me on the waves
To the lands I’ve never been

This is a poetic invocation of water spirits (among others) to transport the listeners to their realm. The water kingdom is a spiritual kingdom of a hierarchy of demons. One of their key rulers is called “Queen of the coast” (or Queen of the river).

She and the many demons under her command wield control over many nations, families and individuals through fashion, music, aesthetics, inventions, finance, religions, sexual immorality and entertainment.

There is hardly a culture that does not acknowledge the existence of spiritual entities within water bodies, although many in ignorance and delusion worship them.

In the Bible, apostate Jews worshipped a goddess named Asherah. The Bible mentions her images (1 Kg. 15:13), her prophets (1 Kg. 18:19) and the vessels used in her service (2 Kg. 23:4).

“In the Ras Shamrah texts, Asherah is the consort of El, the supreme god. She is mentioned as ‘creatress of the gods’ and ‘Lady Asherah of the sea,’ titles that are given to the most important goddess of the pantheon.” [3]

The name of this demonic queen varies from place to place. She is called Yemaya, Yemoja, La Siren, Mammy water; some even call her “Our Lady of Regla.” Latino music star, Celia Cruz, dedicated an entire track to her in Spanish:

Virgin of Rule, today is your day
Mother of water, my goddess Yemaya
You are the Queen
These songs that we give you o mother
Yemaya my mother, my mother
Ohhoho live Yemaya! [4]

Also, in the first scene of Beyoncé’s Drunk in Love video, there was an eerie music with a focus on the image of a queen on a trophy borne by Beyoncé. Here, she’s on a beach and wears a pendant of an inverted triangle/pyramid – a symbol of the water element.

In February 2017, Beyonce released a poem for her twins, part of which says:

Mother has one foot in this world
One foot in the next
Mother black Venus in the dream
I am crowning Osun, Nefertiti and Yemoja
Pray around my bed
I can smell jasmine
I wake up as someone places a wreath upon my head

Osun and Yemoja are Yoruba names for the demonic Queen of the river – believed to be “patron” of sexual lust, childbirth and divination.

In witchcraft, Jasmine incense is used for rites involving lust, protection, and money. Nefertiti was an Egyptian consort of Pharaoh Akhenaten who extensively worshipped the solar disk. It’s not a coincidence that this poem was released on February 2, Yemoja’s feast day.

A Nigerian music star, Victor Uwaifo, also spoke about his encounter with this demon:

“That particular day, I stayed really late till everybody had gone. Not long after, I observed that each time the waves advances towards me, I would move back, but the farther I moved the closer it came. Suddenly, I observed a figure coming towards me. I wanted to move away. I screamed … She said “If you see mammy water, never you run away.” I just thought the mermaid loved the music, otherwise it would have harmed me.”

He composed a song based on her words and it became an instant hit.

When the interviewer asked if there’s a link between this encounter and his subsequent success, he answered, “I call it esoteric, a privileged knowledge not for everybody. From that time till today, I have been very privileged. I am a spiritual person, I have a chapel in my house.” [5]

Demons don’t just physically appear to people. Some evil covenants must have been in place. Many people consciously enter into these pacts for fame, wealth, success and supernatural abilities e.g water witching, breathing under water, healing etc.

Others unconsciously enter into them by offering sacrifices at streams/rivers or lakes, ritual baths, consulting water priests/priestesses, sexual contacts with agents, use of paraphernalia and items dedicated to water spirits and participating in their festivals.

The annual Osun festival held in Osogbo, Osun State, is an instantiation of demon worship under the toga of “African tradition.”

Every year, many religious tourists and devotees from within and outside the country troop to the Osun grove (which by the way, is registered with UNESCO) to make and renew their covenants with the Queen of the river.

One of these pilgrims said:
“I was married for over 10 years without the fruit of the womb and the pressure was becoming unbearable from my in-laws … I came to this river in tears and barely one year later, I was all smiles. The river goddess heard my cries and gave me a bouncing baby boy … I go to church but I remain grateful for what the river goddess has done for me.” [6]

Sadly, there are many “Christians” like this woman who “worshiped the LORD, but … also served their own gods” (2 Kgs. 17:33). They profess to follow the Lamb, but swear allegiance to the dragon.

Of course, these water entities are monstrous beings that seduce and devour their preys like their master Satan (Is. 27:1). The devil and his imps do offer people beggarly fame, comfort and power for pacts, but they will all end here on earth.

In contrast, God enters into a covenant with as many accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour and offers them spiritual blessings in heavenly places and all that pertains to life and godliness by His divine power (Eph. 2:1; 2 Pet. 2:3)


1. William Schnoebelen, Wicca: Satan’s Little White Lie, Chick Pub., 1990, 223

2. Margot Adler, Drawing Down the Moon, Penguin Books, 1986, 20.

3. The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, ed. Geoffrey Bromiley, 1979, Vol. 1 p. 317.

4. Slightly re-arranged and translated using Google Translate.

5. Nigerian Entertainment Today, July 11, 2014.

6. Osun Osogbo: A Communion of Spirits, Mortals

2 thoughts on “Destructive Pacts and their Outworking

  1. May God bless you sir. This is deep. The end is here indeed. Jay Z and his wife are lucifer’s worshippers and they aren’t hiding it. So many gullible people see them as role models and follow them. May God open our understanding in Jesus name.

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  2. Am sure the boy given to the woman by yemoja is a demon. The boy will torment her and deal with her. Darkness have no free gift. Am very sure that Beyonce twins are not human being. They are demons in human form.


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