Illuminati Hunters and those who Follow Them

Recently, I saw a headline on my feed: “Are Theresa May and Angela Merkel in the ILLUMINATI?” The report says the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has been “caught up in a bizarre Internet conspiracy theory involving claims of a secret EU Illuminati society” because of a certain “hand sign” she used.

It further disclosed that the same “hand sign” (shaped like a diamond or pyramid) was also used by German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker.

In a bid to make the readers chew on this with a sensational teeth, the report quotes an anonymous Illuminati researcher who calls this hand gesture “the Roc sign” or “Merkel-Raute,” which has also been linked with personalities like Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise and Pope John Paul II (Daily Mail, July 23, 2016).

Sensationalism sells. And in an online space where such banality thrives, it attracts people who feed on such. I pointed out that Illuminati conspiracy nutters always see “the illuminati” behind every cat and shadow. They see it in their coffee, newspapers, TV screens and even in their toilets. It’s a pathetic way to live.

I received nasty responses in return. I was told to “go back to sleep” and “see an optometrist” to know who my real enemies (the illuminatis) are. I was called “poor Victor” and a “stupid man” who doesn’t know that the Illuminati wants “to dumb us down and to cause cancer.”

Of course, I wasn’t expecting an intellectually riveting discussion there, but I did see what I had anticipated – a batch of depressed, paranoid people who envisage a very big Satan and very small God.

When I wrote about this in 2014, I noted that every generation often sees the need to blame an individual, a sector or cult for all their problems. This is what the Illuminati hysteria is built on. The cult is portrayed as lurking in the shadows, pulling the strings and levers of power and controlling all world events.

It doesn’t even occur to most Illuminati-obsessed Christians that since the Bavarian Illuminati was founded on May 1, 1776, various organizations have claimed or purported to have links to the Bavarian Illuminati, without any substantiation.

Now, I believe the Illuminati cult is real and deadly – like other branches of the occult – but when a Christian spends all his days hunting for cultic conspiracies, he has lost his spiritual bearing. Such Christians are no different from media “ghostbuster” psychics or New Age kooks who rake in money by visiting haunted mansions to interview talkative spirits or seeking out some “signs” up in an attic.

Many Illuminati conspiracy fans live in a paranoid bubble universe which renders them incapable of taking responsibility for their lives.

If they can’t find employment, it’s the Illuminati. If the prevalence of cancer increases, they blame the “elites.” Almost every political downturn or distinguished success achieved by a public figure is hanged on the Illuminati tree.

Like ideologues (in the worst sense of the term), they grasp for straws to bolster their mindset. There is a Facebook page called the “Vigilant Citizen” which specialises in this craft. It links virtually every major world event with the Illuminati. The silliness and scare tactics being churned out on that page is reminiscent of the moonlight tales some African villagers utilize to make their children see demons under their dirty fingernails.

Most of these self-styled “experts” gain recognition by instilling fear into people. And as anyone who is schooled in spiritual warfare knows, a morbid fear of Satan and his minions is the first weapon that defeats Christians.

Once your fear of Satan’s slaves is greater than your faith in God and His Word, you open a door to demonic attacks. God has a reason for saying: “Do not call everything a conspiracy like they do, and don’t live in dread of what frightens them … the LORD Almighty is the one … you are to fear” (Isa. 8:12-13).

True, the whole world lies in darkness, but we must also acknowledge that our God is Sovereign. Jesus has given us authority over all powers of the enemy and the Holy Spirit living in us is greater than the evil one living in all the slaves of Satan.

The Illuminati-spotting business is a counterfeit form of Christian discernment. If you are in a right relationship with God, He will reveal to you if a person is an agent of Satan if He wills. While it’s vital to walk in discernment, we mustn’t be occupied with trying to figure out which entertainer or politician is a witch at the expense of our own walk with God.

Many Illuminati theorists lack this relationship (most are not even born again), so they solely rely on using carnal and often misleading methods to detect Satan’s servants with some sifting through the murky waters of occult myths to make up links where there are none.

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