The Tentacles of the Occult II

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The Tentacles of the Occult part one.

The Daily Telegraph (Jan. 22, 2016) quotes “a proud witch” in Sydney saying, “We do spells, we do potions. When we work, we work in between the worlds. It’s not in this plane.”

They work in secret because they are in darkness and their works are evil.

Those who are in God’s kingdom “walk in the light, as he is in the light” and “have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness” (1Jn. 1:7; Eph. 5:11).

God’s servants know Whom they are serving but many Satan’s servants, being in darkness, do not know the true identity of whom they are serving.

God “so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son” (Jn. 3:18). His giving us His only Son shows us that He also freely gives us all other things.

But Satan never gives his life for anyone but instead demands they give up theirs or those of their loved ones. Like the boy who left a suicide note saying:

Dear Grandma and Grandpa, please forgive me but tonite [sic] is the night I give my life to Satan. I am going to sacrifice myself” (Arizona Republic, March 22, 1998, 6).

He was deceived by Satan to sacrifice himself so as to get a higher place in Hell. He will be shocked to see that there is no “higher place” but eternal torment! Dabbling in the occult is like a fish striking a baited hook. It may get a small reward, but what a great price it pays!

Satan who rules over the occult is “the Father of lies;” a master deceiver; a rebellious fallen angel; the prince of the air and ruler of a vast army of fallen angels and demons (Jn. 8:44, Rev. 12:7-9, Eph. 2:2).

Satan disguises himself such that most entry-level occultists don’t even know he is the source of their powers. They will sometimes argue that they serve Lucifer, the god of good, not the evil Satan Christians describe – even though their books indicate that both names refer to the same person.

In Diabolicon, Lucifer is the name of the archdaimon Satan. In Grimorium Verum, Lucifer is called “the emperor of spirits.” The Magus calls him the “Prince of Rebellion, angels and darkness and ruler of the infernal world.” The Satanic bible says he is one of the “princes of Hell” related to air and the East.

Most interactions in the occult are with evil spirits than Satan because he’s not omnipresent, so his army of demons fill in for him.

This is why a Christian toying with the occult is actually partaking of “the table of demons” and whatever they offer him/her at that evil dining table has serious tragic consequences (1 Cor. 10:21).

In the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses for instance, there are different seals and “tables” of demons from which occult power can be drawn – those in the air, water, fire, earth and the planets. As a person invokes these demons, he/she has to pay the price that comes with it.

Ex-occultist, Romanus Ekeocha, recalls:

In the lodge we made use of so many magickal books … As many members were afraid to tackle the books by themselves, they appealed to me to make them rich, which I later did and they received the repercussion. Some died, while others lost their children, because in Magick, nothing is free. It is of Magick and of pact” (Christian Alive magazine, Vol. 2, No. 14:6).

Any involvement in the occult, no matter how lightly can have serious consequences. A lady described her ordeal after using an Ouija board:

I started to experience strange things. For example, in the middle of the night I’d awaken by the sound of someone running down the hallway and opening or slamming the front door. I would get up to check it out, but there was nothing to see … I would hear someone walking up my bedroom steps and walking across my floor towards me in bed. I would turn around, but no one was there. I would lie in bed and feel the entire bed shake as if it were pushed. Shadows would move across my walls when there was nothing to cast a shadow” (Christian Alive, November/December 2004, p. 2).

Most demons invoked in witchcraft have their specialty, rank, element, sigil and animal emblems. For example:

• Beelzebub is invoked to control the airways, assist martial arts and aid astral traveling.

• Asmodeus (symbolized by the whale) specializes in breaking marriages/relationships and sexual lust.

• Abbadon is used for occult warfare and is summoned in satanic rites.

• Ashtaroth (also called the Queen of heaven), is symbolized as the cobra or lion. She is said to impart divination abilities, offer connections with world rulers and teach occult sciences.

Thoth/Hermes is the demon behind occult healing and magic.

Adrammeleck is a demon of occult destruction and is another name for Molech.

The reality is that demonic spells do not always work. This is why an applicant has to practice blood rituals and human sacrifices to get more power. Thomas Keziah, an ex-witch recalls:

We began by using cats …We practiced cruel tortures on these poor animals for our own pleasure. We got worse and worse the more spirits we called and started to use dogs, pigeons …We sacrificed animals, humans, anything we could get to serve our master Satan. We all grew to love the taste and sight of blood as we powered up to fight our enemies [Christians].”

Occult Subjection Syndrome

When a Christian (or non-Christian) is trapped by occult tentacles, there are certain symptoms and signs that would be seen. Dr. Neil Foster calls this the Occult Subjection Syndrome (OSS). It is an occult penetration – whether superficial or massive – of dark powers into a person’s life. These are some symptoms of OSS:

1. Obsession with death, torture or suicidal themes in speech or writing. Another is an obsession with horror or occult movies.

2. Gothic dressing (black clothing, make-up, hair dyed black and fingernails), use of occult jewelry, strange attires. Some witches are demonically programmed to appear this way, while others aren’t.

Famous witch, Laurie Cabot, belongs in the former category. She told Oprah Winfrey many years ago:

We wear black because it’s a tool – it’s like wearing a rainbow, it draws in light, so it helps us to be more balanced and psychic. We use our tools, we emulate our gods and goddesses by dressing and wearing makeup, and that’s our emulation.”

3. A strange pleasure derived by torturing/mutilating animals or humans.

4. Intense sexual depravity. Sexual restrain is one of the first virtues that is quickly broken down by the occult. Demon worship often opens people up to perverse spirits which lead them into sexual excesses.

5. Heightened interests in or obsession with occult art, books, themes and websites.

In 2009, during my university days, a Christian lady who was hooked on Rosicrucian websites was introduced to me by a mutual friend. When we met, she had a strange aura about her.

I was unable to discuss with her as she brought up arguments that entirely changed the subject. That was a tactic her demons used to divert me. I know better now.

6. Obsession with occult music, lyrics, symbols or paintings. They may have tattoos of such symbols on their body, or use it as their display pictures on social media. They may write strange codes or dark poems in books or journals.

7. Involvement in spells and sorcery. This is evident by finding an altar in the bedroom, often laced with incense, candles or pictures of satanic icons or occult books.

There are also some signs the person shows.

1. Writing/spelling words backwards. This code was also elucidated by Aleister Crowley in his satanic revelation:

Let the Exempt adept first train himself to think backwards by external means … Let him learn to write backwards with either hand … Let him learn to walk backwards … Let him practise speaking backwards; thus ‘I am He” let him say: ‘Eh ma I” (Liber Al vel leges, CMXIII).

This “law of reversal” is also utilized by some occultists in the entertainment world.

2. Personality changes. A naturally kind, jovial person quickly changes into a depressed, slovenly, violent and argumentative persona. Rebellion is usually a vital sign. Some will start to talk like a sage or in rhymes.

3. Becoming very secretive and reclusive. There seems to be a mind control spirit that usually latches itself to people dabbling in the occult. It makes them pull away from everyone – especially from real Christians – and will only make them move with like-minded folks. It is a method used to seal their minds from the truth.

4. Hearing and seeing what others can’t. Most occultists hear demonic voices in their heads.

I know a guy who hears such voices and they would even instruct him on the specific spices to add to his food. Seeing demons physically or sensing the least demonic vibrations is another common sign.

5. Loss of humour. The person habitually wears a dark countenance and lacks normal human emotion. He only responds to the demonic “triggers” planted in his mind.

6. A piercing gaze, or a “lifeless” look in the eyes. It indicates demonic control. In one person I saw, his eyeballs were kind of whiter than normal human eyes.

7. A strong revulsion when the name of Jesus is mentioned or the Bible is quoted. When this happens, such a person would scream, curse, shudder, block his/her ears or fall to the ground. Most will display irrational hostility against Christian churches or the Bible.

8. Abnormal fears or terrifying panic. This is due to demonic torment – both in dreams and reality. Watch out also for abnormal sleeping patterns.

How to be free:

1. Verbally reject Satan and his demons and believe and boldly confess the Lord Jesus Christ as your God and faith in His finished work on the cross (Rom. 10:9-10).

2. Prayerfully confess the sin of pride in seeking occult power and renounce each occult sins/rites dabbled into. Break and renounce all pacts, covenants, commissions, rituals, seals or oaths made (1 Jn. 1:9).

3. Cast out the demon spirits that have taken residence (Lk. 10:19). For those who have worked with or invoked specific demons, each has to be rejected by name and cast out in Jesus’ name. This requires fervent prayer and of course, fasting.

4. Destroy all occult materials, emblems or books by fire (Acts 19:19). Retaining occult materials will keep the bondage intact. Finally, stand firm in your freedom in Christ and don’t be re-entangled in the “yoke of bondage” (Gal. 5:1).

2 thoughts on “The Tentacles of the Occult II

  1. This is an older article, so I don’t know if anyone will see this comment, but it’s worth a shot.

    I have been doing a great deal of recent research on New Age and occult and wrestling with some thoughts their influence in my own life. Without going into too much detail in a comment, I believe I ‘dabbled’ in practices, mostly without understanding their origin, starting when I was a young woman.

    This dabbling led me to a strong interest in dreams. I haven’t found much on your site or other sites about this specific practice from a Christian perspective, though I often rejected much material about dreams, dream work, and so on, because it was so obviously new age / occult (raised a Christian, i rejected the overt material, but because it is so pervasive now, dabbled in it all the same).

    From this article: “Asmodeus (symbolized by the whale) specializes in breaking marriages/relationships and sexual lust.” This caught my attention and I looked up this name elsewhere because it made me think of a dream I had. I found something online where a person who claims to have communicated directly with this demon described his appearance, also mentioning that this demon ‘guards treasures’, and provides other details. I hesitate to provide a link as I regret having visited that site at all.

    My concern is this: from all that I have studied and read recently, I have reason to believe that by opening various ‘doors’ in my mind through my reading material and certain practices going back 20 years now, that I may have been, at the very least, demonically oppressed. And now as i review about 800 dreams in a dream diary I’ve kept, I find the description of Asmodeus (from a satanic site) in my dreams (figures I always refer to as ‘ghouls’) as well as a specific dream involving a whale/sea monster, with treasures in his mouth. While other characters are acting out their lust in the background, I put my head in the open mouth of the whale to look more closely at the treasures. Another monster then rises out the whale’s throat but instead of attacking me, bites off the head of a sheep that is standing on two legs next to me. My ‘logical’ mind tells me this is absurd; that demons can’t be identified, that the animals and such that are associated with them is meaningless like a fairy tale, and that demons are probably not showing themselves in my dreams in such a way.

    I would love someone else’s opinion on this and I feel I cannot tell these thoughts and experiences to anyone I know in person.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Kelly.

      The area of dreams and their meanings is deep and can be quite puzzling. Though it has been snagged on by New Age/occult spirituality, it’s a nuanced area where balance is highly required. From the Bible, it’s clear that dreams can come from God and also from Satan. Dreams can also come from our fleshy minds (self). They can be due to stress as well.

      I believe God does speaks to people through dreams and visions today, but this has to be tempered by a sound knowledge of God’s Word, spiritual maturity and wisdom. Some of the gifts of the Holy Spirit such as discerning of spirits, prophecy, word of knowledge and wisdom can be relayed through dreams and visions.

      It’s not uncommon today to find a plethora of sites offering “interpretations” of dreams, much of which are based on mysticism.

      Even some Christians are so obsessed with their dreams that they neglect the Word of God, and thus fall into spiritual deception. There’s a tendency in us to chase after an experience instead of seeking and knowing God, and that can lead many down the dark path of divination.

      Personally, there have been times when God has revealed things to me (about myself, about someone else and even public events) through dreams, but there were often confirmation from the Word, the Holy Spirit and others, as to what they entail. If I don’t have these witnesses, I let go of the dream.

      Not all dreams have a significance and not all of them should be dismissed as well. Like I said, having a personal relationship with God and knowing how He works in our lives makes the difference in our approach.

      As regards that dream you have, it appears to be demonic. I have come to realise that the Lord exposes demons as certain animals for us to know their characteristics and how they afflict.

      In the Bible itself, we find several typologies used as well for Satan and his demons: lions, crocodiles, snakes, scorpions, ravens, foxes, unclean birds etc – and they have their significance. Demons do show themselves to people similar to the way you described in your dream.

      The key is to pray fervently and ask the Lord to show you what it is you are dealing with. Then you can go into spiritual warfare and deal with the demons oppressing you. Your experience is not unusual; all you need is someone who understands and can stand with you in prayer. You can send me an email

      God bless.


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