Dubious Mixtures: God and Science

For over 100 years now, a dubious mixture of science and religion has given birth to metaphysics or Mind science cults. The Christian Science religion founded by Mary Eddy Baker taught that Jesus was a Scientist who applied the applied the laws of the mind which governs the universe to heal people. She also taught that sin, sickness or death are illusions of the mind that can be totally cured with what she called a scientific faith or positive thinking.

Myrtle and Charles Fillmore, founders of Unity School of Christianity (another cult) taught the same, that: “God cannot create without law. God is the Mind force carrying forward creation under law.” Ernest Holmes of the Church of Religious Science stated that: “Science of Mind teaches that Man controls the course of his life…by mental processes which function according to a Universal Law.”

These mind science cults deceitfully use Christian terminologies which they have given meanings to suit their own beliefs. To sum it up:

1. They don’t believe in a personal God who directly, sovereignly governs the universe as Christians believe, but in an impersonal god (called “the Force,” “the Infinite Power” or “the Spirit of Infinite Life”) who rules the universe indirectly through immutable laws.

The God of the Bible however, is “the Living God who made the heaven, and earth, and the sea and all things therein” (Acts 14:15). He also exercises power over all of His creations (Jer. 10:12-13, Ps. 75:6-7). Since He is the Creator of the universe, He’s not the universe. He “is before all things and in him all things hold together” (Col 1:17). Certainly, He is not subject to the laws of the universe.

2. They believe man is the one in control of all that happens to him. Since their god is like an energy, he holds no one morally accountable: he only exists to give man what he wants. So, man needs to control his situations or the world with his mind. With positive thinking, he can activate the god energy for his own good. This idea is quite common in some “motivational” books. Napoleon Hill, in Think and Grow Rich, quoted a poem saying: “…It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishment the scroll, I am the master of my own fate, I am the captain of my soul” (p 86).

Actually, we have one Captain and “It is He who has made us and not we ourselves” (Ps.100:3). He leads His people such that their ears will hear a voice behind them saying ‘This is the way, walk in it'” (Is. 30:21).

Napoleon Hill admitted he got his teachings from “9 invisible counselors” he met through intense visualization: “I can truthful say that I owe entirely to my ‘Invisible Counselors full credit for such ideas, facts or knowledge as I received through ‘inspiration’…” (Think and Grow Rich, 323). Who were these “invisible counselors?” They were demons. Note also that Robert Schuller gleaned most of his “possiblity thinking” ideas from Napoleon Hill. He said: “You don’t know what power you have within you!…You can make the world into anything you choose” (Possibility Thinking – Goals).

These mind science techniques entered the church majorly through the writings of Norman Vincent Peale (a 33 degree Mason), Agnes Sanford (a mystic healer) and some “Faith” teachers. This adopted belief was couched with different terms like “the laws of faith”, “the laws of the 4th dimension” or “the laws of miracles.”

Yonggi Cho wrote: “You create the presence of Jesus with your mouth…He is bound by your lips and your mouth…through intense visualization and dreaming, you can incubate your faith and hatch results … Sokagakkai [a Buddhist sect] has applied the law of the fourth dimension and has performed miracles…” (The Fourth Dimension, 64, 83)

Frederick Price wrote: “You are in control!…God cannot do anything on earth unless we…give Him permission through prayer” (The Word Study Bible, 1178)

This attempt to graft scientific laws onto Christian theology is a dubious mixture that relegates God and exalts man. The idea that there is a universal law or “faith force” which Christians or pagans can tap into and use to work miracles is not a Bible teaching. True miracles are not governed by laws – they override all laws. We receive from God by faith, not by applying man-made laws. A real faith is not “a force” and it always trusts God to work as He chooses, not as we dictate.

God parted the Red Sea in response to a raised rod (Ex. 14:21); He healed by a symbolic object (Num. 21:8); intervened in battle in response to praise (2Chr. 20:22); used ravens to feed Elijah (1 Kgs. 17:6) and used a fish to imprison Jonah (Jon. 1:17). All these tell us that there is no fixed technique, ritual, formula or “laws” that can be used to force the True God to work miracles or answer our prayers. We must all be very careful of gleaning heretical ideas about God from some “Christian” books.


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