Real Muslims are Terrorists

The Muslim mind is structured in a peculiar way. He wants to blame others for all his evils. He strikes the blow and acts like a victim. To save the face of Islam from the charges of terrorism, Muslims resort to the most dishonest theories, shoddy enough to earn a journalist a sack. Let me examine their typical excuses:

“Who started the 1st World War? Muslims?”

The question is irrelevant. Muslims have started religious wars right from the inception of Islam, from the battle of Badr to the wars on Ottoman Christians in the 19th and 20th centuries. WW 1 was a political war, not a religious one.

“Who started the 2nd WW? Muslims?”

Another silly question. This writer is obvisouly not aware that Muslim groups in Albania and the Mufti of Jerusalem sided with Hitler in his massacre of the Jews in WW2, because Islam is an anti-Semitic cult. Muhammad himself said a time would come when a stone would tell Muslims: “there is a Jew hiding himself behind me, kill him, kill him quickly” (Bukhari 5:7)

“Who dropped nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Muslims?”

Again, the writer exposes his ignorance. The atomic bomb released on these two Japanese cities in 1945, was part of WWII. Such acts are evil. So is islam and its suicide bombings.

“Who Killed approximately 20 million aborigines in Australia?”

This muslim seems to have run out of points and has shifted his goalpost, hoping no one would notice. Now, he’s no more talking about wars, but about genocides. The statistic is also bogus. When the British colonisers came to Australia in 1788, the total population of the Aborigines was less than 500,000. And most of them died of new diseases. That is history. Where did this Muslim get “20 million” victims? These online magicians and the pupils who parrot them are not only ignorant, but also deceitful.

“Who killed more than 50 million red Indians in South America, Muslims?”

The exact population of the Indigenous settlers of the Americas before the voyage of Christopher Columbus (1492) is hard to determine. However based on archaeological data or written records, their population was estimated at about 10 million. At the end of the 20th century, their population was 50 million (Alan Taylor, Penguin History of the United States, 2002, 40)
So when a Muslim is claiming “50 million” were killed way back in the 15th century (when machine guns weren’t even invented), you should know these charlatans are just making up figures to “balance the scale” of islamic genocides all through history.

“Who took 180 million African slaves and killed 77% of them [at sea]? Muslims?”

Now, the focus is on slavery. The statistic given is also bogus. Twelve million Africans were shipped to the Americas from the 16th-19th centuries (Ronald Segal, The Black Diaspora, 1995, 4). The black slaves taken were used to work on tobacco, cotton and sugar plantations until slavery was abolished in 1860, so there was no way 77% of them would have been thrown off the ship. The Muslim’s hypocrisy is that Islam also endorses slavery. Muhammad himself was a slave trader. In every instance where his slaves are mentioned in the hadiths, they are either Jews or blacks.

Muslims say “when others do these, its not terrorism, but when muslims do it its terrorism.” This is ignorance at its peak. There is a difference between wars, genocides and terrorism. (Will these dudes please use a dictionary sometime!) The Muslim’s arguments sounds like a thief pleading in court that others too are stealing. How does the violence perpetrated by non-Muslims make that of Muslims acceptable? How does the murders of the tyrants of history make that of Muhammad less horrible?

* Were the islamic conquests of nation after nation between 7th-19th centuries the work of the US?
* What of the millions of Sudanese Christians killed by Islamists?
* The Egyptian Muslims poisoned by the Yemenis in the 1960s
* The Muslim Assad who killed tens of thousands of his people at El-Hamma.
* The king Hussein of Jordan’s massacre of Palestinian refugees.
* The 3 million Hindus killed by Muslims in 1971?
* The over 280,000 Ugandans killed by Idi Amin between 1971-1979?
* What about Khomeini who ordered the execution of 3,000 young boys and girls in 1 day, killing hundreds of thousands of them in total. Were these also the work of Christians, Jews or the US? When are Muslims going to condemn the evils in their camp?

Every evil perpetrated by races or religions must be denounced- not justified- whether Nazism, Communism, Fascism or imperialism. The same goes for Islam. Muhammad was a terrorist and a mass murderer, therefore, those who emulate him are terrorists. The same goes for those justifying islamic terrorism by citing others who have done the same. These arguments are doing far more damage to Islamic ethics than they ever imagine.

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