An Exchange with a Christian Critic

Ever since I began exposing Islam on the Internet in 2011, I’ve received lots of flaks from Muslims (which is quite understandable) – and also from some fellow Christians. What I find almost stultifying are the caricatures, convoluted logic and hypocrisy these Christian critics bring along. Below is a dialogue I had with one (whom I will call “George”) in my box on Facebook (14/11/2015), after I posted 3 blog links in response to a Muslim critic.


George: Based on all the links you have been posting, insulting the prophet Mohammed, people have been busy insulting Jesus Christ too. You think that is their sin alone? I think you led them to it. Incited them to insult Jesus. You are so intelligent. You rub their face in it. What reaction were you expecting? They will see the truth and suddenly start weeping? Giving their life to christ? You need to question the spirit that motivates you. Is it to save this [sic] Muslims whom whether you like it or not, Jesus loves and wants to save or you are secretly hoping in your heart that they will never repent? Hopefully they all die and go to hell? If that is how you feel then question that spirit because it is dragging you along with them.

Victor: In all the links I posted, I exposed Muhammad for who he really was. I quote from islamic sources, point at his evil lifestyle and compare it with what the Bible says – to show to both my Christian and Muslim readers – that Muhammad is not a prophet of God. The people insulting Jesus because the mask is being ripped off the face of their hero are those being controlled by Satan “No man speaking by the Spirit of God calleth Jesus accursed” (1Cor. 12:3).

“I think you… incited them to insult Jesus”

If that is what you think, then you are wrong. When you direct a flashlight at a dusty shelf, what you see is what is there, you don’t blame the flashlight for the dust. The Muslims who respond by insulting Jesus already have a hatred for Jesus residing in them, so all it takes for it to come out is just a slight push. It’s even a logical fallacy, because no amount of insults heaped on Jesus Christ will ever absolve Muhammad of his crimes. It’s presumptuous of you to accuse me of inciting this.

“What reaction were you expecting?”

The same reaction the people had when Stephen told them the truth (Acts 7:54); when the people of Iconium didn’t hear what they expected (14:19) and when the people at Mars’ Hill got an earful (17:32). Mankind has not changed in his defiance and rejection of the truth. Not everyone the early Christians preached to saw the truth, wept or gave their lives to Christ. Neither do I expect these when I share the truth. Your words were framed to mock what I do, but they are caricatures nonetheless.

“You need to question the spirit that motivates you.”

Maybe you need to question the spirit that motivates you to oppose a Christian who is trying to reach those trapped in false religions. I have a big question mark over “Christians” who are not happy when the truth is being made known. God Himself is intolerant of deception.

“Is it to save muslims?”

I don’t save Muslims. Jesus does. It’s the love He has for them that motivates me to make efforts to bring them out of darkness. It’s in this “that we may have boldness in the day of judgement” (1John 4:17). If you truly believe Jesus loves and wants to save Muslims, then you can do more than sit around and throw stones.

“secretly hoping in your heart that they will never repent? Hopefully they will all die and go to hell?”

What an absurd reasoning. Go through all my articles on Islam (and other cults) and show me in which of them you deduced this line of reasoning from. If you can’t, then you are bearing false witness and that is a sin.

“that spirit is dragging you along with them”

Read through all my blog posts and come to your conclusions about what I believe, rather than resorting to your wild imaginations about what I write (or who I am). Your remarks sound like those of Tobias and Sanballat whose interests were to criticise and mock the Jews who were busy building. By the way, if you are so convinced that Muslims are being dragged along to hell, what effort have you made to pull them out of that path? Oh wait, that’s not part of your mission.

George: Stephen spoke, stephen got stoned. You spoke Jesus got stoned. I have lived among muslims almost all my life. I speak to them. I preach to them. I have a close frend who was once a muslim but by the grace of God, today he is a christian.

You need to understand the muslim culture and understand that once your first statements resemble blasphemy, every other thing you say won’t fly. Maybe your intentions are right but in my opinion, you took the wrong foot forward. In the end it looked like a war of words. A sparing contest for insults. Think about the first missionaries coming to Africa, learning our language and our custom while selling Jesus through careful marketing. Consider that approach.

Victor: The point is not about who is stoned, but what we present. Unbelievers (and many professing Christians) have been stoning Jesus from the day He walked this earth in the flesh.

You are the one who thinks softening down on the truth will change a Muslim’s heart, but it is God who converts. We are only vessels and the truth is often hard to accept. The Bible says Jesus is the “rock of offence” (Rom 9:33) and there is “the offence of the cross” (Gal.. 5:11). The Bible we read, the name of Jesus and the gospel we proclaim are offensive to Muslims (You should know this if you preach to them as you said). So why take away the offence of the cross because we want to make it sweeter to their ears? Is our message not foolishness to them until God opens their eyes?

What blasphemy are you talking about? I call Muhammad a bandit, I back up my charges from their books in contrast with what the Bible says. That is not an “insult” or “blasphemy.” A Muslim sees it that way, but the day his heart opens, he no longer sees it as “blasphemy.”

I took the wrong foot forward? Please be specific. Are you comparing online debates with person-to-person evangelism? I’m curious, who trained you in Muslim evangelism? When did responding to falsehood on social media become “a war of words”?

Yes, European missionaries learnt our customs. But it’s a fallacy of equivocation for you to compare cross-cultural evangelism with online exchanges. You are comparing apples to oranges. The primary intent and tools are different. If I go on evangelism in a Muslim area, my approach and presentation will be totally different from if I’m responding to the argument of a hostile Muslim critic on a Facebook page.

The problem is that you have decided to caricature me as a vicious, online Muslim-hater with a penchant for the destruction of all Muslims in hell. Rather than reading what I have written, you are intent on reinforcing your negative image of me as being demonized and “dragged to hell with the Muslims.” That is why you make false analogies of what I do with sarcasm. Quite distasteful. But thanks.

And let me add this. Jesus Christ is not a “product” so He doesn’t need to be “sold” or “marketed” to the people of the world. Any attempt to “carefully market” Jesus to the heathen is an attempt to diminish the Gospel and image adjust Jesus to meet the needs of the consumer-happy culture. That may work well in some Christian circles today, but I can assure you that folks utilising it will have themselves to blame.

George: Okay. Have a nice day.

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