Islam and Sex Slavery

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In Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan and several other countries, it is no more news that Muslims frequently kidnap and rape Christian or Hindu girls, convert them to Islam and marry them off to other Muslims. This practice is fully endorsed by Islam.

Muhammad and his men fought many wars after which they would take prisoners of war. These captives (male and female) were the “spoils of war” and were distributed among the Muslims like pieces of property.

The Quran allows Muslim men to have sex with these slaves, even if  they were married.

Sura 23:5,6 “…[Muslims are those] who abstain from sex except with those joined with them in the marriage bond or (the captives) whom their right hand possesses…”

Sura 70:29-30 “And for those who guard their private parts except for their wives or the (slave girls) whom their right hands possess, for they are not to be blamed.”

Sura 4:24 “And all married women are forbidden to you except the captives whom your right hand possesses.”

According to the Dictionary of Islam, “the term generally used in the Quran for slaves is ‘ma malakat aimanukum’- ‘that which your right hand possess” (p. 596). Islam’s god doesn’t see anything wrong with rape of female slaves. After all, it is part of what he “predestined.”

Muhammad himself had no such qualms. When the governor of Egypt presented two Christian slaves (Mariyah and her sister, Sirin) to him as a gift, he was said to like Mariyah more because she was beautiful.

Tabari (39:194) recorded that Muhammad put her in a house, he “used to visit her there and ordered her to veil herself [but] he had sexual intercourse with her by virtue of her being his property.” This wasn’t marriage, it was rape. When a man takes a slave girl who has lost her freedom as his sexual prey, he is a rapist.

Al-Tabari also informs us in a footnote that: “Mariyah was ordered to veil herself as did the Prophet’s wives, but he did not marry her” (#845).

This proves that Mariyah was merely a sex slave to Muhammad. Today, Muslim men also follow this tradition with captured women or “housemaids.” They may not necessarily marry their sex slaves, but they must be veiled and must submit to them sexually.

When Muhammad’s army wanted to rape some Jewish women captives but didn’t want them pregnant (because they would still sell them off) they came to him to ask “What is your opinion about coitus interruptus?’ The prophet said ‘Do you really do that? It is better for you not to do it. No soul that which Allah has destined to exist but will surely exist” (Bukhari 3:432).

Muhammad wanted the women raped and impregnated!

When the Muslims fought the people of Autas and captured their women “the Companions of Allah’s messenger seemed to refrain from having sexual intercourse with the captive women because their husbands [were] polytheists…” (Muslim 2:3432).

Muhammad quickly “received a revelation” from Allah, giving the Muslim men the rights to proceed and rape these slaves. His recitation was the Sura 4:24 quoted above.

Without apology, an Islamic scholar wrote that: “The second reason [to take slaves] is the sexual propagation of slaves which would generate more slaves for the owner” (Dr. Abdul Latif, You Ask, Islam Answers, p. 52).

In another case, a Muslim, Buraida narrated seeing Ali (Muhammad’s cousin) taking a bath after raping a slave captured from the Khumus tribe. He was angry with him and reported this to Muhammad who said “O Buraida! Do you hate Ali?’ I said ‘Yes’ He said ‘Don’t hate him for he deserves more than that from the Khumus” (Bukhari 5:637).

You see, Muhammad had such a low moral fibre that he justified Ali’s rape of the female slave rather than reprimand him. He was saying his victims should be treated even worse because they didn’t embrace his religion. This is wicked and grossly perverted.

Umar ibn Khattab (the second caliph) gleefully said: “A slave girl passed by me who attracted me, and I cohabited with her while I was fasting” (Ibn Sa’ad, Kitab al-Tabaqat, Vol. 2, 438). Sounds like how male dogs ‘see, chase and mount’ their kind.

In Islam, slave girls are completely dehumanised. Imagine a young woman who endures the horror of watching her husband, father or children killed or taken away, who is then subjected to an emotionally traumatizing experience of being assaulted by her Muslim captor. What happened to compassion and human dignity?

Muslims may praise Muhammad and his Allah all they want, but how can they justify these wicked acts? Scripture says “Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil…” (Isaiah 5:20).

If the Allah of Islam is the Rahmann and Rahi’m (“compassionate and merciful”) deity, why did he endorse rape and slavery?

If Muhammad is the “mercy of Allah to the worlds” (Sura 21:107) and the “perfect example for all of mankind” (Sura 33:21) why did he endorse rape and slavery?

The Bible says Jesus came “to set at liberty those that are bruised” (Luke 4:18), what did Muhammad come to do? To rape and enslave. Why didn’t he receive directives from his Allah to abolish slavery and rape of slaves? Why should anyone with a modicum of decency blindly hold up this fiend as a token of devotion?

Take a look at how cruel and depraved nations that hold Muhammad as a perfect example have become today.

Many Filipino, Sri-Lankan and African ladies are used as sex slaves in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Iran. It was reported that men of the Islamic State of Syria (ISIS) purchase female babies borne by their Christian slaves and rape them.

The United Nations once released a report that Muslims are still enslaving and trafficking blacks in Islamic countries. This year alone, hundreds of Christian school girls in Nigeria were kidnapped and raped by Boko haram men.

These are the evil fruit of Islam. There is no way a religion that truly worships God would legally enshrine such moral perversions as divine dictates. This is one proof that Islam is not from God.

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