Islam’s Legacy of War and Slavery

How did Islam spread to many nations of the world? History shows that it was by slavery, war and infiltration. Modern islamic “scholars”, like drowning men clutching at straw, whether by hook or by crook, try to sanitize the history of Islam.

Prof. John Esposito, the editor of The Oxford History of Islam, claims Islam spread by “spontaneous conversion and logical convincing”. So why did Muhammad himself call Islam “Din Allah bi-Sayf?” (the religion of Allah is through the sword). What are swords for? For cutting apples? Ahmed Deedat misquoted Leary De Lacy’s Islam at the Crossroads, that the idea of Muslims spreading Islam through the whole world with the sword is an “absurd myth.” Who said Muslims converted the whole world? That’s a strawman argument. Deedat argued that no Muslim soldier brought Islam to Indonesia, Malaysia and West Africa, rather it was the “good conduct and moral rectitude” of Muslim traders that spread Islam. But he didn’t tell his readers that these were Muslim SLAVE TRADERS! Where Islam couldn’t conquer by war, it used slavery.

The Encyclopedia Britannica (XVI: 858) states:
“But the appearance of Islam was followed by wars of conquest that covered areas in Asia, North Africa and Eastern and Southern Europe…All these wars led to the capture of numerous prisoners, often reduced to slavery…”

Prof. Bernard Lewis notes that:
“The new faith [Islam] conquered the old Christian lands of the levant [Palestine] and North Africa, and invaded Europe, ruling for a while in Sicily” (The Atlantic Monthly 266.3, 47)

From 712 AD, Muslim armies began invading India, demolishing temples and palaces and massacring people till blood filled the streets. “The massacres perpetrated by Muslims in India are unparallel in history [and] bigger in sheer numbers than the Holocaust.” (Serge Trifkovic, The Sword of the Prophet, 48). Muslim armies also conquered Tunisia (970), Constantinople (677) and North Africa (700) killing tens of thousands of non-muslims.

Muslim armies advanced to Spain until they reached the gates of Vienna. The armies of Europe had to halt their invasion at the Battle of Tours. Yes, Islam is peace! Contrary to modern revisionists, Muslims were not peaceful in Medieval Spain. Their rule in Spain led to the murder of garrison of Muez in 920; massacres in Pamplona, Cordova, Zaragoza and Mereda where men, women and children were butchered.

In 1066 AD, Muslims slaughered Jews in Granada and that was just 34 years after 6,000 Jews were wiped out in Fez Morroco. Where is the “logical convincing” of Islam? Where is that “good conduct and moral rectitude?” David Cook, in Understanding Jihad sums it up:
“At every point…when Muslims have tried to abandon militant jihad for the internal, spiritual jihad…the memory of the conquests and the need to rationalize them have defeated this effort” (p 167).

Islam invaded much of West Africa through slavery and jihad. In Nigeria, from the jihad of Uthman Dan Fodio in 1804 till date, millions of Christians have been killed and we are still counting. There are too many cases to recount. In Sudan, over 3 million Christians have been killed and many women raped by Arab soldiers with over 15,000 Christian children sold in the market place by Muslims like salt and pepper.

The Almohad Muslims who conquered North Africa wiped out about 100,000 Almoravides (rival Muslim faction) and proceded to massacre about 120,000 people in Marrakesh. Islam is peace? Not quite. Arab armies murdered many of our African ancestors and forced the others to surrender to Islam. They imposed Arab culture, politics and ideology on the people and they lost their identity.

Which nation has Islam ever brought peace to? During the 400 year rule of the Ottomans in Turkey, boys were captured as slaves into Islam such that parents had to mutilate their kids to make them undesirable. Their sultan, Murad IV had up to 300 women as sex slaves which he sewed up in sacks and threw into the Bosphorus. More than a million Armenian Christians were slaughtered between 19th-20th centuries. During the 1915 genocide, even Muslim “women came with butcher knives [to] gain that merit in Allah’s eyes that comes from killing a Christian” (Sword of the Prophet, 112).

The altar of Allah is drenched with the blood of innumerable souls. Only an ignorant or deceitful fellow would call Islam a religion of peace. Islam doesn’t mean peace, it means “submission.” Its a death cult and its main aim is to subjugate the world to its brute deity and savage prophet- by war, slavery, rape or deceit. Middle East scholar, Dr M. Bravmann points that out:

“[Islam was originally] a secular concept, denoting a sublime virtue in the eyes of the primitive Arab; defiance of death, heroism; to die in battle” (The Spiritual Background of Early Islam, 1972)

The “peace” of Islam is a myth. Its a tool to fool the gullible and naive. We must not forget history.


4 thoughts on “Islam’s Legacy of War and Slavery

  1. this writer is crazy even more than crazy tell me why didn’t you comments on Hitler or this uncle Joe or asoka and the rest non Muslim who have been known to have killed more than million. before Islam wage war on you you would have touch them first. the issue of subjugation, you must subjugate yourself to your lord I don’t mean Jesus because he was a prophet.if Islam is truly subjugating why is it that it is the fastest growing religion all over the world is anyone forcing Europeans to embrace Islam they see the good in it. that why. reason,go read history,digest before you publish anything. I wonder if Islam is till date enslaving and waging war that it is thwarted fastest growing religion in the world


  2. “this writer is crazy…”

    Obviously. Afterall, like the saying goes, it takes one to know one.

    “Why didn’t you comment on Hitler or…Uncle Joe or asoka [sic] and the rest of the non Muslim…”

    Simply because these tyrants of history didn’t claim to be prophets of Allah. They didn’t claim to be the “perfect example for mankind” or leave behind a 14 century legacy of war and death like the Arabian beast you follow. How does the crimes of non-muslims make that of Muhammad or his brainwashed slaves acceptable?
    Ashoka, spent his last years spreading non-violence and peace, how come your own Muhammad cannot even be classed into that league?

    “before Islam wage war on you you would have touch them first”

    Thanks for proving my point that islam is a cult of barbarity and terror. You also want to pretend as if it wasn’t Muhammad who started the raiding and killing of the “infidels.”

    “you must subjugate yourself to your lord…”

    Which Lord? The stone idol of Mecca or your lord who has to be fought for by mere mortals? Thanks again for proving my point: Islam is a religion of subjugation, not peace. I need folks like you to write more.

    “if Islam is truly subjugating why is that it is the fastest growing religion”

    You contradict yourself after 9 words! Ah, the glory of islamic deception.

    “go read history, digest before you publish anything”

    I’m not your dhmmi, so I wont take your orders.

    “I wonder if Islam is till date enslaving and waging war…”

    Do yourself a favour by reading a book and digesting it before commenting here again.


  3. @VICTOR, i think you re the best all over the world for all this truth. May the lord keep you safe from your enemies. The bible says “say the truth and you shall be free” you shall be free from those that hate truth. I love reading every of your words cos its gives incite of what the world lack. Keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

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