Extinguishing Allah’s Light with Truth

In June 2016, a Christian woman, Mrs Bridget Agbahime, was brutally murdered by a Muslim mob in Kano, Nigeria, for allegedly “blaspheming prophet Muhammad.” Eye witnesses said her “crime” was that she prevented a Muslim man from performing ablution at the entrance of her shop.

The rebuffed man ran off into the market to call a band of irate Muslims that she had blasphemed their prophet, and within a short time, a mob of Muslims rushed to the scene and had her murdered. Her husband narrowly escaped. [1]

Some Nigerian online news media quickly used the victim’s ethnicity to whip up a virulent ethnic war on social media – after all, the narcissistic bent to get many “likes” and “retweets” clouds objective reporting.

Many commentators questioned a religion that defends the reputation of its god and prophet by murder. Some Muslims condemned the actions, but most of them justified it:

She deserved to be killed islamically, the punishment is perfectly perfect”

“Good! this should serve as a lesson to others. We will not take the blasphemy lightly… anybody who did it will face a death sentence.”

“[I]n Islam for the record whoever make bad comment to holy prophet … should be beheaded.”

“To all non Believers who have the idea of doing Blasphemy to our Prophet, please dont ever try it in Kano. I swear to Almighty Allah, if you do so then your life too will end in HELL.”

If you are naïve about Islam, these remarks could make your hairs stand up on end. But those familiar with the evil teachings and examples laid down by Muhammad can’t be shocked by such. In fact, to Christians living in the Islam-dominated northern Nigeria, this is just one of many stories that managed to filter out to the media.

Excluding the wholesale massacre of Christians in that region, in 2004, three Christian students were expelled from a university in Bauchi State with one murdered in cold blood for “blaspheming” Muhammad with a Gospel tract.

In early 2006, many Christians were killed in different states because of the Danish cartoons. At that period, about 20 Christians were also killed and churches burnt in a state because a Christian teacher “defiled” the Quran by touching the book in a classroom.

Few months later, a Christian woman was stoned to death in a village in Niger State for witnessing to Muslims. The Muslims, when interrogated, claimed she left a blasphemous tract in their mosque and she had to be dealt with.

As the discussions of the Kano tragedy raged on over the weekend, one argument I found Muslim “moderates” repeating was that the murder was “unislamic” simply because Muhammad prohibited the killing of women. Let’s examine this claim.

In the hadith: “It is reported on the authority of Sa’ad Jathama that the Prophet of Allah when asked about the women and children of the polytheists being killed during night raid, said ‘they are from them [i.e the pagans]'” (Muslim 19:4321).

With this response, Muhammad sanctioned the murder of non-Muslim women and children. In the Sirat Rasulallah, it was recorded: “We went with the apostle on the raid of Dhatu’l Riqa of Nakhl and a (Muslim) man killed the wife of one of the polytheists” (The Life of Muhammad, p. 665).

When a Jewish woman, Asma bint Merwan, criticised Muhammad with her poems for his evils, he said to his followers “Who will rid me of Merwan’s daughter? ‘Umayr bin Adiyal Khatmi who was with him heard him and that very night he went to her house and killed her. In the morning, he came to the apostle and told him what he had done and he [Muhammad] said ‘You have helped Allah and his apostle Umayr!” (Ibid, 675-676)

When Muhammad conquered Mecca, he said: “There are four persons whom I shall not give protection” He identified them as the “two singing girls of al-Maqis; one of them was killed and the other escaped and embraced Islam” (Abu Dawud, 2684).

In another account, “six men and four women were killed” during this invasion. The crime of these women was that they mocked him when he was in Mecca (Ibn Sa’ad, Tabaqat, 2:168).

Muhammad regarded his critics as the greatest threat to his religion because he knew he couldn’t defeat their logic. He had to kill them to establish his ideology. Allah was no different:

They (the disbelievers, Jews and Christians) want to extinguish Allah’s light (which Muhammad has been sent – Islam) with their mouths, but Allah will not allow except that his light should be perfected even though the kafirun [infidels] hate it” (Sura 9:32)

The truth that Christians speak are capable of extinguishing Islam because it’s a religion of deception, that has to be “perfected” by bloodshed. Lies are always afraid of truths, but truth never fears a lie.

Islam is like a balloon filled with air. It may look big and intimidating, but it’s just filled with air, and all it takes to deflate it is a needle. Armed with God’s Truth, we will continue to deflate and extinguish the lies of Islam for souls to escape from its clutches.

[1] Update: In a later interview with Punch Newspaper (November 2016), her husband narrated how she was murdered while they were in hiding in a building from the Muslim mob. These irate men pounced on her and killed her right before his very eyes. He said she prayed fervently, committing her life to God before she was murdered.


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