The God of the Bible and the Allah of Islam

For many years it has been assumed by many that Christians and Muslims served the same God, that it is only in the mode of worship or language involved that they differed. That belief is being challenged today by the surge of Islamic attacks and persecution of the Christian faith in many parts of the world.

Logically, when there are two opposing religious views, both cannot be true and cannot be from the same source.

Perhaps in an attempt to evade this chasm, Muhammad tried to psyche the Christians and Jews of his time saying: “…Our God is the same as your God, and we are surrendered unto him” (Sura 29:46).

But elsewhere, this gnomic claim is seemingly thrown aside when Allah tells Christians to adhere by “the Law and the gospel and all the revelation that has come to you from YOUR LORD” (Sura 5:68).

A way to approach the issue is to compare the Allah revealed in the Quran with the God who has revealed Himself in the Bible.

The God of the Bible is called Yahweh nearly 9,000 times but Allah is not called by that name even once in the Quran. While God is referred to as Elohim more than 2,500 times in the Bible, the word never appears for Allah in the Quran.

God revealed Himself to Moses as “the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” and He told Moses “this is my name for ever, and this is my memorial unto all generations” (Exodus 3:15). But Allah was never addressed as this even once in the Quran.

The God of the Bible is called “the God of Israel”. He calls the Jews His chosen people. He says they are “the apple of [My] eye” (Zech. 2:8) and gave the land of Israel to them as an inheritance forever as the Bible shows.

But the Allah of Islam has a special hatred against the Jews. In Sura 5:51, Muslims are warned: “Take not the Jews and Christians as friends…” Jews and Christians are called “the worst of creatures” (98:6) and “the vilest of animals in Allah’s sight” (8:55).

Sura 5:78 also says the children of Israel are cursed by the tongue of David and Jesus. Would Jesus curse His own brothers in the flesh blessed by God? No. Allah can’t be the same as the God of the Bible.

In several places in Scripture, God chose Jerusalem as His holy city. Forty times He calls Jerusalem “the city of David” and repeatedly promised that the Messiah will be descended from David and rule on David’s throne in Jerusalem over the world (2Chr. 6:6, 33:7, Psa. 89:3-29).

The Bible never refers to Mecca or Medina whereas it mentions the city of Jerusalem about 800 times.

The God of the Bible has a  unique son, Jesus Christ. Proverbs 30:4 says of God “What is His name and what is HIS SON’S name.?” Angel Gabriel told Mary that Jesus is “the Son of the Highest” and “the Son of God” who will sit on “the throne of His father David” – a throne that is definitely not in Mecca (Luke 1:31-35).

But Allah says: “They say Allah has a son? NEVER!…” (2:116) “…Far be it that he should have a son” (4:171). Concerning Christians who insist that Jesus is the Son of God, the Quran says: “Allah’s curse be upon them! How they are deluded away from the truth!” (9:30).

God revealed Himself as a Father. But nowhere in the Quran is Allah called a “father”. Allah has “neither sons nor daughters” in any form (Sura 6:100). He is not a father, he has no Son and he is not a Spirit.

While man was made in God’s likeness (Gen. 1:25-27), the Quran says there is nothing in Allah’s likeness (Sura 112:4).

In the Bible, God revealed Himself to Abraham (Genesis 18), Jacob (Gen. 28:13), Moses and the 70 elders of Israel (Exo. 24:10) and in the Person of Jesus Christ. He desires all men to know and love Him. But Allah has never manifested himself or spoken to anyone. He is a remote and unknowable deity.

While the God of the Bible is the essence of love (“God is love…”1John 4:8), nowhere is Allah called love.

The name “Allah” is not the Arabic name for God. The name cannot even be translated into French as Dieu or Spanish as Dios.

Some modern Muslims use “God” in place of “Allah” in their speech, but that still does not make Allah the same as the God revealed in Scripture. We could both be calling someone “Mike” yet not referring to the same person.

Some people have asked: “What about the name ‘Allah’ in the Arabic Bible?” The Arabic Bible was a translation made around 900 A. D. which was three centuries after Islam emerged.

The translators used that name for God due to political pressure because this was the name the people had been familiar with for long. But no writer of the Bible ever called God by that name for it was neither a Hebrew nor Greek name for God.

Many Arab Christians today prefer to use the Persian name “Khoda” for God. Even Hausa Christians use the name Uban-giji for God. Muslims in Malaysia have even convinced the government to ban the non-Muslim use of the name “Allah”. Allah is not the God of the Bible, but a false god.

2 thoughts on “The God of the Bible and the Allah of Islam

  1. if ALLAH is not the arabic name for GOD, what is? Besides did Yahweh, as you said the Creator was called in the bible, ever command you to call him with the name “God”? No, but you still use this word, why? Because it is the available translation in english. What are you trying to prove?


    1. The answer to your first question is the theme of the article. How did you miss that? The Arabic name for God is Ilah. Allah means “the-god” and its the name of a specfic deity Muhammad modeled from his pagan background. On the other hand, the God of the Bible has revealed Himself thousands of years before your Allah and his Muhammad emerged.

      More importantly, God has revealed Himself by His name, Word and divine nature. His name in every language carries His power and nature. “The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous runneth into it and is safe.” (Prov. 18:10). Any group of people can call the deity they worship “God”, but if his attributes, nature and words differs from the God of the Bible – like the Allah of islam – then he is no God. Period.


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